Questions 3 & 4 Answered

As you may recall, I have some unanswered questions lurking about.  Question Topics 3 & 4 concerned Music and Religion respectively.

Since most of you shot your wad on the sex topic, there are only a few questions in these areas, and they all came from R.B.


What made some of the best drum corps shows you’ve ever seen (or done) so good?

The short answer is ‘passion’.  But the real answer is something more intangeable, like bottled lightning.  It’s when the performers and the performance bridge that distance gap to the audience in the stands and bring the crowd into the experience emotionally.

Most folks at some point have probably experienced some “magical” moment at a live musical event, where this electro-chemical connection was forged between the performer and the audience.  There’s a change in the air and you get goosebumps and you just know something special is happening.

Well, when a drum corps is firing on all cylinders and every performer is in it, and of it, and grabbing the crowd…. it can make for a memorable performance.  One that springs to mind is the 1995 Madison Scouts.  Unfortunately they got 4th place, but their finals performance makes me cry every time I watch it.

And you should hear the crowd!  The ENTIRE crowd is on it’s feet for the last minute of the show, and is so deafening with their cheers that you can barely hear the corps playing sometimes.  It’s incredible.


Got any good Church Camp stories?

No.  I was raised Methodist (aka heathen) and never attended any sort of church camp.

Why do you love “churches” but hate “Church”?

I have always been a fan of church architecture– especially the big, European gothic cathedrals.  I love the intricate stained glass, the flying buttresses, the spires, the giant pipe organs, the stone carvings, the opulence, and the sheer volume and magnitude of space that these people built to honor their God.

And I love visiting these cathedrals (as well as other churches) when there is no service going on.  There’s just something about sitting quietly in all that space; there’s a feeling and a beauty to that silence that I really enjoy.

Unfortunately, I think all that beauty is destroyed by the practice of religion in these magnificent structures (aka “Church”).  People “go to Church” but I think 90% of the time it’s for the wrong reasons.  And far too often the Church focuses on messages of hatred and intolerance, which I blame for creating most of the violence in today’s world.

So, in short, I love churches but hate Church.

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2 Responses to Questions 3 & 4 Answered

  1. Will J says:

    A snarky comment about “…giant …organs…” comes to mind.

  2. Jeff says:

    Appreciate the answers to the questions – enjoyed the sex ones – but this was good too – what would it take to get a date with CB – does not have to be sexual in nature – but if so – good – but would like to get a date and pick your brain – I have read in your posts the types of guys that catch your eye – but what kind of guy would get you to settle down together??

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