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Li’l Bastard Komix (fellin’ meh-low edition)

Meh. Meh I say. Here’s the komix. Be sure to kaption the last one. Yadda yadda yadda. Enjoy.

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A Zany Bastard

Hello all- It’s been a crazy past couple weeks, and I haven’t been my due diligence of reading blogs. I’m sooooo looking forward to my Saturday morning blogtime! But in the meantime– we have a kaption winner to announce! Sean– … Continue reading

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Fantastic Plastic Haiku Wednesday

Lego’s new “Oz” set? Gives “erecting” new meaning Wish you were taller…

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Conundrum Addendum

Wow.  Just… wow. I checked the poll results from yesterday and a whopping 58% of you think I should “tap it and scrap it”.  This answer far outstripped the second most popular answer by 40%. Again– wow. This leads me … Continue reading

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Bit of a Conundrum…

Ok, here’s a hypothetical situation for you (and it’s totally hypothetical, any resemblance to actual persons is strictly a crazy random happenstance): Let’s say you are a middle-aged man who is hypothetically involved in a large group activity.  This activity is comprised … Continue reading

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I’m a loser baby…

So the Minnesota Brass journeyed all the way to friggin’ Jamestown, New York only to lose to the Empire Statesmen. Mother Fuck. It really shouldn’t have been that big a surprise since we have never won this show (which is basically right … Continue reading

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Li’l Bastard Komix (Jamestown Koolaid edition)

Hey Kiddies! By the time you read these komix, I’ll be about 2/3 of the way through my bus journey to Jamestown, NY. Why Jamestown?  I’m travelling there for a drum corps show with the Minnesota Brass.  Imma be one … Continue reading

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Such a filthy pottymouth!

Oh, Mr. Gibson. You give us such great soundbytes!  I mean, listening to you heave and pant into a telephone and royally cuss out the one you love is indeed priceless. But do you know what’s even more priceless, Mel? … Continue reading

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This Cat’s a Real Bastard

Hey folks! Thanks for all the wunnerful kaptions this week! First runner up goes to Dustin, for his esoteric “Blue Oyster Bar” reference. But in first is a guy that made me reminisce about those awful toughskins… Congrats Jimmy!!

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Sexy Senryu (Fudge Packin’)

“Packer” versus “Bear” Makin’ the QB my bitch! God I love this game.

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