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Yes. I have, as many pointed out yesterday, shaved my goatee. Okay, technically it was a VanDyke, but goatee is easier to type. Plus Dyke-B-Gon might give some the wrong impression and get me beaten up. I think I ditched … Continue reading

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My 2011 taxes are already done and eFiled, and both the state and federal have already been accepted. Hooray for modern technology! And thanks to my mortgage and property tax write offs, I will get a fairly decent return this … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix

It’s time for Timer! But instead of funshine on a stick, it’s comix! First up, the winner from last week— Anne Marie! Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who participated in the captions! Keep ’em coming! And now for this week: And … Continue reading

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Butt Ass Ugly Granite?

Yes, I realize that the granite might not have been my first choice, but it was here when I bought the place and it’s in great shape. Also, when seen in context of my entire space, with the black and … Continue reading

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Why-ku Thursday (Oopsie!)

Courtney now regrets Trusting her farts after that Nachos Bel Grande

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Curtain Panel Negatives

So, I have to say I’m still fairly chuffed about my IKEA curtain panel project. It makes my room so dark and it completely changes the character of the space when they are closed. However, there is one negative about … Continue reading

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Tile backsplash, you pervs! Not when you pull out and spunk a dude’s tramp stamp. I may have finally chosen a viable tile backsplash for my kitchen. It is in the color scheme I had envisioned, with just a touch … Continue reading

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Sleepless, part deux

So, I had another sleepover with Derrick on Friday. He came over, we boinked, then went out for a late Chinese dinner. We would have ordered in, but I couldn’t find a Chinese delivery place nearby. Then we watched some … Continue reading

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L.B.C. Time!

Ahoy, me hearties! It’s time for more Li’l Bastard Comix! And boy have I left you all a good one to captionize— tons of potential there! But now, this week’s installment: And now it’s your turn to provide a caption:

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You may now address me as Sergeant.

Horn Sergeant, that is. (Miss Jackson if you’re nasty). Last night it was announced that yours truly would fill the role of Horn Sergeant for the 2012 Minnesota Brass Drum & Bugle Corps. So I guess this means I’m marching … Continue reading

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