I am the Ringo

Ku ku ka choo!

This is a candid taken during a break in our dress rehearsal last night. Yeah, that’s me. The fat Beatle. 

The other three members of the Fab Four are basically skinny bitches– and then there Maude. 

After seeing this pic I thought two things:

1) diet begins Monday

2) dear jebus, I *am* the “Ringo”

After the opening quartet, they have the four of us off to the side miming playing our instruments– I get to “air drum”. God I hope I don’t look like a tool!

Anyway, wish me luck tonight (and Saturday and Sunday). Imma be so ready to be done with this show!!

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Because the wold is round, it turns me on…

Love is old, love is new. Love is all, love is you…

Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry….

This is how our Beatles concert starts this weekend– with the song “Because”.  Sung by a quartet representing the Fab Four. Of which I will be one. 

I’m a tad nervous. 

Imagine if you will: the curtain opens and there are only the four of us, spotlit on the risers, in skinny ties, flop top wigs, and with representational instruments. I’m Ringo.

We make our way down the risers to 4 mica as the piano starts the piece. Then we sing our quartet.

At then end we split off and the “Come Together” medley starts and the chorus comes from behind the risers– up stairs and over the risers in waves.

This could be cool– or could be a train wreck. 

And I’m nervous as fuck to be the fucking opening of the whole goddamn concert!

Tonight is full dress rehearsal, so we’ll get to see how it goes. Although one of our quartet will be missing tonight (work conflict).

Wish me good luck!

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Home Again, Home Again

Being home kinda sucks. I think my mind is still somewhere in Mexico and I’m finding it hard to concentrate at work. Of course part of that could be the fact I got sick the moment I returned. 

At least it held off until I got back. 

Of course now I’m trying to rest up and get healthy because this is chorus week from hell– rehearsals Tuesday and Thursday. Concerts Friday-Sunday. Oh, and band rehearsal this evening. 

It’s a good thing the snot factory has significantly reduced production and my hacking cough has abated.  And my voice has mostly come back. 

And to top it all off, it snowed last night. It was only a few, wet inches, and it won’t last long. But still…

Ah, welcome home. 

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Fresh Gold Chain!

Only it isn’t gold, it’s silver. Or as they say in MeHIco…  “plata”.

I’ve been in the market for a new necklace ever since the last one I had turned my neck green during drum corps. It was cheap and gross. 

Now I have something lovely and souveniry!

I wasn’t going to buy anything in Mexico to bring back; I was going to make due with just good memories.  But damn, if there weren’t a lot of jewelry stores there!

Plus like every gay guy I saw there had a chain on that I coveted. Because, like I said before, my old one was shit and long gone.

So I bit the bullet and bought myself jewelry. And not off some beach vendor– nah, this stuff is legit, yo!

Yaaaay! Looks like I got some sun!

This was the kind of bling I guess I’ve been looking for for awhile, only I didn’t know it. It was one of those “I want a new necklace and I don’t quite know what I want but I’ll know it when I see it” kind of things.

And then I saw it. 

I love the whole bar-through-ring clasp thing– it’s just so “cazh”. I also love the smooth, round link, shorter length style.  It will tuck below a collar, yet still peek out. And I really like the weight of it around my neck– not too heavy, just “present”.

Plus, it doesn’t hang too low so if one happens to find oneself in a position where one’s head is bent over something, the chain doesn’t impinge upon one’s chin or impede any motion. 


Anyway, me likey and me happy. 

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Back To Life…

Back to reality. 

I’m at work today, or — better yet — I’m “present” today. Barely. My mind is still on a beach in Mexico. 

Gosh I had a good time!

So, I’ll leave you with some more pics:

Yeah, it was a good vacation. And I know I’ll be going back. 

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Spectacular Day. 

I have been blessed. 

Many may recall that I posted of a perfect day when I visited LA for the “I Am Harvey Milk” concert. Yesterday I had another such day, and I honestly feel blessed to be so lucky. 

Yesterday didn’t start off so hot– heavy rain and breezy and chilly. But the rain stopped, and I got a text from Joshua (a guy I’ve been hanging out with for the past few days).

We decided to wander and find a place to drink. We ended at Sapphires on the beach (modern, clean, great drinks).  This is him:

Before you get any ideas, he lives in LA and is happily partnered. But he’s super nice and he and his travel companion Jesse have been great to let me latch on and hang with them. 

Anyway, since the sun came out and the temperature got perfect, we decided to head to Blue Chairs to soak up rays and “the beach”.

