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Yet another in my informational series… although this one is less informational and more just me gushing. No fat comments, you skinny bitches out there!

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Li’l Bastard ComiX (choose yer own ending edition)

Hiya! Yes, I’m doing my regular installment of bastardized comix for y’all today.  BUT– the last one is for you to bastardize.  You tell ME why you think Dennis is in the corner again, ok?  I’m curious to see what … Continue reading

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Prison Sex

The names and places in this story have been blurred to protect the innocent.  Namely me. This is as close as I’ve ever come to having “prison sex” without actually being in prison.  How can this be “prison sex” then, I … Continue reading

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Stop the Madness!!

Damnit, cb!  You get one measly economic stimulus check… My best laid plans for saving my Govmint Check have gone up in smoke.  Well, they’ve gone up in “Wii”, actually. Yeah, I broke down and ordered a Wii yesterday. Isn’t … Continue reading

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The “Showtune” Gene

This weekend I had an epiphany on why gay men love showtunes.  More on that in a minute. Sunday is the big “Showtune” video night at the Eagle here in Minneapolis.  Well, technically the showtunes are shown in the Bolt side … Continue reading

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Weekend Makeover

Jack got a bit of a makeover this weekend. For those of you who don’t know- Jack is the name of my car.  There are several reasons why I call him Jack… well, two really. First- he is yellow and … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Semi-nudity and Kung Fu

While running on the treadmill at the gym yesterday (5.5 miles, thank you very much) I was watching the Duke vs. Johns Hopkins Men’s Semifinal Lacrosse match. God I love Lacrosse! What’s not to like? Helmets with face shields? Good! … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (Memorial Day Edition)

Yo, bitchuz. Hope y’all have a full weekend planned.  Don’t shag anything I wouldn’t shag!

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Fun on Friday

I think the following video perfectly illustrates why youtube is the greatest thing on the internets. DAMN, the imbed thing isn’t working!!!  But the LINK will.  Trust me, its worth it!!  

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Tragedy Hills, 90210

I shouldn’t listen to the radio on the way to work in the mornings.  I just shouldn’t. THIS morning, I was listening to the rock station here in Minneapolis, and they were doing what I found to be a particularly … Continue reading

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