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Drum Corps Update

I’m very concerned about this season. Things feel so chaotic and disorganized this year. I know that’s sort of the show theme, but it shouldn’t carry over to rehearsals and management. We are still loading and unloading horns from a … Continue reading

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Failure to Launch…

… My counter “offensive”, that is. I had an offer last night to, erm, have some fun. In my bedroom. Around 10 pm or so. Loudly. I was sorta looking forward to it. Not just for the obvious reasons, but … Continue reading

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When You’re Feeling Bored or Blue….

Recently I saw a meme of sorts where people answered what you do to counteract certain things (feeling sick, mad, etc). Which cued up this little gem from my past: I’m thankfully not really a bored/blue snacker. My problem is … Continue reading

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Diff’rent Comix

Hi. Well, this week I’m going non a slightly different direction with the comix– classic comic book (and/or funny pages) panels! But first– the win from last week goes to Kelly! Feliz congrateanos! And now for some different flavor: And … Continue reading

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I got nuthin….

I was hoping to have a small announcement today, but alas.

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N.S.F.Why-ku Wednesday

Fifty Shades of what? German tit engineering “Take from me my lace…”

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

I made an interesting discovery last night. What I had originally thought were my upstairs neighbors having loud sex, turns out to be my shared wall neighbors instead! Well well! I was in bed early last night, and as I … Continue reading

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Where I work is a Union facility and the new 3-year contract was being voted on this past Saturday. If the contract had been rejected, the workers would have gone on strike and I’d be preparing to run manufacturing equipment … Continue reading

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Andalay! Andalay! Arriba! Arriba!! It’s that time again– time for Li’l B’hole Comix!! First up, it’s last week’s cation contest winner……. Dustin!! And now for this weeks. Because I’ve been criticized for being to “obvious” (obvious meaning sexual, I think) … Continue reading

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Goldberg Variations (NSFW)

As many of you who read this blog know, one of my “guilty pleasures” in life is watching Pro Wrestling. I don’t watch it all the time, but if I stumble across it while channel surfing, I almost always stop … Continue reading

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