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Resolutions 2008

I am a firm believer in making New Year’s Resolutions. I mean, why not?  I think its good to set goals for your life, and the start of a new year is as good a kickoff date as any.  This … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Friday Puppyblogging

Oh… what the heck.  Everybody’s doin’ it! My father and Stepmother have a Newfie named Max.  This is him. Max is gentle and sweet and basically a big, black, melancholy teddybear.  All he does is schlep around the house from one … Continue reading

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The world is flat.

Or it sure seems that way- especially where I grew up. I spent most of my formative years smack-dab in the center of Iowa (that’s the state to the left of Illinois and below Minnesota for the geographically challenged).  While … Continue reading

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Boxing Day

Seeing as how its the day after Christmas, I should tidy this blog up a bit. Sorry about the lack of posts, but I got quite sick last Wednesday.  Probably because I wrote that rather snarky post about Santa replying … Continue reading

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Santa Replies…

Dear Daryn, What the FUCK is up with your spelling and your grammar?  Christ!  It took me over an hour just to decipher what you wanted… and that’s an hour Santa could’ve spent drinking.  Just for that I’ll be bringing you the … Continue reading

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Making Holiday Memories

The holidays always seem to be the time for making new memories.  Here are two. Kyle and I went to see the Golden Compass the other week.  While in line for refreshments prior to the flick, we were stuck behind … Continue reading

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cb channels his inner teen girl

I love Blake Lewis. You know… Blake?  From American Idol.  Last season’s 1st runner-up and ready to accept the AmIdol crown and duties in case the winner (Jordin Sparks) gets too fat to perform. Here’s a picture of Blake being kinda sexy: Mmmm, … Continue reading

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Seven Deadly Memes

Ok, I’m creating this Meme- although I’m sure there is one nearly exactly like it out there somewhere.  The questions are derived from the seven deadly sins, of course.  You get points for creativity in your answers.  Oh, and by … Continue reading

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Ten Things Meme

I got tagged with a Meme– yet another 10 Questions.  So if memes haven’t driven you over the edge yet, maybe this one will effectively push you into going on a shooting rampage at a mall… 1. When you were born, how … Continue reading

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Hot Hunk Haiku # 1142

  Lose the “Faith”, Timmy Let ME hop on and ride your Bull named Fu-Manchu

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