New Art

Ok, so I stumbled across this artist in my Facebook feed. His name is Kenney Mencher and he tends to cater to the gays by doing semi-erotic male art (I.e nudes, semi nudes, leather men, etc). I was drawn to one piece in particular– so I got it.

He works in different media; some is sketch work, some more precise painting, and some more impressionistic. Oils. Charcoal. Watercolor. Crayon. Canvas. Panel. Paper. His website is here.

He has an interesting bio and history. Used to do more big, gallery work– now does smaller, more affordable things to reach a wider audience. Check out his stuff– it’s all very reasonably priced!

Anyway, to Facebook draws me in and scrolling through his work I see Mysterious Skin. Out of all his work, it’s one of the pieces I’m most drawn to and I keep looking again and again.

It’s an oil on panel piece where he’s exploring using the brushwork in concert with the curves and planes of the body.

I like the light and shadows. The tonality. The texture of the paint. The energetic brushstrokes. To me it feels very “loose” and “free”. Full of frenetic energy and not overwrought. Like it was a good day and he dashed this off in a euphoric state and stopped at precisely the right moment.

And in true impressionistic style, from far away it looks like a shirtless, muscular man with a scruff of a beard.

Up close you can see the textures and can get lost studying the curves and planes:

To me it almost has a John Singer Sargentness to it– mixed with Monet.

One of the nice surprises was that the artist included a small watercolor male torso too

along with a lovely note thanking me for the support and talking about the work. He also included his bio that contains a lot of interesting info about his past work.

Pretty cool.

I think I scored a good one folks (he says it’s one of his favorites!). I can’t wait to frame it and add it to my bedroom gallery wall.

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Woofy Wednesday

So tired. So thirsty….

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Black Panther

So, I saw the movie Black Panther last weekend. It was pretty good.

“Pretty good” is actually a ringing endorsement for someone who doesn’t really like the superhero genre. I mean, how many more goddam Spider-Man and Avengers movies do we have to suffer through?

At least Black Panther is a little different.

Things I liked:

  • The African American perspective
  • Female generals for Wakanda
  • The tribal aspect
  • The colors
  • The music
  • The idea of a blended tribal/techie African nation

Things I didn’t so much like:

  • The “over the top” technology
  • The ripoff of “the lion king” storyline

Things I loved:

  • The female general!

She. Was. Bad. Ass!

Overall the story moved pretty well and was interesting. I liked the struggle whether to keep Wakonda a secret or join the world to help elevate minorities and help refugees.

But the “dead king/son throne succession then challenged by evil side of family” just felt a bit too Lion King for me.

And the crazy tech? It was really too futuristic alien for my taste (spaceships with cloaks, pulse weapons, force fields). I just couldn’t suspend my disbelief enough.

I’m still a Guardians of the Galaxy guy. Give me a rag tag group of aliens over super powers any day.

But it’s still good. And more entertaining than the more recent Marvel fare.

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Woofy Wednesday

It’s been a busy week since last post. All I have time for is ogling hot men.

Holy moley!

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Woofy Wednesday

Getting this in just under the wire!


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Miss Phoebe

I’m starting to worry about my little girl.

She had what I think was a seizure this morning as I was getting ready for work. She started waking funny and cocked one paw and meowed plaintively. She also seemed disoriented.

The episode lasted maybe 2 minutes tops and I cuddled her. Afterward she was walking normally and seemed ok. She also followed me to the kitchen and ate breakfast. She’s also drinking water.

The worrying thing is this isn’t her first episode. This is number 3.

She had one right before Christmas. And then again in early January. That’s when I took her to the vet.

We had just gone through a full physical at the vet in November and her blood and urine were fine and no other issues were detected.

Both issues happened shortly after feeding her and she had eaten the same wet food (same brand, different flavor) of her normal stuff. So I was thinking food related.

At this vet visit the doctor gave some ideas as to what it could be, but we came to the decision to continue to monitor her for awhile and track any episodes. And maybe get one on video if possible.

This morning I managed to dash to my phone so I could get video evidence for the vet. I plan to email her later today.

I’m typing this at home as I came home at lunch to check on her. She seems fairly normal.

But still I’m worried. I honestly will fall apart if something happens to her.

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Nightmares anyone?

I actually can’t remember the last true nightmare I had– it’s been years. But I do have oddly disturbing dreams sometimes. I had one last night actually.

And there is a recurring theme.

These dreams all involve me being late for something and also usually missing something.

Last night I was to participate in a band concert. I was sitting with the group during our informal warm up. All I had was my mouthpiece and everyone else had their instruments. The director looked at me and I said, “I know. I’m just buzzing– but I’ll be on stage and ready in 10 minutes.”

The clock said I had 10 minutes. So I stood up and realized I was also missing my pants. So I grabbed a coat and wrapped it around myself and headed to the band dressing room area.

Only I couldn’t find it.

The concert was at a new school and I couldn’t remember where the dressing rooms were. So I started walking and searching. I even asked people where it was, and I kept getting different answers.

While wandering the hallways and back stage areas, i notices that each step I took became increasingly difficult. Like I was endlessly fatigued and was having to fight for every step. (This is a recurring theme too).

I eventually found the dressing room and got my pants, but now when I looked at the clock I was late.

So I headed back to the auditorium. Only when I got there, I couldn’t get back stage easily and there were multiple stairways and back hallways, etc. I had to ask a stage hand how to get back to where my instrument was.

Eventually I got to my horn case only to find it open and my instrument bent and damaged with water dripping on it from a ceiling leak. The horn was now unplayable….

That’s when I woke up.

And I’m exhausted this morning– really dragging ass and my eyes feel like two piss holes in a snowbank.

This is gonna be a long day.

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Thursty Thursday

If you are anything like me, Valentine’s Day left you with an unquenchable thirst.

Me likey fuzz!

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Well, it’s that time of year. A time to celebrate with horribly sad/inappropriate old Valentines.

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear reader.

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It was a pretty good weekend for me.

I got those nerf bars installed.

I got my tax refunds so I could pay off my mom’s laundry installation.

I cut my hair and trimmed up the ol beard:

I installed a vertical bike rack in my closet for my baby “Ghost”:

This way I can avoid the whole thief thing (plus I had room in the closet and the pole creates a bit of wasted space).

I drank on Friday and saw some friends.

And I had a band concert on Sunday:

I played fairly decently. Only one small fuckup. It felt good to play again and my chops are getting back in shape.

And best of all– “He Who Shall Not Be Named” is on vacation all week. Woo hoo!

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