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Li’l Bastard Comix (happy b-day kyle edition)

I cam hear y’all now, “Yay. The comix are back.” And they are. I left a delicious Dennis the MenAss for you to caption. Channel your best inner bitch for it!!

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Look Who’s Bastarding!

Gosh- the glamour shots brought out the comments!! 41?? I think that’s a blog record for me! There were lots of honourables for the lovely trio. I liked bstewarts “siouxie and the man-shes”, Jeffs shout out for big brothers big … Continue reading

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Oh… Too Soon?

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Watching Me Read “the Watchmen”

I am feverishly trying to finish “the Watchmen” before the movie comes out. It IS one of Time magazines top 100 books of all time, ya know! Well, even though I actually purchased it several weeks ago with nothing but … Continue reading

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I hate being ill

Sorry there was no post yesterday. I was in bed most of the day feeling like shit. I blame the Oscars, naturally. I mean, there’s only so much self-congratulation interspersed with bad musical montages that one can safely stomach. Evidently … Continue reading

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Glamour Shots III (in 3-D)

I know we all have grown to love the Li’l Bastard Comix on Fridays.  But sometimes I need a break.  And so I give you more Glamour Shots! Like fools, people just keep posting new pictures online, so who am … Continue reading

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Who’s a Li’l Bastard??

Danger Ahead is a li’l bastard!!! Yes, Mr Danger won this weeks contest. I love the tampon commercial feel! Which isn’t to say y’all didn’t make the decision difficult. Honourable mentions go to Robbie, Gooster, and Kyle!! (And just so … Continue reading

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Rabid Wednesday

I woke up in sort of a foul mood today, and coffee isn’t helping. So I’ve decided to rant rabidly about things that are bothering me. The following are all things I’ve decided need to be crotch-kicked or dick-punched. OCTOMOM: … Continue reading

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Reconnection Disconnect

This year, I’ve been making a concerted effort to communicate and/or reconnect with friends. Especially old friends. Even though I detest Facebook, I have had some interesting “ghosts of exes past” contact me. It’s always fantastic to hear how they … Continue reading

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Okami Obsessed

I’m not a video gamer, really I’m not. I think it’s my patience level. Games that have a more of a story arc than, say, Wii tennis just aren’t for me. I like the wham-bam, let’s play again type games. … Continue reading

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