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… and gluttony, envy, lust, greed, and a wee bit of anger. It’s good when you can squeeze 6 of the 7 into one weekend, no?  However, I’m all prouded out today and barely functional. +++++FRIDAY+++++ Immediately after work I hit … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (Gay Pride Edition)

Happy PRIDE y’all! Enjoy the comix– I think they are particularly raunchy today.  And just for you, I’ve left a Family Jerkus at the end for YOU to caption! (Fill in a caption– what is Billy telling Jeffy do you … Continue reading

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I don’t know much…

… but I know I love yoooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooou. I’m in total lust with Pete Kuzak. When people ask me what “my type” is, this is pretty much the image that forms in my head.  Notice I didn’t say “the type that … Continue reading

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Harness Weight

I am not going to be at “harness weight” for this weekend’s Pride festivities. I’m not even exactly sure what harness weight IS for me, but it’s definitely less than I weigh at the moment.  After all, I want it … Continue reading

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Enema of the State

I found this story  yesterday on  Now this is a story that really warms your very core and will have you gushing! Evidently there is this spa town in the Russian Caucasus mountains that is famous for “enemas”.  So … Continue reading

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Sicko Perverts!

I do one little post about trucker sex, and I get my third highest number of site hits ever.  And my guess is that it was only third because it was on a Monday.  Naughty, sex-crazed monkeys– all of you! 

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On Saturday I technically paid for sex, but it was so good and worth it that I feel compelled to blog about it! And just so you all know, I’ll be sanitizing the story for the benefit of some of … Continue reading

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Weekend Pictures

This is an example of what I see running every day by where I work. And THIS is an example of the fire and police protection in my neighborhood.  The one on the right nearly made me trip as I … Continue reading

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He’s My Number One Fan…

Have any of you ever been recognized by someone in a public venue, and then discover the reason they recognized you was because they read your blog?? Yeah, me neither. Until last night, that is. So, I’m at the Eagle … Continue reading

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Reader’s Guide to Understanding ‘cb’

Disclaimer:  this blog post may contain high levels of sarcasm.  Any individuals who are pregnant, have a heart condition, or are otherwise overy sensitive to snarky behavior will want to take appropriate precautions before continuing to read. It has come … Continue reading

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