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Costumes and Fetishes

Since its Hallowe’en, I thought I’d give my thoughts on playing “dress up” as an adult. I’m not a big costume guy. They seem like a lot of work (and expense) a f I’m just not that into it. I … Continue reading

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Easy like Saturday morning

Saturday morning is my most favorite time of the whole week. It’s “me” time that I pretty much look forward to for six days.  And the funny thing is– my Saturday morning time really isn’t anything crazy special.  In fact, … Continue reading

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Stop the Presses! It’s Li’l Bastard Comix!

Another week, another peso.  And another installment of the Bastard Comix. This week I left a DOOZEY for you to caption, so don’t disappoint me!  Especially since I instantly came up with like 3 captions for it, but decided to … Continue reading

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Incense and Peppermints

First of all, I would like to begin by saying that I do not believe in ghosts. I don’t believe in psychics, or ESP, or demons, or any of that stuff.  I don’t really believe in God and angels either.  … Continue reading

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Me Want!

Never have I been so turned on by a home Thermostat; It’s called “Nest” and it was designed by one of the guys who worked for apple and helped design the iPod and iPhone. The thermostat “learns” how you like … Continue reading

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Welcome to “Belle End”

I’ve always wanted to live somewhere that had a name.  You know, like a cool house or an estate or a beach cottege… as long as the residence had a name and everyone sort of knew where that house was. … Continue reading

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Twenty Years Ago…

This past weekend was my 20th College Reunion.  I obviously did not attend. Honestly, I’d rather forgotten all about it.  I tend to instantly recycle any and all mail from my alma mater; I figure most of it is merely … Continue reading

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Hola! Me Llamo es “Li’l Bastard Comix”

Pegame culo, bitches- It’s Friday!  And time for comix! First off– the winner from last week.  I know y’all were expecting me to pick a naughty, double-entendre winner… but instead I chose the caption from left field.  Congrats to Ben, … Continue reading

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“Things that Creep Me Out” for 200 Please, Alex.

I hate clowns. They don’t scare me, I’m merely highly suspicious of people who don clown makeup and costumes under the guise of ‘entertainment’. I dislike how clowns are always concealing the truth.  Their true body is hidden underneath baggy, hobo clothing, … Continue reading

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Sorry… Asperger’s.

While I haven’t been very thrilled with Glee this season (or since the first season, truth be told), I do enjoy the tone-deaf girl who says shitty things and then blames it on having Asperger’s. Classic! It’s such an in-your-face statement … Continue reading

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