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Li’l Bastard Comix (Happy Fuckin New Year edition)

Yo peeps! Merry new year, enjoy the last comix for ’09, and have fun bastardizing the last one! Advertisements

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Facially Experimental

I got new glasses the other day. Yeah yeah, I already HAD relatively new glasses… But can one have too many pairs? Besides, Kyle made me go with him to the Spectacle Shop and I couldn’t resist! The Spectale Shop(pe) … Continue reading

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Winner Winner Bastard Dinner

I know the Dennis/Santa comic was shitty to caption, but there were some great results. My favorite involved smells. 1st runner up was Jimmy with his ‘elf butt breath’ comment. But I had to give the nod once again to … Continue reading

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All I Want For Xmas…

I had a pretty decent Christmas… did y’all? I hope you did. Mom was very good to me this year.  She got me the following: Yup!  I got a blu ray player!  AND two movies (gotta love that Ryan Reynolds!). … Continue reading

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Sexy Stud Senryu #200

Peter Billingsley I wanna see your blue steel “Red Rider” beauty!

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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Here’s a little present for y’all! You’re welcome.

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Merry XXXmas, Eve

I’m lounging at Dad’s place, where he has the latest Playboy magazine out on the coffee table. Naturally I “snatched” it up immediately. Dad’s been a devout Playboy subscriber since before I was born. And I must admit… I, too, … Continue reading

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Mother Nature Wears a Strap-On

And it’s hard and sandpapery. I’m heading to the smack-dab middle of Iowa.  (Iowa is the one with the breast on the right side– also the one with the big swath of pink running through it). Where I’m heading is … Continue reading

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And when I say “Avatar(!)” I’m using jazz hands for emphasis. So yes, Kyle and I saw Avatar(!) in 3-D(!) yesterday.  My one sentence review? “It wasn’t quite as long as Ghandi, but the message was essentially the same.” I’m … Continue reading

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L.B.C. (12 daze of Xmas edition)

Here they are folks- the last comix before the holidays. I may do a batch before new years… But maybe not. I hope these tide y’all over. And don’t forget to bastardize the lady one as usual! -xxx oo. cb

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