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Why-ku Wednesday Three-fer!

For Grindr profiles A Gaga “Aquaman” pic Is not a wise choice. Butterfly tattoo Once dainty at age sixteen Now looks like Mothra To relieve swelling Rinse with cool water, and try “Preparation Z”

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Finals Approacheth

Well, it’s that time again. Time for the DCA Championships. They are this coming weekend (I fly out on Thursday). And Minnesota Brass is ready. We may not win– but we are gonna give ’em one helluva show. Seriously, this … Continue reading

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Bad Son

It was my birthday on Sunday, and I had to be “the bad son” when mother called to ask whether I liked my gift. Long story short: I didn’t. To back up a bit, I arrived home last Thursday to … Continue reading

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Li’l B*Hole Comix

Because you’re worth a little b*hole! First off, the caption winner from two weeks ago— Kevin (again)! Congrats! And now for this week’s passel- And now it’s your turn to amuse me with a caption. Dance, monkeys!

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Bonnie & Clyde

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Why-ku Wednesday

Time to stop lifting If your head looks like it was Shrunk like Beetlejuice

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More like “choke-oni”. Yes, I succumbed to the marketing blitz waged during the Olympics and bought some Chobani to try. You know… Chobani. That hometown USA company, wholesome Greek yogurt stuff. And… well… Let’s just say that from now on, … Continue reading

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Weekend o’ Shows

This past Friday and Saturday was a critical drum corps weekend for us, as it was our last opportunity to put up good scores prior to the championships. And your performance order for Prelims is determined by your highest score … Continue reading

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Why-ku Thursday (the squirts)

Starbucks new flavor Ass-accino double shot It’s a bit nutty

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Okay, Here’s the 411

Porn Star/Artist/Sex Blogger Colby Keller and his P.I.C. (partner in connubial bliss crime) Karl Marxxx stayed at my place this past Sunday night. They are currently on a cross-country road trip, sight-seeing their way across the northern tier of states … Continue reading

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