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“Is cb really horny for sumpthin sumpthin?”

All signs point to “Yes”. And I gotta say, this particular Magic 8-Ball never lies.  I think Mattel has a black magic sourse in China that produces these things.

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Hot Hunk Haiku #-15

Current outdoor temperature here in Minneapolis is -15°F, but with windchill it feels more like hell. So to warm things up a bit, may I present Novak Djokovic my latest mancrush. Bel Ami Porn Star? No!  Australian Open Champ!! Let … Continue reading

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Lesbians get Biblical “free pass”

Leviticus, Chapter 18. The bane of all gay existence.  Sources say that this is the number 3 most quoted verse by the jebus freaks out there (behind Jesus Wept and John 3:16 of course).  In case you misplaced your Damnation-R-Us copy, let me refresh … Continue reading

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Jack is feeling better

This weekend Jim helped me do a bit of repair work on Jack.  More accurately, Jim did the work and I held his nuts (heh heh). After the infamous Parking Deck Incident (my note stayed up more than a week … Continue reading

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Suck it, Krieux Dieux Vieux!

We can do parades up here, too.  And OURS are in below freezing temperatures! Ok, so maybe we don’t quite get the turnout that Nawlins parades get– or the caliber of floats.  But you try putting together something and then … Continue reading

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Funnies on Friday

Before I get to the cartoons, I have to relate something that happened to me in the shower this morning. If you are like me, then you condition your hair about once a week— if at all.  And when you … Continue reading

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I’m a Project Runway GAY

Lord knows how I survived for 8 years without Bravo! Seriously, all the time I lived in North Carolina, I eschewed Cable Television as I viewed it as far too expensive.  It was a damn luxury!  And after all, why … Continue reading

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CD Release Party (in my pants!)

First, the meme: You are in a band. Your band is about to release their first CD. Now, follow these directions to build it. Go to 1. The first article title on the page is the name of your … Continue reading

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Sauna Updates

Ok, so some strange things are afoot at the Circle K– only instead of Circle K I really mean the sauna at the Y where I work out. Things I have seen recently include (but are not limited to): Dodge … Continue reading

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Fun with iPhone

It was a bit chilly this weekend up in Minneapolis.  And by chilly, I mean the temperature didn’t get above zero, and wind chills were in the -25° range. Brr. This was the weather I had been dreading- but truth … Continue reading

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