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L’il Bastard Comix (birthday edition)

Ok- so I’m boycotting the Family Jerkus this week. Why?  Because it’s my birthday edition damnit, and I can do what I want!  And because they are STILL in fucking D.C.!  Shit, Mr. Keane- how long can you drag this … Continue reading

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2,300 Dollars Later…

Fuck. Well, it appears as if Jack (my MINI) needed just a tiny bit more work than the original 60,000 mile checkup entailed. Yesterday morning I arrived bright and early (in the pouring rain) at the BMW Motorwerks facility in … Continue reading

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Birthday recap

So, it was my 39 (0) birthday yesterday. And it was ok. I spent the day at work, but I was semi busy and productive, so that was nice. Plus birthdays seem to be a big deal where I work. Not only … Continue reading

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Birthday Wishes

I view my birthday (berfday to you southern folk) much the same way that I do Christmas.  Only my birthday is funner because I don’t have to share it with that crybaby fag Jesus. So, to honour my gloriousness, I … Continue reading

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Weekend Wee-wind

Greetings from frosty Minnesota! Yes, there were frost and freeze advisories this morning in the northern part of the state.  So fucking unfair.  It isn’t even September yet, and part of the state has frosted already??  Fuck that noise.  Fuck … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (Silver Medal edition)

Why silver??  Because they ain’t good enough for GOLD! First off- last week’s challenge winner.  It was close, and runner up goes to Mr. Stewart for his “One finger smells like tuna, the other like last night’s pot roast!” comment.  … Continue reading

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I have a small problem with hugs and kisses.  Did I say small?  Because I meant HUGE. My personal belief is that hugging and kissing is a fairly intimate affair and should be reserved for special moments.  Generally I don’t like being … Continue reading

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The Eyes Have It?

I saw “My Future Ex Husband” again last night at the gym. No, this isn’t the swimmer demigod with the absolutely perfect body.  That would NEVER be ex-husband material (more like brief, tawdry, if-I-could-get-him-drunk-enough affair material).  My Future Ex Husband … Continue reading

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Fashion Poll

Ok.  So I saw this little number in a window at a fancy shop in the lobby of the Captain Cook hotel in Anchorage.  I sorta started crushing on it instantly. Therefore I am putting a picture of it here, and … Continue reading

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Uno.  Un.  Ein.  Ich.  Ek.  Satu.  Hei.  Unu. “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do.”–  old Klingon Proverb One… gold medal (FINALLY!!) for Shawn Johnson with a kick ASS performance last night on balance beam!  Take THAT Nastia- … Continue reading

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