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Why-ku Wednesday

John Phillips tapped that… Mick JAGGER tapped that pig, too. Charity fucking???

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Stuck in the Middle…

Last Friday I randomly chose to go to the Eagle for happy hour. It had been a shitty week and I felt I needed some beer and to be snubbed by downtown gays. After being snubbed for an hour or … Continue reading

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Reader Ink

I know I asked for reader ink submissions like a decade ago, but it’s been a busy week people.  And I was out of town all last weekend, too, remember. Truth be told, I was expecting more pics– I know … Continue reading

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What Hath Beyonce Wrought?

Another fuckin’ GAYBY! Really???  The kids choreography was a mess and his hand movements were all over the place!  What was he thinking? Oh, and thanks parents.  If little baby Corey isn’t gay now, he’ll become one in junior high … Continue reading

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L.B.C. (back on track after a shitty week edition)

I hope you enjoy these today. It was har to wedge them in with work majorly sucking Please remember to be bastards and caption le last one!  

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Joys of Yesterday

Wow was yesterday a shitty shitty day. Started at 5:30 am. Ended after midnight when I got home. Thousands of feet of ‘widgets’ manually sorted. Customer pissed. And then there was the 10 hours of car travel. With “Kurt”. Kurt … Continue reading

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This Little Bastard Drinks Coffee

Hey, short caption week. Sorry about that. Lots of good entries, bu our winner this week comes from a shorttime reader- first time commenter. Cawfeeguy! (over at Thats So Gay). Congrats- I think your caption captures her look brilliantly.

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Hellish day update…

The ride has been pretty hellish all things considered. He has used the phrase “Jew them down” in my presence. He also sort of defended Michelle Bachman. Oh, and I now have to sort parts at our customer in SoDak. … Continue reading

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Wish Me Luck…

I’m travelling for work today. 8 hours in a car, trapped with my company’s most outspoken, right winger. It will take all my strength not to grab the wheel and force us to drive into a brick wall if he … Continue reading

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Cedar Point Review

Damn did I have fun at Cedar Point!!! I love getting together with this group.  They get my humor and 3 days is too short a time for me to wear them out.  So subsequently we laugh a LOT… which … Continue reading

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