You know, it’s tricksy. Tricksy and false. 

*** prepare for rare political rant ***

Normally I like to keep my blog on the windy side of care. Stories, events, hot menz– you know, lighter fare. But after the press coverage of the RNC this week I feel I have to at least address it. 

Because it honestly makes me sick to my stomach. 

First off, let me say that I didn’t watch more than two minutes of the convention in real time. I saw the shouting match on the first day and said, “Nope.”  And then I saw about 30 seconds of Drumpf speaking last night as I flipped the channel (honestly I thought I was just tuen BF in the news).

It was revolting. 

Same speech as a hundred times before. “We’re gonna make things better– I’m not gonna tell you ‘how’ because I have no real plan– but AMERICA!”

The rest of the RNC I saw in sound bites and small news clips. Some interview snippets on my news feed.

Equal parts sad and frightening. 

This is one half of our democratic process in action. One half of our country has devolved into fear mongering, hatred, bigotry, and zealotry. 

The best quote that I saw on my news feed was, “If you’ve ever wondered what you would have done to stop Hitler in the 1930’s– well, nows your chance.”

This has now turned into the most important election in our country’s history. The future of the supreme court hangs in the balance, as does the future of civil rights, environmental policy, election reform, the middle class, education……

It is us versus them, and we absolutely cannot let “them” win.

And something tells me this is going to be a harder fight than it should be.

Trump is a repugnant, bigoted narcissist and truly represents only the top 0.1% of America. 


The republicans have spent years cultivating a base full of the uneducated, religious nut jobs, and white supremacists. They’ve also gerrymandered districts, suppressed voter rights, restricted polling places, etc.  all to sway things in their favor. 

And they have two more weapons in their arsenal:  the Green Party and the Libertarians. 

These two delusional parties thing they can somehow ramp up enough momentum in a presidential election year to propel one of their unknown candidates into the whitehouse. 

Never. Gonna. Happen. 

As dissatisfied as the average American voter is with our current choices, they aren’t going to risk everything on an unknown.  Not at the level of president.

But maybe at the level of state legislature. Maybe try that first, huh?  And not go for the whole kit and caboodle? Kay thanks, bye. 

I’m worried that the die hard Bernie Babies are going to throw away their votes on a Jill Stein and thus pave the way for Trump. 

I’m also worried there will be corruption in the voting– vote tampering or machinations to block the poor and people of color from voting.

Or another “Florida”.

These are troubling times indeed. 

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While I do tend to enjoy summers in Minnesota, I just enjoy them a bit less when they are this hot. And this humid. 

It’s been in the 90’s all week, and I’ve diligently ridden my bike– until today. I’m just sapped of energy. And fairly tired of being moist. 

And c’mon! We’re under heat alerts fer cripes sake!

The worst part of all this though is that the Red Ribbon Ride in Minnesota gets underway today. Those poor bikers!

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Woofy Wednesday

To combat the ugliness of the RNC, I give you these:

And then something completely NSFW–




Keep scrolling– it’s worth it








Oh my damn. Yes– so much yes. 

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Fun with Video Capture

So, I have this program called Movavi which allows me to capture video playing on my computer. It’s kinda cool and works pretty slick. 

It also enables you to make personal copies of videos that you can’t seem to copy easily. From various sites. Ahem. 

But it also comes in handy when, say, you stumble across a video that was ripped from the live feed of a certain recent musical performance that you might want to keep in dvd form for posterity. 

Or some such. 

I also gained some skill in using iMovie and editing– specifically with detaching sound and syncing the audio with the video. 

I feel accomplished. 

I just wish the ripped video had been of better audio quality. It is a bit disappointing, but at least it’s an historical record. 

And it does bring back all the feels. 

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DCI Minnesota

I got mah drum corps fix this past Saturday. Well… mostly. Until the storms rolled in. 

Per usual. 

Minnesota can’t seem to have anything nice. This event has had weather issues almost every year. 

But I got to see all but the Blue Devils and Minnesota Brass. So it wasn’t a total washout. And the corps I came to see– the Cavaliers. 

I marched with the Cavies (back in the day) and ever since their design team changed, they’ve been struggling a bit. This year is the first year where I feel like their show is exciting and supremely designed. And talk about timing!

Their show?

They have props that have newsprint slogans with big red bullhorns on top– even the uniforms have newsprint graphics. They use handheld bullhorns throughout the show– even the snares do some fun percussive voice stuff with them. They use old recordings of wartime speeches and the horn line sings on the field at one point and they chant “Get In Line!” And ….

Let’s just say there is a LOT going on in this show. So much nuance. So many graphics and details.  

It’s probably the best designed show I’ve seen this year (other than Bluecoats).  Now they just need to layer it a bit more and clean it. It definitely has the potential to crack the top five. 

They have even done a clever job of blitzing social media with images and information about the show– campaigning as it were. And driving buzz. 

And naturally they have shirts for the show. Which I had to buy:

I’m really pulling for them this year. 

