Nightmares anyone?

I actually can’t remember the last true nightmare I had– it’s been years. But I do have oddly disturbing dreams sometimes. I had one last night actually.

And there is a recurring theme.

These dreams all involve me being late for something and also usually missing something.

Last night I was to participate in a band concert. I was sitting with the group during our informal warm up. All I had was my mouthpiece and everyone else had their instruments. The director looked at me and I said, “I know. I’m just buzzing– but I’ll be on stage and ready in 10 minutes.”

The clock said I had 10 minutes. So I stood up and realized I was also missing my pants. So I grabbed a coat and wrapped it around myself and headed to the band dressing room area.

Only I couldn’t find it.

The concert was at a new school and I couldn’t remember where the dressing rooms were. So I started walking and searching. I even asked people where it was, and I kept getting different answers.

While wandering the hallways and back stage areas, i notices that each step I took became increasingly difficult. Like I was endlessly fatigued and was having to fight for every step. (This is a recurring theme too).

I eventually found the dressing room and got my pants, but now when I looked at the clock I was late.

So I headed back to the auditorium. Only when I got there, I couldn’t get back stage easily and there were multiple stairways and back hallways, etc. I had to ask a stage hand how to get back to where my instrument was.

Eventually I got to my horn case only to find it open and my instrument bent and damaged with water dripping on it from a ceiling leak. The horn was now unplayable….

That’s when I woke up.

And I’m exhausted this morning– really dragging ass and my eyes feel like two piss holes in a snowbank.

This is gonna be a long day.

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Thursty Thursday

If you are anything like me, Valentine’s Day left you with an unquenchable thirst.

Me likey fuzz!

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Well, it’s that time of year. A time to celebrate with horribly sad/inappropriate old Valentines.

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear reader.

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It was a pretty good weekend for me.

I got those nerf bars installed.

I got my tax refunds so I could pay off my mom’s laundry installation.

I cut my hair and trimmed up the ol beard:

I installed a vertical bike rack in my closet for my baby “Ghost”:

This way I can avoid the whole thief thing (plus I had room in the closet and the pole creates a bit of wasted space).

I drank on Friday and saw some friends.

And I had a band concert on Sunday:

I played fairly decently. Only one small fuckup. It felt good to play again and my chops are getting back in shape.

And best of all– “He Who Shall Not Be Named” is on vacation all week. Woo hoo!

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Nerf Bars

Have I mentioned lately how muchi love my FJ Cruiser? Because man do I love it! I really do! Even though a small part of me still thinks it was a little frivolous.


The only thing that my FJ didn’t have that I wanted were some sort of side steps, as it is a fairly tall vehicle. So today I am having nerf bars installed on “Moose” (my FJ cruiser).

Nerf bars??

Yeah, evidently that’s what modern running boards are called. The ones I got will look like this:

And then Moose will be complete. Or mostly complete. There may be a couple more custom mods down the road.

I am super excited to get these as it’s going to make getting in him so much easier.

Oh! And they just finished (I was typing this while waiting).

Moose likey!

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Thirsty Thursday

Because I missed Wednesday. Drink up!

Time to rinse off!

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My condo is part of a commercial development building (it used to be the old Muncingwear factory). The commercial side is all high end furniture and design spaces along with a local catering company.

And there is a huge glass atrium and event space.

Which will be hosting not one, but two super bowl parties.

The first is tonight. Our association emailed us to warn us of the… disruption. Getting in to our secured parking may be tricky with valet stuff and event security.

And the other party is Saturday night.

I can’t wait.

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Woofy Wednesday

So much woof. So little time.


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Super Blah

So, the Super Bowl is in town this week. Yay. And I find myself wishing it was next Monday already.

This thing is completely disruptive.

It started a few weeks ago with some road closures. Then more closures last week. Then construction of all these little venues, all of which are peppered through downtown.

Driving anywhere downtown has become a nightmare. And parking is even worse.

They’ve taken away metered parking and the few surface lots are charging premium amounts ($20, $40… I’ve even seen $65).

It seems most businesses have gotten in on the price gouging thing, too. Restaurants and hotels are ridiculous right now.

I had some friends go to the opening events on Friday and they said it was probably as close to Auschwitz as they’d ever be. Crowds of people herded along by police with automatic weapons. They couldn’t stop and stand to watch because of “safety”. And when trying to take pictures they were questioned.

I’m thankful that I live on the opposite side of downtown from the stadium– but I’m still close enough that it disrupts my routines for driving, working out, etc.

I think Super Bowls are better suited for touristy, party cities. Like New Orleans, or Miami, or LA or some such. Places where they’re used to large mobs of drunk people. Here in sweet Minneapolis, we just aren’t set up to handle this kind of riff raff.

I seriously can’t wait for this shit to be done.

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Woofy Wednesday

Because it’s time.

This last one is a repeat (I think) but definitely worth a second look.

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