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Da Comix!

Li’l Bastard Comix are here!! Family Jerkus sucked this week, so you get a slightly different mix. And as for the last one? What shitty snarky thing I the guru saying to Ziggy??

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Imma Spew Bastard On Ya

Caption contest honourable go to: Alex for the Connie chung bit, Michael for the circus tent, and Ultradave for the camel toe. But the win this week goes to—- Truthspew! Namely because it made me envision Loretta trying to wear … Continue reading

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Sexy Stud Senyru (travelers)

Bearded, baseball capped… What brings you to Chicago? Alas, no “Craig” stalls. ūüė¶

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Why-ku Wednesday (Indigestion)

Chi-town style Burger Half pound plus four bacon slabs… My left arm hurts, y’all.

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Day Trip

Work is sending me to our Chicago facility for the day. It’s not as glamourous as it may sound. I’m sat here at the airport at 6 am, waiting for my flight. I fly home at 5 pm. In and … Continue reading

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Houston, we have Bangkok!

This past Saturday, I¬†spent the entire day at¬†Band Camp. Before I get into the meat of the recap, I want to point out that technically I was at “Corps Camp”– not “Band Camp”.¬† There’s a difference. Bands have woodwinds (clarinets, … Continue reading

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Comix Friday

I know, I know kittens. I’m a bit late today. But it’s been quite busy around here. But here they are– the L’il Bastard Comix for the week. And don’t forget to bastardize the last one with something truly hateful!

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Dusty Ol’ Bastard

The caption contest winner this week was also the first one to turn one in: Dustin! Selected for his Rocky Horror reference.

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I just love the word “derelict”. Whenever I hear it (or use it) it conjures up visions from the movie Aliens– mainly because the word is used to describe the alien spacecraft a lot. Ripley:¬† I already told you, it … Continue reading

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Why-Ku Wednesday– Glee.

It was “spectacle” But no “testicles” last night. This makes cb sad. _______________________________________________________________________ So. The big, huge ‘everyone’s-been-waiting-for-this-moment’ Glee MADONNA episode¬†aired last night.¬† Squeeee, right? Hmm.¬† More like it ‘erred’ last night. *GASP* I know, right?¬† How DARE I badmouth … Continue reading

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