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Wireless Hell

I was trapped at my father’s house for most of the T-Giving weekend– without wireless Internet. AND shitty, non-3G coverage. Le GASP! Le HORROR!! I knew I was in for a treat when dad cornered me first thing and started … Continue reading

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Yippie Ki Yay, Motherfuckers!

So I bought some cowboy boots this weekend. I KNOW, right? WTF? Well, if you’ve read my blog at all, you know that I have fetishes for watches and shoes. And I honestly have been wanting a pair of cowboy … Continue reading

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L.B.C. (Snacktacular edition)

Happy Thanksgiving all! Hope your day was awesome! And as my thanks to you, here are some comix to nosh on. Like dessert. And show your thanks by bastardizing the last one!

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Another Queer Bastard Winner

Some very good caption suggestions for last week’s Hagar cartoon! But Jim over at the Pampered Queer combined my hatred of Palin and the spirit of the Word bubble with his entry. Congrats sir!

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Whyku (and Rant) Wednesday– Lady Gaga

Wha-ah-aht the FUCK? You mean she isn’t British?? (Is that a penis?) Ok, and now for my Lady Gaga rant. I was discussing Ms. Gaga with My Friend Kyle (MFK) the other day.  And I think we both came to the … Continue reading

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More Things I Do NOT Want…

I saw a commercial for this the other day: It’s being released (straight to video of course) just in time for the holidays. Or should I say “paw-lidays”? Yeah, gotta love the puns.  Like how this film is subtitled “The … Continue reading

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News Flash! Paula Deen Creamed by Meat!

While tossing out free hams to feed the hungry, one gets tossed back at her. And nails her right in the face! She better go put some butter on that! (Yes, I actually giggled in my car when I heard the … Continue reading

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Greased Up, Naked Deaf Guy

Ok, so maybe he wasn’t greased up… Yet. Lately I’ve been becoming friends with the deaf guy from my gym (aka Marco). I think I’ve mentioned him before. But recently our friendship has moved beyond the occasional chat in the … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (Thanksgiving Edition)

He y’all. There probably won’t be any comix next week as I’ll be in Iowa for the holidaze. These’ll just have to tide you over! I gave you an easy one to bastardize this week, so think outside the stinktube … Continue reading

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Who’s an Inky Bastard?

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the caption contest! And while there were many great bitchy entries, there was one ‘left field’ entry that made me laugh out loud You know I likey the left field shit! So this … Continue reading

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