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Reader’s Guide to Understanding ‘cb’

Disclaimer:  this blog post may contain high levels of sarcasm.  Any individuals who are pregnant, have a heart condition, or are otherwise overy sensitive to snarky behavior will want to take appropriate precautions before continuing to read. It has come … Continue reading

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There’s always room for Glamour!

People keep uploading these for some reason, which is just like supplying an addict with fresh crack.  I just couldn’t help myself! And here I thought you had to be shitfaced to attempt the Amy Winehouse look. “Can we hurry … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix Friday

Here are my little gems for today.  Hope you enjoy.  If you don’t you can eat my butt out with a fork, assholes. (I’m in a very “Heathers” place today) (for the less Family Circus initiated, Barfy is/was the name … Continue reading

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American Schmidol

It pains me to admit, but I’m actually watching this crap. And it IS crap. My god (aka T.V.) is mocking me right now.  He giveth with shows like Prison Break and Project Runway, and then taketh away.  Right now … Continue reading

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Santa Replies…

Dear Daryn, What the FUCK is up with your spelling and your grammar?  Christ!  It took me over an hour just to decipher what you wanted… and that’s an hour Santa could’ve spent drinking.  Just for that I’ll be bringing you the … Continue reading

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Critic’s Corner: Glamour Shots

I haven’t done one of these in awhile- where I get to vent my inner snarky monologue.  I got the idea from an email I received showing JC Penney fashions from 1977.  This led me to google “class pictures”– then … Continue reading

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