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I Covet…

THESE. I MUST have these.  I WILL have these. I saw a dude wearing them at the gym on Thursday and I stopped dead in my tracks.  If he didn’t immediately start lifting, I would have asked him where he … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (go for the gold edition)

It’s that time again, folks! I hope you enjoy this week’s installment. And I left a doozie for you to caption! Be creative! Do me proud!

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Such a Cruel Bastard

Thanks to everyone who submitted captions this week! Sean, you nearly won with the E in the Fancy Feast comment. But this week goes to Rubright, for his abject cruelty! I love it! Congrats Erik!

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I got my new jacket in the mail yesterday and it’s wonderful!! So warm… So light… So effing awesome… God I love shopping online. Lately I’ve been lamenting a serious hole in my wardrobe. I had no warm, zip up … Continue reading

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Three Men & A Bear-by!

Or maybe the American bobsled team is like Sex and The City (minus a horse-faced uggo). Just three hot guys their gay bear friend. Grrrr. Personally I’ll take left and middle back, please.

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Why-ku Wednesday (in the news)

Woman trades her kids for a Cockatoo.  The bird attempts suicide. Love handles shield her! Unfortunately, tragic outfit lives as well.

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Tuesdays with Bore-y

Yeah, Tuesday is a hard day to get motivated to blog. I’m usually pretty tired and punchy and ideas aren’t all that  forthcoming  (heh heh, I said “fourth cuming”).  So today I changed up my theme and my header, added in my … Continue reading

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a broken record… a broken record… a broken record

Man do I love me some drum corps! And man, I bet y’all are sick of hearing about this “drum & bugle corps” thing.  So much so that I’m probably in danger of losing readership over it.  Hell, who can afford that what with … Continue reading

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A Quick Minnesota Brass Clip

Ok. Here’s a quick taste of the Minnesota Brass drum & bugle corps performing our 2010 opener… “Bangkok”. Yes, it’s fairly unpolished at this point (and its recorded in a gym) but this recording was made after 3 rehearsals.  At … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (olympic edition)

Here y’all go. Enjoy and have fun with the last one. It’s a new crappy strip, so “initiate” it well!

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