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New Year Rezzies

I’m a new year resolutions kind of guy. I do them every year. I’m very formal about them, making them measureable goals with timeframes, etc. I even type them up, print them out, and tack them to my fridge. As … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix Friday (on monday)

Well, I finally got around to it. So here you go. P.S. I didn’t even touch the Dolly under the mistletoe one. Some things are just too good to bastardize!!

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Li’l Bastard Winner

Sorry about not getting around to this last Friday, but holidays and all that rot, you know? The Lil bastard title this time goes to: HEAT! From heats hotter spot blog! Congrats ya bastard!

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Blue Christmas

Sometimes instead of being called an “only child” I think it should be called being an “onus child”. Especially when your parents are divorced. Of course one does get the “luxury” of not one, but two complete Christmases. With two … Continue reading

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Six Things…

I got tagged for a meme- 6 random things about me. And seeing as I’m a bit thin on ideas right before the celebration of our blessed saviours birth… I’ll do it. #1) I have never bleached my asshole. Hell, … Continue reading

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Early Xmas

Kyle and I exchanged prezzies last night and he did manage to moderately surprise me with one gift (go Kyle!). First of all, he finished transferring two vinyl records onto cd for me. This is probably the gift I’m most … Continue reading

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Spending Money

I hate spending money on others. Wait. That sounds negative and decidedly un-Xmasy of me. How about… I much prefer spending money on myself, but will grudgingly shop for others. I just want what I get for other people to … Continue reading

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Memo To Mother Nature

RE:  calling you a royal cunt Dear Ms. Nature, In my last letter, I regret that there may have been a slight misunderstanding for which I take full responsibility.  When I mentioned that if you improved the weather some, then … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (for baby jebus)

Comix are the reason for the season! Don’t forget the last one is yours to caption! What’s Dennis menacing Santa with??? May the light of the comix bring cheer to your sucky, sucky lives.

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Caption Winner!!

Although both Kevin and Dead Robot had excellent captions this week, and Tater’s nearly won for the harry potter reference alone, I felt I had to go with… Fender! And you know why Fender won? Because the caption submitted was … Continue reading

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