Hot, Wet and Wild Weekend!

This past weekend was like a “Girls Gone Wild” video– but with mostly boys.  And no alcohol.  And no real lewd behavior.  But lots of sweat.

Yes, it was another full weekend of “band camp”, and once again the weather cooperated wonderfully.


According to the meterologists as late as Friday night, it was supposed to be partly cloudy, humid and mid-80’s on Saturday.  And a sweltering 90 on Sunday.  Aka “Summer Drum Corps weather”.

Saturday started in the 50’s in the morning, and then the thunderstorms came.  By mid-afternoon it was finally sunny, incredibly windy and 80.

Sunday started with clouds and sprinkles, but was in the 70’s with high humidity.  The sun and sultriness finally hit at the very end of our hard weekend right when we were marching and playing the most.


So, in short the weather was wild, we got wet, and by the end it was so hot most of the shirts came off (both boys AND girls).  Yup, there was a LOT of flesh out there– and LOTS of ink!


Many of the horn players (boys AND girls) have tattoos.  So do the guard members.  But damn if our percussion section isn’t inked up galore!

Best of all, even my favorite inked-up, ginger, straight crush took his shirt off.  At that point, it became very difficult to concentrate on my marching

Even with the weather difficulties and the insanely hard work, I must admit it was a great weekend!  We now have the entire show learned and have marched it with playing.

Personally I am comfortable enough with it all that I can play and march the whole fucking thing with only minimal errors.  W00t on THAT suckas!

(Did I use ‘w00t’ appropriately there?)

The Minnesota Brass show  this year (entitled “Caravan”) is da SHIT!  It’s fast-paced, crazy hard, mentally and physically exhausing, and a chop buster– but a  DAMN good drum corps show. 

Not just a DCA ‘senior corps’ show, either.  I’m talking a ballz-out show that will more than hold its own against some really good DCI corps.

I’m not saying this just because I happen to be marching this year either.  As several can attest, I have insanely high standards for artistic endeavors.  With drum corps (because it’s a passion of mine) I’m even MORE demanding.

Our drill designers and music team have really come up with an outstanding concept and design this year.  It’s the most difficult show that Minnesota Brass has ever fielded, too.

The fact that we have it learned before Memorial Day and can start cleaning/perfecting it has me really stoked!  I am definitely excited now for the season to start.

Our first performance is gonna seriously blow some minds.

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4 Responses to Hot, Wet and Wild Weekend!

  1. CitizenKurt says:

    ARRRGHH all this talk of ink and no pics?? Whats wrong with you mister? Can you at least get a pic of the ginger next time? PLEASE? I love your life!

  2. Cubby says:

    I’m curious how many other ‘mos are in the corps with you.

  3. truthspew says:

    In any group just take a count and do a 5 percent thing.

    So in a group of 50 approximately 2.5 are more likely than not gay.

    It holds in most places. In one office I was at there were 250 people. I knew of 11 of us that were gay.

  4. rg says:

    Did you take your shirt off, or were you too embarrassed by your Hello Kitty Sports Bra?

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