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Here’s a better picture of the boy from Sacramento whom I met in Denver:

The auburn hair… Those baby blues…

Definitely kryptonite. 

Le sigh. 

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Woofy Wednesday

And now back to your regularly scheduled Wednesday hotness:

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About a Boy…

One last story from the GALA convention in Denver– I did meet a guy when I was there. I actually met– and flirted– with him the first hour I was in town and then subsequently kept running into him. 

(What is it about me and meeting unavailable guys during big gay chorus events??)

His name is Corey and he sings with the Sacramento Gay Men’s Chorus. He is also the chorus choreographer and he also sings in their small ensemble “Boy Howdy”.

And he has auburn hair and a beard and furry legs and is a skinny hipster with blue eyes and lashes so long you can feel a breeze when he blinks and….

His beard is fuller now.

(Seriously. What is it with me and California gingers?!??)

Anyway, we first met in line at Which Wich. He was with some of his fellow “Boy Howdy” members as they were heading to sing. I was starving after traveling all day and was getting quite “Hangry”. I was also behind them in line. 

Being Hangry, and also feeling flirty, I said in a louder voice, “I’m so hungry- when I get up there I’m just gonna tell them to skip the bread and throw the meat right in my mouth!”

This caused Corey to turn around, smile, give me the twice-over look, and then say “That could be arranged.”

I smiled back and said, “We’ll have to work something out.”

Which, quite frankly I am still amazed I was able to form a coherent response, because Corey. Le sigh. 

I mean, he had beautiful bedroom eyes, an impish smile and the auburn hair and beard… Basically my kryptonite. 

Later I turned to the Minneapolis buddy I was in line with and said “Damn, I’m in love with that.”

Anyway, long story short, I ran into him at the X Bar on Tuesday night (after our day of dramatic performance) and I walked up and chatted with him again. 

And then we danced. 

And then we kissed. 

And then we exchanged digits, with the promise that we would text each other and meet up the following day. 

Which we did.


Naturally he is completely unavailable (Cali, partnered but open, etc) but he was a nice guy and very fun to get to know. And I did get to see him and kiss him goodbye, even if it was while he was dancing as a GoGo boy at the wrap party hosted by San Francisco. 

Yeah. He was a GoGo boy. Here’s a pic:

And yes. That’s all “him”. Ahem.

Anyway, I had a good time and made a new friend. I hope to see him in four years in Minneapolis. If not sooner. 

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Olivier Geroud

It’s Sunday and I’m watching the European football championships. And while Portugal is pound for pound the prettier team, I’m sort of rooting for France. 

Because Olivier Geroud. 

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I woke up today back home in my own bed and I have that familiar melancholy that always accompanies returning to your life after experiencing the extraordinary.

So much positive energy. So much love. So much kinship. So much GAY.

It’s like living in a magic bubble where everyone is just like you and you are the normal ones and you can truly be yourself  and just relax. 

I think many of us forget that by being gay in this society (especially given recent events) we are never truly relaxed. I mean, we live with it every day so that tension just sort of disappears into the background noise of our lives. 

But it’s always there. 

But then you go to a place like the GALA festival where you are around friends and supporters and you feel insulated and safe.

I wish every one of you could have such an experience. 

And the music?

Well, the musical performances are just such a lovey bonus. So many good things happening in gay choruses around the country– and world.

And so many good performances!!

Denver’s chamber ensemble did this wonderful arrangement of Dolly Parton’s “clear blue morning” that has remained with me. 

Boston and their outreach trip to Istanbul was amazing.  The Josh Shank pieces commissioned for that trip are gorgeous!

DC did Carmina Burana– with dancers (who were choreographed by a guy I went to college with!)

LA was so polished and theatrical with all Latin music.  The costumes– and the dancing!!  My god.  And they sponsored Cuba’s only gay chorus “Mano a mano” and performed with them. Brilliant!

San Francisco was huge and crazy good. And when they sang “Sunday” by Sondheim I wept. 

Atlanta was amazing with a whole set built around the relationships between fathers and sons with all the feels. 

Seattle was funny and brilliant.

Chicago was fun pop.

Schola Canterosa from Germany did a vampire theme and stripped down to harnesses and bat wings for the finale. 

Una Voce from Florida slayed me with a brilliant original piece that featured 4 ballet dancers singing about when last we touched. It was entrancing. 

Homonics (from Ireland) was the smallest gay choir at 3 people. But so damn good. And they left not a dry eye with “and I suggest”.  Holy ballz. 

And the piece that destroyed me to my core I saw at the closing ceremonies. One Voice Chorus Charlotte performed “A Love That Will Last Forever” — based on a true story of two women (Glenda and Lauree) in love but timing never worked.  Then one died from cancer.  

I was absolutely reduced to ugly crying. Tears streaming down my face— and then they brought out Glenda who was in attendance. 

And I was heaving sobs.

And there were others– so many others. And so may feelings shared. It was… Beyond. Simply beyond. 

Oh!  And the news?? Minneapolis is hosting GALA in 2020!!

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