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Li’l Bastard Comix (January Jonesing edition)

Hello peeps and peepettes! Welcome to another edition of the Xomix (I like the double x thing). Have fun captioning the final one– and I want EVERYONE to participate this week- ya hear?

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Repeat Bastard

Or should I say “replicant”? This week I eschewed my normal “brevity” rule and went with a longie, but a goodie. Congrats mr Electronic Replicant!

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First off- Notes of the musical kind. Me really likey the drum corps thing! I know it makes me a full-on nerd and a “band geek” or worse– a band FAG. But I don’t care. Tra la la fuck you. … Continue reading

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Why-ku Wednesday (shoes)

Shoes. Oh my God, shoes! Eat your heart out, Imelda. Even I want them!

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Suicide is Painless…

… not. I live in an apartment building that has a sister building a block away. A sister building where my friend Kyle lives. Our respective buildings are old factory/warehouses that have been turned into loft style apartments. One feature … Continue reading

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4 Wins & a Loss

My weekend ended up mostly in the “win” column. First of all, my volleyball team crushed our opponents in three straight games. Plus we played decently! I’m trying to attack this league play a bit differently. I’m trying to be … Continue reading

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Crisis Averted.

I don’t speak a great deal about what I do on my blog. ¬†And that’s by choice. First of all, what I do is in no way exciting, fun, or fulfilling on any level. ¬†Secondly, I don’t like to shit … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (hot mangina edition)

Here y’all go. A bit earlier than last week. And with a pinch of esoteric. Remember to please submit a caption for the final comic– all captions welcome!! Oh, and if you have a favorite comic from the week, I’d … Continue reading

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Big, Fat, Lazy Bastard

This week y’all were mean tonpoor, chubby Dolly! Runner up props to Jay for his “party in my mouth” comment! But the winner this week gets the nod for making jokes about bulemia and celebrity death… Congrats Jimmy!

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Whyku Wednesday– The Andro Penis (NSFW)

Legit Enlargement, Or medieval torture rig? Or dungeon sex toy?

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