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Why-ku Wednesday (gag me edition)

Making soybeans worse I’d rather eat choc’late turds Why, Trader Joes? Why??

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iPad Fever…

Yeah, I have the fever for the flavor of an iPad. I have NOT pre-ordered one.  Yet.  I seriously want to check them out physically before committing to anything.  I’m also not wild about the price ($499 for only 16 gig– and … Continue reading

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One Time… At Band Camp…

I had a big drum corps camp on Sunday. This was our first outdoor camp and first full corps camp. It was 35 degrees when we started the day…. …Which made the whole day like some crazy Deja vu. It … Continue reading

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New Ahrt! New Ahrt!

On Friday I got my new artwork! SQUEEEEE! Yup, I purchased the Prometheus piece, and it is now proudly on display on my ‘ahrt wall’.  The thing is HUGE– and it gives me some much needed vertical presence in my … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix

Here you go, you lucky beyotches! I hope you enjoy this week’s installments. And have fun gettin all bastardy on the last one!

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DB… Da Bastard

Great entries this week, folks! I had options to do thought bubbles, Renaissance faires, piss flaps and more. But I decided to keep it simple and leave it to your imagination… Congrats DBB on the win!

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They Actually Printed It!!

I’ve recently discovered the joys of CafePress Not only do they have a huge selection of slogan-y and fun t-shirts, but you can also make your own!! In the customize section, you can type your own slogans in a variety … Continue reading

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Wednesday Rant (American Idol)

What.  THE Fuck.  Is up with American Idol? It’s bad this year.  Really bad.  Haitian earthquake bad.  “We are the World: the remake” bad! I began my boycott at the very start of the season this year, and it has held … Continue reading

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Things That Tickle Me

So I had some free time the other day and managed to, erm, “find” these teaser shots from: Sex In The City  *clop clop* “Hay Girlfriend!”  (heh,hey… hay) Unfortunately for Cynthia, the publicist needed a photo of Sarah’s “good” side. … Continue reading

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Gay Lovin’ on the Census

So, I filled out my census form yesterday.  I was SO excited for the damn thing like a week ago, and now? Big fuckin’ whoop. I must say, I was thoroughly disappointed with the Census form.  Here I was hoping it … Continue reading

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