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Fun with cameraphones!

I do rather enjoy having a cell phone with a camera.  If only the iPhone’s camera were a touch better. Here are some fun moments that I’ve captured recently. Obviously this was taken a little while ago.  The iPhone camera … Continue reading

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I watched Tron yesterday. Yes, the “Tron”… the Disney film from 1980-something.  And I gotta say it really isn’t that bad!  Some “special effects driven” films from the 80’s are so poor by today’s standards that they really haven’t aged … Continue reading

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Clothing And You (another information series)

Here’s my latest “info series”.  This one discusses “age appropriate” clothing… and when you can wear the stuff. Sorry about the contrast and shit in the video… my apartment is so fucking dark! The contrast really fucks with my goatee.  … Continue reading

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Such a Poseur!

This is what I do when trying on things like… hoodies.  Mainly to drive people like Kyle nuts. You better WORK! I can totally pull this off… right?

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Li’l Bastard Comix (the comix are cumming edition)

Ok, so I had a busy morning! But here they are, so quit yer bitchin’. Runner up reader caption this week was supplied by YvesPaul concerning Billy discovering the meaning to a “lucky pierre”.  But the winning caption was once again … Continue reading

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PeTA and Breast Milk

Well, PeTA has given Ben and Jerry’s quite a proposal! I’m sure by now, everyone has heard that PeTA would like the famous ice cream manufacturers to come out with ice cream manufactured from breast milk. Eww.  EWWW! Not that … Continue reading

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A final word…

Well, looks like I ruffled a few feathers yesterday.  Which was to be expected because it was a political post. True to form, some people got my argument that Mark Buse is a gay man who’s free to cast his … Continue reading

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The trouble with politics…

… is that someone always gets pissed off. Which is why I tend to avoid being all political and stuff on my blog.  I like to keep things more on the windy side of care.  Except that today I’m going to … Continue reading

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The Gentleman’s List

There’s this meme thing, or list thing, or whatever going about the internets concerning the 25 things that make a Gentleman a gentleman.  Uggh, right? Is the term “gentleman” even fucking USED anymore except by MCs? Anyway here’s the original … Continue reading

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Flirt your way to cheaper prices!

In this time of economic gloom and doom, it behooves us all to hunt for bargains whenever possible.  And when a bargain isn’t readily apparent… simply flirt out one! Kyle and I went to the Maul of Amerika (M.O.A.) yesterday to … Continue reading

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