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Lookin’ for Love…

… I mean “Condos”. In all the wrong places. So, I did the mortgage preapproval thing through my bank. The good news is that I am approved for more than enough to cover what I am looking for. The bad … Continue reading

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Allergic to Gayness

Boy are my allergies going nuts today! They started in earnest that night, and I think it was an allergic reaction to all “the gay”. It was Pride weekend here, so I had loads of gay exposure. Too much, really. … Continue reading

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Pride BBQs

Wow, look who’s a social butterfly! I am invited to no less than THREE Pride BBQ’s this weekend!  And I did two of them last night (and miraculously am none the worse for wear today). BBQ #1 was with “the … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (celebrity death edition)

Here are the comix this week. Hope I get a few “too soons” from ya! And remember to bastardize that last one– what’s little Billy asking his mum? Enjoy.

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That Little Bastard!

Great captions as always my peeps!  But props this week go out to the following: Dead Robot for the screwdriver “sounding”… ewww! Mathias in Oz for ‘nearly’ winning with his fresh from the Matrix comment. But the winner is Evilganome … Continue reading

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Tramsformers 2…

… Electric Bugaloo. Well, I saw the new Transformers movie last night. In IMAX no less. My one sentence review? Meh. (And now to expand on that review with only one teeny spoiler which I will warn you about ahead … Continue reading

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Why I Like Drum Corps…

And it’s not just because I’m a band fag, either. First of all, Drum and Bugle corps basically represent the pinnacle of the marching & music “medium”. I’m not about to call it a sport, like competitve cheerleaders do. It’s … Continue reading

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A Pussy Says What?

Wow is it HOT here in the Twin Cities! Today it’s supposed to hit the upper 90’s. With like a bajillion percent humidity thrown in for added pleasure. This totally reminds me of North Carolina summers… but without rednecks and … Continue reading

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Drum Beauty…

That was the name for the Drum and Bugle Corps show that I saw in Stillwater on Saturday night. Kind of a lame name… but a good night! This is still very early in the season– technically this was only … Continue reading

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Down the Bastard Hole…

It’s time for another Li’l Bastard Comix installment. And as a special treat this week, BILLY drew the Family Circus. Tres droll!

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