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Li’l Bastard Comix

Meh. Enjoy. And give some caption-luv for the last one.

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And the winner goes commando…

Sorry I didn’t get the winning caption posted yesterday. My bad. Once again, the Percy New Yorker brought out the best in y’all! Mad props to Jim for the James Bond/ Pussy Galore caption. But this week I ended up … Continue reading

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This weekend I planned on picking up the new Wii Sports Resort game. I got it last night instead. And let me just say, it is chock full of the awesome! Now, I am not a hardcore gamer- I’m casual … Continue reading

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Things that make me giggle…

Looks like Kermie enjoys a good porking…

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Why-ku Wednesday

I’ve decided a new blog segment is in order. I’m calling it “Why-ku Wednesday”– mainly because WTF-ku doesn’t work as well. The goal is to use a haiku/senryu format to highlight some “why” moment. This is my first one: Pepto … Continue reading

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Euphemisms for Testicles

And I’m talking the whole aparatus down there. Give me some ideas! Here’s a list to get you going: Balls Nuts Berries Sack Scrotal unit Punching bag Speed bag Ye olde creamery Sperm factory Doh-nuts Naughty bits Eggs Footballs Little … Continue reading

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A Dad Weekend

My father came to the cities for a visit this past weekend. And we had a good time. As it was recently his birthday (and because I was looking for another opportunity to see them) I took him to Cirque … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (Shitty Titty Gang Bang edition)

Well, it’s that time folks! Have a great weekend and don’t forget to caption the last one! I’ve given you a delicious New Yorker cartoon this week. Enjoy!!

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Winner winner chicken dinner!

This was a GOOOOOD week from y’all! I give you a naughty comic and you don’t fail to disappoint! I loved the entrants about the stick breaking, using butter flavor crisco, and square anal beads. But the winner this week … Continue reading

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Cavalier Update

The drum and bugle corps season is in it’s final weeks, and my Cavaliers are sitting in a tenuous 2nd right now. Fuck. Blue Devils remain undefeated and are outscoring everyone by over a point. Double fuck. And the Cadets … Continue reading

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