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Pride (In the Name of Love)

Minneapolis had the good fortune to have Pride scheduled for this past weekend. And Friday’s Supreme Court ruling just helped kick the celebration into high gear. Even I got into the spirit this year! On Friday I went to a … Continue reading

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My parents and I don’t really discuss my “gayness” very much. It comes up in random comments every so often, but generally the subject is politely avoided. I do know that they want me to find a “special someone”, but … Continue reading

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Pride Concert — achieved

  This past Friday and Saturday evenings were the final choral concerts of the season for the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus. And the concerts went very well.  No fuck-ups and many, many wonderful moments.  Not that my dad and … Continue reading

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Tech Rehearsal

   I’m gonna be pop-uU-lar?? Concert tech rehearsal last night. We have clumps of multi-height platforms, cabaret acts, an Emcee, dancing, alacrity and effulgence! And high heels.  Lots of high heels. 

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Amazon Wish List…

I am adding all of these to my Amazon Wish List. My birthday’s in August, so y’all have time.                     Especially numbers 2 and 3. Please. 

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Pride Time

Welp, it’s that time of year. Time when all the homos don their gay apparel (or lack thereof) and celebrate their Pride with parades and concerts and sexapaloozas. As such, this week I am inundated with rehearsals for the Twin … Continue reading

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This was one of those weekends when the amount and type of physical rejection I received just seemed to be disproportionately large. And therefore a bit disheartening.  I decided That I needed to get out and be social– so to … Continue reading

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Li’l B*Hole Comix Friday!

Like a tornada, Gurl! Y’all need a blessin’! And so, I give to you– the comix.                     I produce these out of a labor of love. A love for hating that stupid, fucking comic that is still (inexplicably) around. 

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Movie Review: Spy

One sentence review?  It’s definitely a fun movie, and much more James Bond than Get Smart.    Given the trailers and Melissa McCarthey, I was expecting “Tammy the Spy”.  You know, bumbling yet humorous in an insipid sort of way. … Continue reading

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The Boy At The Gym (Update 2)

He’s straight.  STRAIGHT!! I did NOT see that coming.  And my gaydar is wicked sensitive! We were having a lovely chat about weight loss and beer and football and the Rolling Stones and then he said it.  “I was out … Continue reading

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