These are 21 Things

1)  I am NOT a morning person, unless someone else is LESS a morning person, then I am.

2)  I can cook Indian food (especially aromatic yellow rice and gujarati green beans)

3)  I am a HUGE drum and bugle corps geek

4)  I listen to NPR daily, and love ‘Wait Wait don’t tell me”

5)  If I could find out a way to make money being lazy, I’d be rich

6)  I read a lot of fiction novels– especially Pulitzer Prize stuff

7)  I drive a yellow and black MINI Cooper named “Jack”– short for yellow jacket

8)  I’m a decent volleyball player– and love to play setter

9)   I have three iPods

10)  and three trombones

11)  and 20 watches

12)  I love shopping at thrift stores for clothing

13)  I have sort of a kinky side– with a fetish for all men leather-clad

14)  I love to travel but hate the act of ‘travelling’

15)  I love churches but hate “Church”

16)  Sick pets and sick children make me cry faster than anything

17)  I went to a Big 10 school and love Big 10 Sports

18)  Chicago is my favorite city in the world and I’ll always feel at home there

19)   Never get into a waterwar with me in a pool– I’m just sayin’

20)  I am slow to anger, but when I boil over I become a rotten puke

21)  A man who can make me laugh just once with reckless abandon will get my heart every time

11 Responses to These are 21 Things

  1. Steve says:

    thanks for the laughfarts so early on a weekend morning!
    btw, *SNOG*

  2. romach says:

    I think your so great! I really really like you.

  3. H. says:


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  4. Thom says:

    And I’m following you. TOTALLY in love with every post I’ve read so far.

    Thank you for the grin on my face, and looking forward to the next post!


  5. Is that one of those Supermoist mixes from Betty Crocker?

  6. that comment was supposed to go somewhere else…..

  7. Jon says:

    Are the 21 things new or revised after all this time?

  8. c says:

    Hello sir! I have no idea who you are yet I’ve stumbled upon your blog at 3:33am after a long weird night (as we all often do) and the three posts I’ve read were pretty enjoyable and gave me some neat things to think about. Thanks to you sir, the weirdness of this night shall continue and I’ll also have the Wait Wait theme song stuck in my head for a bit, which will inevitably revisit how sheerly irritated I am by legen-goddamn-dary anchorman Bill Curtis and how much I miss our sweet beautiful muse Carl Kasell. He remains a friend and an inspiration to us all.

    Very best to you, good sir. I wish you jolly good cheer in your trombone playing and mangina adventures.


  9. john wills says:

    22. You use people and then lose them

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