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Show Update

Hi folks! I’m sure y’all are just champing at the bit to find out how my first drum corps show went last night.  Aren’t ya?? We did ok. Our score was a 76.5– which doesn’t mean a whole lot right … Continue reading

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N.S.F.Why-ku Wednesday

The new teabagging? Hope that’s not fresh off the stove! I take cream with one.

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Opening Night Jitters

Well, it’s time. The first drum corps show of the year is tonight. (Yikes!!!) Am I ready? Mostly. I know my shit– I just wish I was fully recovered from being sick. It would’ve been nice to have more energy … Continue reading

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Pride (in the name of…)

Well, it was Pride weekend here in good ol’ Minneapolis, this past weekend. And what activities did I do, to celebrate?? Nothing. No parade, no barbecues, no bar visits, no hanging with gay friends, no random sex. Nada. Because I … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (pride weekend edition)

Happy Pride, y’all.  And to kick off the celebration, here are the comix. Have fun with the last Peanuts frame… I want you to be raunchy with it!     And now for your turn– do your worst to Charlie … Continue reading

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Why-ku Wednesday (busted!)

How many times have I been busted at the gym For sneaking a sniff?

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Super 8

I finally saw “Super 8” this past weekend.  Going in, it was probably the film I was most excited to see this whole summer (except for Harry Potter). And it was okay. I mean, sure I liked it.  It was … Continue reading

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Bob The Book

I finished the book “Bob the Book” this past weekend.  And I would like to recommend it to y’all as a nice, summer, gay novel. It won best debut fiction in the Lambda Literary Awards, so it doesn’t suck.  And I quite … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (half-assed edition)

Hi. I’m still not fully recovered, but at least I had enough energy to slapdash some comix together for y’all this week. Remember to do the last one.  Hope you enjoy. Etc. And now for your turn at a caption:

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Belated Bastard

It’s about time that I chose a caption winner from a couple weeks ago, dontcha think? Well, this time around, the lucky Bastard is… Paul. Congratulations!

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