Joys of Yesterday

Wow was yesterday a shitty shitty day.

Started at 5:30 am. Ended after midnight when I got home. Thousands of feet of ‘widgets’ manually sorted. Customer pissed.

And then there was the 10 hours of car travel.

With “Kurt”.

Kurt is a hypocritical bigot, a staunch republican, and… Swedish (yikes!!) In addition to his wonderful “Jew him down” comment, here are some other gems:

– wind power is just a tax writeoff and isn’t a good energy solution

– what’s wrong with CO2? Plants need it to survive.

– coal fired plants are still the best source of power

– don’t want to run out of gas by this Indian reservation, we might get scalped

– al Franken is a joke and is in a conspiracy with Amy klobeshar to not give interviews

– the Obama administration is only giving money to democrats and democratic counties

– black people are the worst, especially on Jerry Springer

– Obama is getting what he deserves cause he’s inheriting the democratically run mortgage institution problem

– The Obama administration needs to stop spending all this money because it will bankrupt the US

– My wife and I got a sweet “cash for clunkers” deal on this Honda Civic.

– saabs are a real feat of engineering and were the best car out there until GM fucked tem up

– I fuckin hate cats. What a totally worthless creature.

Oh there was more. So much more, but I honestly tuned a lot of it out.


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17 Responses to Joys of Yesterday

  1. Teaser says:

    This guy is just a dickhead.

    No assuming, no guessing. I’ve decided I don’t like him at all.

    Does he talk out of his arse or what?

  2. A Lewis says:

    So, what were your comments to him? That I’d be interested in. What’dya say you and I get Kurt and tie him down and and and and and

  3. Jim says:

    Just look at it like this – you are burning off some bad karma. Now your slate is clean.

  4. sean says:

    Wow…it’s like Joe.My.God.’s blog come to life. I bet you were fit for some good hard fucking !

  5. I hope you don’t have a day like this for a long time!

  6. Jim says:

    So you tuned a lot of it out as you were looking at his crotch, right?

    I would not have been able to keep silent like you did, I would’ve said something to shut him up.

  7. truthspew says:

    Actually he’s correct about the Saab’s. I believe GM is selling it to an investor group. Hopefully they’ll get it right.

    Fortunately Ford didn’t completely screw up Volvo.

    That said, your co-worker sounds like a real piece of work and typical Fox News viewer.

  8. John says:

    I don’t know exactly what industry you are in, but where I work (or any IT org I’ve ever worked in) somebody who felt free to go on about how bad black people are to his coworkers would pretty quickly find himself the subject of HR complaints and probably on plan and/or out of a job before the company got sued.

    Just sayin’.

    • Tony P says:

      That’s because I.T. Pro’s have a very logical view of the world. We also have exquisitely tuned bullshit meters.

      I know, I’ve been in I.T. for most of the last 20 years.

      When someone is an idiot or asshole, we basically wall them off.

      Kind of how I lost one job. I in so many words told the Admin director she was stupid. We had moved our office prior to the new administration and I did the due diligence for the moving company.

      Got stories from other state agencies, and references from the moving companies. One story from another state agency was that the moving company dropped an entire rack of servers off the back of the truck.

      It got to the point towards the end where I wouldn’t even deal with the admin director. It was also to the point that the other systems guy wouldn’t deal with her either.

      And the agency had only insured for equipment loss, not data loss.

      And who was in charge of that move? The person who was now the Admin director.

  9. RG says:

    Good Lord CB! Have you finally been able to glue the two halves of your head back together, you know, after it exploded?

  10. Chris Grace says:

    OH MY GOD! What a tool? I love how he both said “gov’t wasting money” and ‘we used cash for clunkers’.

    oh well…

  11. Jeff says:

    You could of had a conversation with him. Mention how Global warming is just a myth, even though the poles are melting. And don’t forget how the President is a Communist and a Nazi, even though they fought a really bad war about different ideals.

    OK. he did make one (only one) good point. The mortgage mess is directly attributable to the Democrats.

  12. CawfeeGuy says:

    OMG i LOVE right-wing shitheads! my head would’ve exploded by the time we left the parking lot. congrats on not jumping out of the moving car!

  13. Blobby says:

    Ok – I have no idea what kind of company you work for, or their HR policies, but I would not stand for that kind of shit.

    At the very least, when not trapped in a car with him, I’d tell him to shut the fuck up and no one wants to hear him.

    It’d probably only shut him up for a minute, but it’s at least 60 seconds of silence.

  14. Alex says:

    Christ, I’d ask my manager for a comp day! That asswipe was “creating a hostile work environment” and got you all stressed out, which affects your performance. That’s got to be worth a comp day…

    Next time, nuke the bastard.

  15. Rudda says:

    which of those comments was wrong???

  16. I’d have said “pull over. One of us needs to be in a different car.” Then I’d be calling a meeting with him and my boss to explain why I refuse to travel with him ever again.

    He’s a nasty guy. Nasty.

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