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A Lispy Bastard

Again- lots of great entries about Dolly’s… Entry. Honorable mention to Gavin for the most shock enducing with his “plates in the lips like the national geographic balck chicks” comment. But the winner is Kevin over at the Lisp– for … Continue reading

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Sexy Stud Senryu # 47

Forgive me Red Sox, for I have sinned.  I have lust in my heart for a Yankee.  A Yankee CATCHER, no less!  But he is cute enough to deserve a Senryu: Sexy Yankee sneer You aren’t Jason Varitek But you’ll … Continue reading

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Wii-ns and Losses

This is a diet update: yes, I am still a Fatty McFatterton. A chub. A fatty fatty two by four. But slightly less so. I got on the scales at the gym last night and discovered that I am roughly … Continue reading

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So Completely NSFW

Ok… BIG disclaimer, here. This is a NAUGHTY post that contains a LOT of adult male nudity. I mean a LOT. Not MY nudity… heavens no.  But a seriously large amount of nudity nonetheless. Disclaimer over. This weekend I finally … Continue reading

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The Ahrt Crawl

This weekend was one of the Saint Paul famous “Art Crawls”.  Or as I like to say… Ahrt. One of the cool things about living in Lowertown Saint “P”, is that I am surrounded by artist lofts and studio space, … Continue reading

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L.B.C. Friday (warm weather edition)

The comix have landed. I’ve given you an easy one this week, so raunch it out with yer captions!

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Tater, You Bastard!

Ok, this weeks captions were awesome. From everyone. Summers eve, tampon lifetime tv, panty shields references. New shoes and outfit comments.Oh, and a priceless reference to Demi Moore’s hair. All awesome. And quite difficult to select a winner from. But … Continue reading

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New Man Shopping

I’ve been doing a bit of new car shopping the past few weeks, and I suddenly had a revelation. What if finding a guy to date was like buying a new car? How cool would that be? Start with price. … Continue reading

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I’m sick today. Sore throat. Achy. Feverish. But I’m at work. You see, my company doesn’t believe in “sick days”. So unless I want to burn a vacation day and lay on a couch feeling like death, I tough it … Continue reading

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Speaking of Sweat…

This is me after a 35 minute walk today in 50 degree weather with a 30mph wind. Nice huh? Probably shouldve worn a tshirt…

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