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Yeah, there’s a goddamn apostrophe in it, so USE it! The word is a contraction of sorts from ye olde days– All Hallows Evening.  Which became All Hallows Even, then Hallows Even, then Hallows E’en (ye olde contraction for evening), … Continue reading

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Meme Tuesday

Last week I was tagged by a blogger who shall remain nameless (damn you dirty, stinkin’ ape!) with this Meme thingy.  And because one “should” respond to said ‘tags’, I am posting it today… because honestly I got nothing else. Taken … Continue reading

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Good and Grumpy

Even though I had a good weekend, I’m in a very foul mood today.  I don’t even really know why, but I am.  I sped to work this morning all agitated and angry- and traffic wasn’t even bad. I find … Continue reading

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Snoopy, Go Home

“Muffers” is officially on restriction. Jim came over last night and brought some groceries so that he could cook us some dinner.  He also brought his little dog, too.  And by the end of the evening, I was fully prepared … Continue reading

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New meaning to “header” picture

So evidently there was some confusion as to what exactly was being depicted in my header picture. Its a picture of a sculpted rendition of Britney Spears giving birth to her first child, Sean Preston.  I can tell that a … Continue reading

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The “Trojan” War

I knew that our little military excursion into Iraq was going to have far reaching repercussions.  It has already touched our lives in major ways (death, loss of freedom, increased terrorism, high gas prices, bankrupt nation, etc).  But then there … Continue reading

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Vicious Pandas

   Panda at Beijing Zoo attacks teenage boy Bear rips chunks from boy’s legs after 15-year-old jumps into exercise area BEIJING – A male panda at the Beijing Zoo once bitten by a drunken tourist attacked a teenager, ripping chunks … Continue reading

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Musical Tuesday

I made a “Mix CD” for Kyle and I’ll be giving it to him tonight.  He’s been in a bit of a funk lately, and I hope this cheers him up a bit. Yeah, Kyle and I trade music through … Continue reading

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Sox Hunk Haiku #7

Savior of the Sox Grand Slam homer in Game Six I kneel before you! I’m glad that the Sox won (Cleveland was feeling too “entitled” and got all trash-talky).  But Jim is from Denver and his friends and family are “Rockies” … Continue reading

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The Divine Miss “L”

Its Annie.  Miss Lennox if you’re nasty. La Diva graced us with her presence last night at the State Theater in downtown Minneapolis.  I should know; I was right there… front row 2nd balcony. The show, in short, was bloody fantastic!  … Continue reading

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