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Gay Information Series– Self Portraits and You!

As I alluded to on Wednesday, I felt it necessary to do a public service blogpost concerning the “don’ts” of hookup app self-portraits.  Specifically Grindr pics. But there are offenders on all the gay websites. Guys- if you are going … Continue reading

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Bad Gay Erotic Fiction

What is it with the prevalence of bad, gay erotic fiction? And I mean REALLY bad.  No romance.  No subtlety.  It’s all cock, balls, ass humping and jizz dumping.  And yes, I suppose that type of Penthouse Letters style has … Continue reading

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Sauna Etiquette

This post is being prompted by something that happened the other day at my gym.  I really should’ve made this a video post, but I just didn’t have the energy this weekend. On Friday, I had done my second, vigorous … Continue reading

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I don’t know much…

… but I know I love yoooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooou. I’m in total lust with Pete Kuzak. When people ask me what “my type” is, this is pretty much the image that forms in my head.  Notice I didn’t say “the type that … Continue reading

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You asked for it…

That’s right.  My new harness came in the mail today.  It was a good bargain on eBay… and it fits.  It’s snug, but I haven’t maxxed out any of the straps.  So it should work well. Wiiii. This is me … Continue reading

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Prison Sex

The names and places in this story have been blurred to protect the innocent.  Namely me. This is as close as I’ve ever come to having “prison sex” without actually being in prison.  How can this be “prison sex” then, I … Continue reading

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Gay Buddhism and You

I finally did another “information series video”, this time on the joys of gay culture as it relates to body image.  Had I been on top of my game, I would have called it Gay BODdhism.  But alas this puntastic … Continue reading

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Shameless Self Promotion

Brett Cajun put out an A.P.B. for a “Jiggy Dance Whore-Off” (peauxrt deaux or something equally cajunish) all hosted and posted on his blog (see my blogroll if you need another link). What is a Jiggy Dance, you ask?  Well, … Continue reading

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H.I.S. on How to Lose a Guy

Hey bitchuz.  Here is the next in my Homo Information Series.  This one is on how to lose a guy in 7 ways.  I’m all caffeinated and sorta goofy, and thus should effectively make everyone who watches this turn their … Continue reading

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Bears and YOU!

Another in my “gay information series”. Hope you enjoy. Should be ‘safe for work’ viewing.

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