4 Wins & a Loss

My weekend ended up mostly in the “win” column.

First of all, my volleyball team crushed our opponents in three straight games. Plus we played decently!

I’m trying to attack this league play a bit differently. I’m trying to be less down on myself about the team’s play while simultaneously having fun.

Second win– No strike at work. But I blogged about that previously. But it was still a win.

Third win: I managed to hang a towel/accessories shelf in my bathroom. It looks good, I have a bit more storage and can get my towels out from under the sink.

Remember, I have precious few tools at my disposal AND I had to hold and level the damn thing myself.

*pats his own back*

Fourth win: I had a date this past Saturday. Yes, a real date! With talking and food and movie watching and, erm….

And that’s all I have to say about that.

For now.

And the loss? Well, obviously that was the Vikings. They really shit the bed last night.

The Saints didn’t win it as much as the Vikings seemed hell bent on gift wrapping the victory and presenting it to the Saints– with some festive mardi gras beads.

It was a dirty game too.

It was obvious that the Saints coach (you know, the one who looks like a burn victim with permanent, gay ‘stink face’) instructed his players to do what they could to deliberately injure Brett Favre.

It wasn’t about hurrying him. Or knocking him down. It was about piledriving him with late hits and trying to send him from the game on a strecher.

Aka: Dirty playing. But why would I expect anything less from the “Saints”?

So overall, it was a pretty good weekend.

P.S. Everyone’s invited to my superbowl party — but only if you are Colts fans.

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12 Responses to 4 Wins & a Loss

  1. Larry Ohio says:

    Congratz on the date. See, I told you your new porn stash would get you laid! Will he come back for seconds?

  2. brettcajun says:

    THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. Everybody just assumed the Minnesota Vikings would push around the Saints like they did the Dallas Cowboys. That didn’t happen. Our offensive line, unlike the Vikings, protected our dear Quarterback a lot better. If Favre was hit lots, then blame his offensive line… NOT the Saints defense.

    The best team won: the New Orleans Saints.

    FYI — Everybody in Louisiana thought the officials were keeping the Vikings in the game by constantly throwing bullshit flags to keep their drives alive.

    • Hayward says:

      The Vikings lost the game because Favre threw an interception in overtime. I doubt it had much to do with one team playing dirty vs. the other team taking an implied high road. The Viking defense was trying to do the same thing.

      All I can say is that after 40 years of watching my team lose, I’m proud of them.

      Go Saints!!

      • Jay says:

        Hayward, the Vikes did not lose because Favre threw the interception.

        First, he threw the interception in the 4th quarter with :07 on the clock. The Vikes lost the game because they had 5 turnovers to the Saints 1. The Vikes lost the game because they turned the ball over 2x inside the Saints 10 yard line. The Vikes lost the game even though they had over 2x the number of yards and over 2x the number of 1st downs.

        The Vikes OWNED the Saints on both sides of the ball (offense and defense) with the exception of the turnovers. The Saints are a dirty ass team and the hit that they put on Favre (high and low) should have been an ejection and I would not be surprised to see the NFL level some fines on those players from NOLA.

        As a life long Vikes fan, it is heartbreaking to see this happen to a team I thought was destined to go all the way. It’s too bad the Saints will get killed in the Super Bowl as Peyton Manning will PICK APART the Saints D and make a mockery of the d backs and safetys. Looking forward to the game, I will smile and sleep the sleep of angels when Peyton takes the Lombardi trophy home!

        In the end, Brett Favre brought the Vikes farther than Tarvaris Jackson (T Jack) or Sage Rosenfels would have ever brought this team. I am thankful for the ride Brett Favre gave the Vikes fans this year and look forward to whatever he decides to do in the future.

    • Jay says:


  3. Congrats on all the wins!! That’s a great way to start the year!! 🙂

    Will there be an “after” party when the Superbowl ends?

  4. Kip says:

    Congrats on your Big 4 weekend! Was it a first date… will there be a second?

  5. anne marie in philly says:

    how nice – you went on a date!

    hopefully there will be a second one!

  6. Oh, I’m COMING to your Superbowl party. You just try and stop me.

  7. I read that last few lines and thought, oh lordy, hope brett doesn’t read that… clicked comments and… oh shit, too late!

  8. I wan tto know about the date!!!

  9. Mark in DE says:

    Congrats on the wins! How about a photo of your new bathroom shelf? Or maybe of you wearing nothing but a tool belt?

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