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Li’ Bastard Comix (Halloweenie Edition)

Theeeey’re Baaa-aaack! Enjoy, and have fun bastardizing the final one for me!!! I think it has good potential…

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America’s Next Top Chef Designer

I think I watch too much contest TV. I had a rather bizarre dream last night where I was a contestant on “America’s Next Top Chef Designer”. Granted I’m still a bit sick and slightly feverish, but this was still … Continue reading

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Bonus Why-ku!

Holy gay Jesus… This is “unicorn fucking Liberace” gay!

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Why-ku Wednesday

Oh Steve, here’s a tip: Don’t bang your chubby intern If she’s a psycho. When things blow over I will have your mouthbabies Secret guaranteed!

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“My Fave Five” Meme

Ok hotshots, here’s a meme for y’all. Name your favorite five celebrities that you totally want to ‘do it’ with, and also describe how you want to do them.  Or have it done to you, as the case may be. … Continue reading

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Meme to the Rescue

I’m sick and very cranky today. So I guess it’s a good thing I was tagged with one of these meme thingies. You know, I still don’t know how to pronounce it. Mee-mee? Meem? Mehm? Mehm-uh? Anyway, the Lisp so … Continue reading

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The Sanctity of Marriage

With all the hoopla surrounding marriage these days (and because I needed a wee break from the Comix), I am doing a post celebrating weddings! Come celebrate the joyousness with me, won’t you? Oh, and feel free to submit a … Continue reading

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Bastard winner

Tons of great captions this week (just like I knew there would be)! I loved te balloonboy references from some of you, and I enjoyed Tater’s line about the cougar pickup lines, too! However, the nod this week went to … Continue reading

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Wil Wheaton

Yeah, you remember. Ensign Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: NG. You know, Doctor Beverly Crusher’s precocious son. Well, he got pseudo-cubby on us! Someone (sorry I forgot who!) tweeted about his appearance on the Big Bang Theory. This led me … Continue reading

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Why-ku Wednesday (part 1)

Twenty whole inches… Where is your organ grinder? Monkey plays rock band.

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