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Fat Princess

Some game designer for Sony Playstation has announced their new “Fat Princess” game.  The name of the game and the fact that it involves a princess too hefty to move has feminists everywhere up in arms.  To which I say … Continue reading

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Nothing says “You’re Fat” like…

… blowing out another bike tire. Yes, my fat ass managed to assassinate yet another rear bike tire.  Only this time the victim wasn’t the cursed fold-up bike, it was my old mountain bike. Fuck you, innertube! I was about two-thirds done … Continue reading

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Cheeky Wednesday

Or perhaps Mr. Stewart over at This. That. No Other would call this “green wednesday”. I consider this image MSFW (mostly safe for work).  It’s only marginally naughtier than the JC Penney male underwear ads that we all jacked off … Continue reading

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“Ghetto” Defined.

You’ve heard of the moving company “Two Guys and a Truck” right? Well, how about “Two Guys and a Caddy”? Yes, this disaster was shadowing me all the way home during my drive yesterday.  Thank goodness I was able to … Continue reading

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Man-ties on Parade

Ok, so here’s the next in the “new underwear” series. I know I said that all of the recent purchases were green… well, these are a greyish color with a green stripe at the waistband (to keep the theme running). … Continue reading

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Green “Man-ties”

Evidently the green underwear wasn’t a big seller.  All of the new undies I got recently were some form of green (army green, moss green, kelly green, etc). As requested, here is a casual shot of me sporting the kelly … Continue reading

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Sauna Etiquette

This post is being prompted by something that happened the other day at my gym.  I really should’ve made this a video post, but I just didn’t have the energy this weekend. On Friday, I had done my second, vigorous … Continue reading

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Camera Experiments

Kyle and I visited the Japanese Gardens at the Como Conservatory in Saint Paul on Saturday.  I took my camera to get in some practice before my Alaska trip.  Most of my time was spent trying to get close up … Continue reading

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L.B.C. T.G.I.F. ed

Phew.  Another week just about over, and I’m tired!  You get a minimal Family Croak-us edition today.  But first, the winner of the New Yorker caption contest from last week. There were definitely some good entries.  Evilganome scored 1st runner … Continue reading

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

Guess where I was last night? No, I wasn’t in “heaven” getting nailed by a trucker- I was at the Science Museum at the Star Wars exhibit!  Kyle, Scooty, Shannon and I  (Scooty is a good friend of Kyle’s and Shannon is Scooty’s roommate) … Continue reading

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