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Gay Information Series– Self Portraits and You!

As I alluded to on Wednesday, I felt it necessary to do a public service blogpost concerning the “don’ts” of hookup app self-portraits.  Specifically Grindr pics. But there are offenders on all the gay websites. Guys- if you are going … Continue reading

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So Completely NSFW

Ok… BIG disclaimer, here. This is a NAUGHTY post that contains a LOT of adult male nudity. I mean a LOT. Not MY nudity… heavens no.  But a seriously large amount of nudity nonetheless. Disclaimer over. This weekend I finally … Continue reading

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Fun with cameraphones!

I do rather enjoy having a cell phone with a camera.  If only the iPhone’s camera were a touch better. Here are some fun moments that I’ve captured recently. Obviously this was taken a little while ago.  The iPhone camera … Continue reading

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And now for the pictures…

This is my last post on Alaska. I won’t bore you with any more from the great white north. Here are some of the better pictures I managed to take with my little Sony camera. All of these were shot … Continue reading

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Camera Experiments

Kyle and I visited the Japanese Gardens at the Como Conservatory in Saint Paul on Saturday.  I took my camera to get in some practice before my Alaska trip.  Most of my time was spent trying to get close up … Continue reading

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NYC: part dos

So- enough of that maudlin shit, right? This post will be all architectural pictures and crap.  Stuff that I just quickly snapped on my walkabout through Manhattan.  And when I say “walkabout”–fuck did we walk!  Saturday we basically trotted from … Continue reading

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There’s always room for Glamour!

People keep uploading these for some reason, which is just like supplying an addict with fresh crack.  I just couldn’t help myself! And here I thought you had to be shitfaced to attempt the Amy Winehouse look. “Can we hurry … Continue reading

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Symmetry = Beauty?

Do you ever notice a lack of bilateral symmetry when you look at someone? Maybe not a complete lack of symmetry, but maybe something is out of place.  The nose is crooked.  One eye is a bit different from the other.  One … Continue reading

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Close Subjects

Ok- I’m totally geeked about my new camera now. I have one of them thar fancy Sony Cybershots (DSC-H3). Its sort of a “so advanced, its simple– unless you don’t read the manual” type camera. And since I’m not one … Continue reading

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