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Erick Update

It’s been about a week and a half since LA and Erick and I have indeed remained in communication. We have actually been texting. A lot. And also FaceTiming. For hours. What the fucking fuck am I doing?? He’s 1,975 … Continue reading

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As many of you know, I live in a loft condo. My windows, while facing south and offering some bit of a view, also face the commercial side of my building. And this morning (for the first time ever) I … Continue reading

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Well, I’m back to work. Blah. Whatever. The weekend was much needed, but I’m still in a bit of a funk. Even the Aquatennial fireworks couldn’t quite pull me out of it. The maniacal laughter you hear is me- because … Continue reading

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Happy Friday B*holes!

I’m back and so are they! The comix! Enjoy! P.S. For that one, I kept the original caption and just subbed in the one letter really.

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Shape Memory

Have you ever seen shape memory alloys? They’re pretty cool pieces of metallurgical engineering. You can distort them, and then by changing temperature, they go back to their original set shape: I think the same phenomenon happens in people, to … Continue reading

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Ego Boost

What was I so worried about before going to LA? I don’t know- I stress about the unknown. A lot. And since I’d never interacted with other gay choirs before, I just didn’t know what to expect. A welcoming environment? … Continue reading

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A Perfect Day

Have you ever had one of those days that is just epically wonderful from the moment you wake up that morning until the moment you drift off that night? A day that takes on an almost magical quality that you … Continue reading

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Well, I’m nearly ready for my Cali adventure. I’m tying up lots of loose ends at work, got my clothing figured out, I have a relaxing massage tonight, and have wrapped my head around the trip. I think. As much … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Walk

These represent a chronological catalog of things I saw on my walk today: Oh, and as a PS, I snapped this one as I was leaving rehearsal last night:

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Theme Song

Thanks to actually clicking and watching a random video post on my FB wall, I have found a new theme song to kick: Cuz I got a lot of junk in the trunk– no whut I sayin’?

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