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Labor Pains

Labor Day is rapidly approaching… and with it my mood sours. I hate Labor Day.  It symbolized everything I despise.  The end of summer.  The beginning of school.  The downhill slide to winter.  It’s also when I tend to notice … Continue reading

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Questions for 5 and 6 Answered

The final questions concerning the last two topics are now being answered. LOVE: When was the last time you were truly, passionately in love with another man?  — Rozzlink Another difficult question.  I honestly can’t remember.  I tend to get … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (Happy Birthday to ME edition)

Well hello dere, bitchuz! It’s my birfday, and I STILL managed to put out an exceptional batch of comix (if I do say so myself, and I will because it’s my birthday!) I left a good one for you to … Continue reading

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And the winning Bastard’s Are…

First up, the winner from the 1700th post was… WCS!  It was topical AND twisted.  So Congratulations!   Next up– the winner from last week…. Bill!  Congratulations man, the brevity and the juxtapostion of wholesomeness and pervertedness carried the day.  … Continue reading

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N.S.F.Why-ku Wednesday (but funny!)

“Dad” with velour chair seeks pinky ring-worthy “Son” Now hemorrhoid free!

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Questions 3 & 4 Answered

As you may recall, I have some unanswered questions lurking about.  Question Topics 3 & 4 concerned Music and Religion respectively. Since most of you shot your wad on the sex topic, there are only a few questions in these … Continue reading

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A Good Weekend For Drum Corps

I’ve tried my best not to bore y’all with excessive drum corps posts this year, and the season’s been rough enough and enervating enough that there’s been precious little that I felt like writing about. But I have to write about … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Comix (because I care)

Aw, fuck it.  Here are the comix for this week. And now it’s your turn to write a caption for ME!

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Questions Answered (Pt. 2)

Let’s talk about sex, baby!  (Seriously, y’all are a bunch of pervs!) Have you ever NOT had sex with a guy because his cock was too small?”   — Jim Part of the importance of getting a dick picture or two … Continue reading

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Questions Answered (pt. 1)

Well, it seems you were all motivated by sex questions… and those answers will just have to wait until tomorrow.  Because today is topic #1:  Friends How long have you known the longest-term friend that you have?  — Buddy Bear … Continue reading

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