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Enormous Testicles

I saw this lad wandering about at Burger King. What I really wanted was to see if this was false advertising.  I was tempted to ask his girlfriend, but thought that it might be considered bad form.  Especially since his … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (superbowl edition)

Time for another week ending comix spree! And the last one that is yours to bastardize?? SOOOO easy! Total softball! So I expect lots of goodness this week!

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And the Bastard is…

Steve– over at “Travelling But Not In Love”!!! (Honourable mentions to Heat and Kevin). Don’t think I chose Steve because of my anglophilia. I just happen to love a good George Michael slam!

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What is the Sound of One Ham Slapping?

When I’m bored at work (hey, it happens) sometimes I play the Alphabet Game with Chris over at “As Seen From Up Here”. We play through gtalk. Gameplay: choose a topic (usually dirty), start with the letter “a” and alternately … Continue reading

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Sexy Stud Senryu #Jason

TV knows of my undying love for Jason Varitek. He is probably my number one sports crush– followed closely by Adam Vinatieri. So after receiving the picture below from RG, I decided to offer up this senryu: Diamond warrior Gladly … Continue reading

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It has been well documented that I’m an absolute whore for all things British. Or for things with a British accent at the very least. I drive a MINI Cooper and would love to have an original one (right hand … Continue reading

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The New Kitteh

On saturday, Ii went to an adoption event put on by the Angels of Mercy shelter. And i came home with a roommate. Phoebe (my newly adopted cat) and I spent the whole of this past weekend adjusting to each … Continue reading

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Sexy Stud Senryu #311

Cute, crazy kicker Life of party, crackin’ jokes Keep showin’ your stuff!

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Time for the comix!

It’s Li’l Bastard time again, kiddies. Hope you enjoy this weeks putridity. And remember– as always the last one is yours to bastardize!

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Jimmy’s a Bastard!

That’s right, Jimmy from “My Big Fat Lazy Blog” has won this weeks caption contest!! (honourable mention to Mathias in Oz)

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