Woofy Wednesday

I’m onsite for another quality system audit. Yay. But the thirst continues-

Mmmm, there’s something about him that I quite like– just can’t seem to put my finger on it…..

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Well fuck.

Yeah. I’m basically in the purple swath.

Happy April 14th.

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Woofy Wednesday

Moar hotness on this January 84th…

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Acceptable Levels of Clutter.

Do you have a high or low ALC? Or maybe you don’t mind clutter at all. For me, I have a fairly low acceptable level, although it does float a bit.

Like, I have lots of art on walls, but not a lot of shelves with knickknacks and gewgaws. I have a small pile of mail on my kitchen island, but I go through it every few days.

I do leave clothes on my bedroom floor, but only up to about 2 days worth, then I scoop it all into the laundry.

And I can leave about a days worth of dishes in the sink (especially when I haven’t had a chance to empty the dishwasher yet). But that’s it.

Then I have to clean up.

Oh, and I cannot abide any drawers, cupboards or doors left open in my place.

So- what are your limits? Or do you have any?

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Isle of Dogs

Or is it I Love Dogs?

Either way, I saw it.

And I “think” I liked it– but there is a lot to process. I also think I am “supposed” to like it. Which frustrates me a little.

Visually it’s beautiful. The craft involved in the stop animation is ridiculous. It’s kind of funny but fairly dark. And very “foreign” feeling.

I think the reason why I don’t have a clear reaction to the film is that there are so many themes all mashed together:

  • Japanese culture homage
  • Kabuki theater
  • Dog/boy adventure film
  • Dystopian society commentary
  • Comment on despotic ruling parties and rigged elections
  • Fukushima
  • Animal testing
  • Student rebellion
  • Pollution

It honestly felt like a modern take on Japanese monster movies from the 60’s. Only with minimal translation and no dubbing.

It also felt like it was some sort of colossal in-joke that most of us aren’t “in” on. (Like using poison wasabi as a “final solution”).

So, I’d say go see it. And then we can talk about the film and dissect it.

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(Not) Ready Player One

I went to see Ready Player One last weekend. (I know! Two movies in a week!) It’s Spielberg. It’s Sci-Fi. And I really wanted to like it.

But alas– I did not.

It wasn’t terrible mind you, but I didn’t think it was great. I think it would be a struggle to even call it “good”.

I guess I have three main problems with it:

– they changed too much from the book

– there is so much CGI that it feels flat and emotionless

– you never develop a connection to the characters

Naturally I read the book, and it was because of the book that I wanted to see the film. I quite enjoyed the story and it was fresh enough in my mind that I noticed everything the movie did differently.

Which was a lot.

All of the “Key Hunts” were basically different. And missing was a lot of the nostalgia of the old 80’s games like Joust and Pac-Man, along with 80’s movies and trivia. The movie kind of washed all that away.

Also, the movie kind of starts right in on the action, so you miss the buildup of the back story of Wade Watts. The drudgery of life. The poverty. The virtual schooling. So you never care about him or the other treasure hunters.

Which leaves the CGI.

Now the CGI is pretty, and very action-y. But it’s just… well, a lot. And when a film relies so much on CGI, it’s almost boring. And no matter how good it is, it never seems real. There’s always a “flatness” to it. Emotionless.

So, yeah. It’s an ok Spielberg film. But it’s not great and it ain’t the book at all. Maybe it’s worth matinee pricing– or $5 movie night.

Or just use the money and download the book.

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Woofy Wednesday

Happy hump day.

Yes. Please!

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Suck it, Mother Nature!

It’s April. We should not be getting a winter storm. And the low temperatures should most certainly not dip into single digits!

This sucks.

The view out my office windows right now.

The only decent part is that it’s currently warm enough to melt it on the roads. But later it won’t be.

The highs for the next week or so will be equal to our average lows for this time of year. And the lows??

Hi how is goddamn January weather.

Even for us hearty, northern plains folks, this is a bit much to deal with. We all have cabin fever and need spring to come soon.

PS- the Twins baseball home opener is on Thursday. They gonna be hating life.

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Permanent Pressed


I got a perm. On Friday.

This is something that has been on the radar for quite some time. I’ve been growing my hair out since summer in order to get the requisite length.

I get so tired of my straight, snooze fest hair. I want volume. I want waves. I want rakish, wolfing, devil-may-care hair dammit!

So I planned the perm for the day after our re-audit (aka Good Friday) as I knew I’d be taking the day off, either in celebration or to start looking for a new job.

(We passed the audit, btw.)

So Adam (a guy with whom I sing in chorus) just happens to be a hair stylist and he hooked me up.

Me During. So ladylike! I got a chance to get caught up on People and US Weekly.

Aaaaaaand voila! Me after:

(With Adam)

I like it, but have not yet washed it. Or played with it much.

Today it’s just slicked back like normal for work. I can’t wait til work gold start laying into me about it. Should be fun.

And this is what it looks like when I wake up. Miss Phoebe doesn’t quite know what to make of it.

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Woofy Wednesday

Thirst Traps are a thing…

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