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Li’l B*Hole Comix

Merry Chris_mas, motherfuckers! Yeah, it’s been far too long. I’ve just been so goddamn busy! But yesterday’s post had too much sensitivity and heart, so today I’ll follow it up with a dose of “me”. Enjoy! And now a gift … Continue reading

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Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store.

My mother invited my father over for Christmas lunch yesterday. My father accepted the invitation and we all sat down to a big steak dinner in the dining room of my childhood home. It was the first time we have … Continue reading

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It Came…

… Upon a Midnight Clear? No, it arrived around 11:30 am today. My merry christmahanukkwanzicali present to myself. Can you guess? Being unwrapped in the hallway… And now here it is: Isn’t he pretty? It’s totally my Flash Gordon chair. … Continue reading

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Heady Experience

So, I’ve had a couple weeks or so to digest my promotion at work and to start assuming more of my new duties. And it’s going decently so far. I mean, it does rather suck doing my old job, my … Continue reading

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Ten Books

David, over at Blogography posted some sort of meme about Ten Books that have stuck with you over time. I thought it was an interesting question. So here are a random 10 that seem to fit the bill: 1- Les … Continue reading

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Yeah, I knew that posting my drape idea was gonna get all sorts of pushback. Mainly because even I realized the vision in my head did not match the design execution. Oh well, c’est la vie, no? But this is … Continue reading

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Why-ku Bonus!

This little piggy Went “whee whee whee whee… Oh god! Where the fuck AM I??”

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Why-ku Wednesday

So a guy came in And wanted his asshole pierced… Pierce him? I “wrecked”um!

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All excellent suggestions, but…

I am loving all the curtain feedback I got– I think that’s more comments than I get for Li’l B*Hole Comix! Heck, I should have asked for ideas before I put these up. However– I think people have forgotten some … Continue reading

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Seeing as how I was shitting liquid every hour on the hour all weekend, it left me with a bit of “indoor time”. And indoor time = restlessness. So I pulled together something I wanted to do for awhile. (Ok, … Continue reading

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