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State Fair 2009

Once again, the Minnesota State Fair lived down up to all expectations.  Kyle, Scott and I decided that this Sunday was destined to be the day for our visit.  It was a cool and sunny day, and it sure brought … Continue reading

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Birthday Prezzies…

I got to thinking last night about my 40th year and how I’ve celebrated. Technically, I’ve given myself a pretty darn good haul of prezzies! Here is a short list of things I have bought or done for myself this … Continue reading

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L.B.C. (40 year old bastard edition)

It’s time for the comix!! And I have a lovely Family Jerkus for you to bastardize! Do your worst!

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Somewhere, Over The Bastard…

I likey all your dirty minds on the caption contest! But, there can only be one. And Stephen, you aren’t it– although I enjoyed the Roman Shower thing! This week, the win goes to Mathias in Oz’s very own Matthew!!

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16 Candles…

Plus 24 more candles equals…?   Anyone?  Buehller??  Yes, lordy lordy look who turned 40! Yesterday. For kind of a ‘big number’ birthday, it was a real non-event and basically forgotten/overlooked by nearly everyone.  So I think I’m going to use my little blog … Continue reading

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Why-ku Wednesday

Burning up the track South Africa’s teenage star You go, boy! Or… girl?

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What Grinds My Gears…

You know what Really grinds my gears? When I accepted my job offer at my current place of employment, there were several ‘perks’ in place as part of the deal: -Free lunch and coffee -Christmas bonuses -Free medical and dental … Continue reading

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Just Another ‘Man-dick’ Monday

Okay, so I “doctored” the photo a bit…

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Like Sands Through the Hourglass….

Britain has some whiny, drunk, ugly bitch belting out Les Miz.  America has… who the fuck knows?  Probably some jheri curled dance troup. And this was the winner from Ukraine’s Got Talent.  And what a pretty fuckin’ cool and unusual … Continue reading

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I’m Such a Whore…

… For ACCESSORIES! I love accessories. Man bags, watches, shoes, belts… And glasses. Yesterday I went to Lenscrafters to get my glasses fixed up a bit, and ended up with a brand spankin’ new pair. In all fairness, Kyle actually … Continue reading

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