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Say “Cheese”!

Well, it’s that time again. No, not time for comix– Graduation time! And along with graduation come the senior portraits– BAD senior portraits. Several of which I’d like to share with you! Kevin was voted “Most Likely To Die From … Continue reading

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I “Heart” Archer

I’ve been looking for a good adult cartoon to fill my void ever since Deawn Together. (Heh heh… Full my void) Archer does a good job at the filling. A host of quirky, fucked up characters manage to get themselves … Continue reading

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N.S.F.Why-ku Wednesday (sesame street??)

Oh Silent Ducky You’re the one! Making’ fisting So much fun– ow, Bert!

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Yesterday I received the latest Madge CD in the mail. Being a concert ticket purchaser, I guess I got a free CD. It almost makes the exorbitant concert ticket price worth it. After an initial listen, I proclaim that it … Continue reading

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View to a Thrill

So- I was a bit foolish with my money this past weekend and I bought a new bike. I may call him “Trekkie Monster”. After spending so much on getting my eyes zapped, I really don’t need to be having … Continue reading

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What’s a Mockingjay?

I actually dared to see the “Hunger Games” on opening night. Crazy, I know, but this is the most excited I’ve been about a movie in a long time. It was packed with all sorts of young adults (and by … Continue reading

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Excuse Our Mess…

But this weeks comix aren’t happening due to work being ultra cray cray this week. But in the meantime, I leave you with a pic of me in my D-Luxe “Shorebags”:

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20 Reasons I Love My Cat

1. She runs to meet me at the door every time I get home 2. She talks to me about her day and has like 40 different meows 3. She loves to be picked up, an will meow until I … Continue reading

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Why-ku Wednesday (Ch-ch-ch wha?)

Brand new marketing Screw pets- use the seeds as FOOD! Ch-ch-ch Chia! P.S. I totally saw a commercial for the Chia Omega 3 dietary supplement last night. Evidently you can use Chia seeds just like Flax seed– only they’re better! … Continue reading

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Jack Black Must Die

It is no secret that I hate all things Jack Black. He’s that fat, ugly guy that tries to overcompensate with humor, but he tries too hard and it makes you sad and uncomfortable. So he keeps trying, which becomes … Continue reading

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