Resolutions 2008

I am a firm believer in making New Year’s Resolutions.

I mean, why not?  I think its good to set goals for your life, and the start of a new year is as good a kickoff date as any.  This is something I’ve done for many years, and I think it really helps give my life focus.  In the past I have set such goals as to compose music, to learn to play the piano, and to lose weight, and these have all worked out pretty well.

Last year, some of my goals included finding a new job, repairing the gutters on my house, installing a new bathroom vanity, and getting my house on the market.  I’d say I did pretty well with those particular ones!  Hell, I even exceeded them.

Now, when I make resolutions I don’t just think them up in my mind– no, I write them down and post them on my fridge where I have to look at them every day.  And true to correct goal-writing form, I have specific resolutions listed with timetables.

Here’s a sneak peek at my list:

Resolutions 2008

·     Achieve “debt free” status by January 31st

·     Diet to hit 195 lbs by March 31st

·     Find a doctor/dentist by February 28th

·     Recertify for CQE by December 15th

·     “Finish” Copland Tributepiece by August 26th

·     Repair credit report by June 30th

·     Learn to cook Thai food

·     Explore taking a Yoga class at the YMCA

·     Get piano tuned and learn “Excursions”

Some of the goals are personal, some are professional, some are just tying up last odds and ends from moving to Minnesota.  The ones at the end don’t have a specific timetable because they are just things I want to remind myself to do/try/explore.

Oh, and I always leave space on the list to add a resolution or two that I may think of in the coming months.  As such, what are some of your resolutions– any ideas for me?

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5 Responses to Resolutions 2008

  1. kyle says:

    i like the list this year. last year’s was such a sucess, i’m sure this year will be great too – and i’m getting hungry for the curry too.

  2. Stephen says:

    Happy New Year!! Hope you have a great night tonight!

  3. RG says:

    Good luck with your resolutions. I hope you achieve all the goals you’ve set for yourself.

    I want to see the pics when you’re all buff and shit from the gym.

  4. Donnie says:

    Sounds like some very level-headed and attainable resolutions. Here’s hoping you achieve them all.

    Have a great 2008!

  5. Mark says:

    I’m with you. How do people who smugly say “My resolution is to not make resolutions” ever get things done? I need a list, and New Years seems as good a time as any to make that list.

    My main resolution/goal for 2008 is to design and implement an organizational system for my paperwork, like insurance policies, tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, etc.

    Good luck accomplishing your resolutions!

    Mark 🙂

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