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Saturday, on a Special episode of Bastard…

As promised, here are the winners from the komix kaption kontest (KKK for short). First up, from two weeks ago– the winner was…….  HEAT! I just love the idea of a trans-Jeffy! But I gotta say, there were LOTS of … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix — memorial day edition

Hi kiddies! First off, allow me to apologize for not posting the winners the pad couple weeks. My bad! Look for them tomorrow. And now the comix! Oh, and I gave you a great one to bastardize this week! Enjoy … Continue reading

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Sucks And The Shitty- Pew

Well well.  Like we all didn’t see this coming. I think the only semi-recent film to do this poorly in the critic’s eyes was the remake of “Land of the Lost”.  If only they’d modeled the sleestaks after Sarah Jessica … Continue reading

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Crazy Heat

Yesterday morning I left my apartment building and walked into a blast furnace. Okay, so it wasn’t that bad– but I hadn’t felt early morning heat and humidity like that since leaving North Carolina.  It was mid 70’s with a … Continue reading

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Hot, Wet and Wild Weekend!

This past weekend was like a “Girls Gone Wild” video– but with mostly boys.  And no alcohol.  And no real lewd behavior.  But lots of sweat. Yes, it was another full weekend of “band camp”, and once again the weather cooperated wonderfully. … Continue reading

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THE Li’l Bastard Comix

It’s that time once again. Time for mirth and merriment. I give you– the comix. And have fun bastardizing Dennis an his babysitter this week.

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Here are some more photos that I’m lumping into one post because I wanted to put them somewhere but really didn’t think they could stand alone and fill out one blogpost to make it worth reading so here they are. … Continue reading

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Why-ku Wednesday (fashion terror)

Model Terrorist Declared jihad on my eyes Please shoe bomb yourself

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Why-ku Wednesday (ghetto cruisers)

Caprice with chrome Dubs Rollin’ through Frogtown, so fly Not douchey at all

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Or would it be “fetishisto” since I’m male? Anyway, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I definitely have a fetish for shoes and watches.  And belts.  And pretty much any “accessory” item. Which is why it is … Continue reading

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