Everything was perfect. Sun. Temperature.  Company. No crowds. Calm. Perfect mellow buzz with beer. 

Since it was rainy/cloudy when we started Josh and I were completely unprepared for the beach. No trunks. No sunscreen. No sunglasses. So we bought sunglasses from a vendor. And then I borrowed sunscreen from guys nearby– which then allowed us to meet and talk with a pack of hot, hot men who were all super friendly. 

Eventually I just said “fuck it” and walked around in my underwear (boxer briefs) — which is what I was wearing when I met Herve and Patric, the French Canadian couple. 

As Josh can attest, I had been drooling over this couple for the past three days. Literally drooling– not even figuratively. They were bearded. Furry. Handsome. Tattooed. And did I mention French-Canadian??


Anyway, I ended up chatting with them. Then Josh came over. And we all started talking. And then we were sitting with them and sharing the rest of the afternoon. 

Together we all watched the sun set on this now gorgeous day. 

Then it was off to dinner with Josh and Jesse.  We stumbled upon a restaurant called Trattoria Michel and had the best food I’d had since being here. Quite fantastic.

Josh, being from LA is a bit of a foodie, and he was quite pleased. We even had not normal appetizers for me. One had grilled fresh octopus (OMG!!) and the other was sauted chicken liver (also really good).

And then it was off to my “date” with Herve and Patric.

While at the beach we set up a rendez-vous for 10 pm. Evidently they quite liked me, and I them. And I do parlez the Francais, so….

I’m not going to go into many (read: any) details, but… Wow. Just… Wow. Les pant! Les pant!  Les Puff!  Le sigh. 

And during i excitedly told them that this was my first, official “ménage a trois”, because, you know. French!

They burst out giggling and proclaimed me tres charmant.

I try. 

When I drifted off to sleep back at my hotel room a few hours later, it was with a smile on my face.

What an awesome last evening in Puerto Vallarta.

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Hola mi amigos!

Como est-as?  Muy bien??

Just a check-in from PV. It’s been absolutely gorgeous: warm, humid, sunny, light breeze, almost cloudless, cool and calm ocean water, sultry nights. Just wonderful so far!

I’m staying in the old town area, just a quick walk to just about everything.  And the town is so layed back and easy!  Super gay friendly. And it feels safe and comfortable. And quaint. And interesting. And…

It just might be one of my new favorite destinations. 

Yesterday was the first day I think the spring finally “unwound”.  It was nearly a cathartic experience. 

I was sitting in the beach, under an umbrella, reading and enjoying the ocean view and it just clicked. Like all that tension was just gone. Poof!  Sometimes you don’t realize how tightly wound you are until you… Aren’t. 

So far I’ve managed to meet some very nice people who have taken me under their wings so I’ve had people to hang with at the beach  and go out to bars with in the evening. It’s made the trip far less lonely. 

The first was John– a nice Chicagoan (and gay chorus member!) from the beach the first day. We hung out until his friends showed up and he moved to a villa in the hills. 

Secondly it’s been Josh and Jesse. Travel buds, from LA and Denver respectively. Super nice and I’ve been chilling with them since. 

Today will be more beach frolic and then who knows?  It feels like I’ve been down here forever but it’s just Sunday.

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Watch Out, Puerto Vallarta!

Well– watch out on Thursday. Cuz that’s when I’ll be in you. But as for now, I’m still in Minneapolis. At work. And not focusing well. 

Right now, this is what it’s like there:

But true to form, the extended forecast shows rain for the entire time I’m there. Yay.  I mean, why wouldn’t my first beach trip in a decade be rainy?

Well, at the very least I won’t be here. Although just when I’m leaving Minnesota the weather decides to cooperate and be in the 60’s. 


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And the Oscar Goes To….

A white person. 

Shocker, right?

Hollywood is a very white town. White and Jewish. So it should come as no great surprise that Black actors get short shrift in the awards categories.  But still we hear the outcry for equality and diversity in Hollywood’s mutual masturbatory trophyfest.

But I started looking at the whole Black actor/academy award thing and realized something. If you’re Black, this is NOT an award you want to win as it’s basically a parting gift for your career. 

I mean, let’s look at past winners:

Hattie McDaniel– no career after. And Is dead

Sidney Poitier– basically white. And also dead

Lou Gossett Jr. — um, what career?

Cuba Gooding Jr. — who??

Whoopi Goldberg– no films for you. Only Depends commercials. 

Jamie Foxx– meh. Nothing for awhile now. 

Forest Whitacre– nothing except a dropper eye. 

Halle Berry– nothing good except going a bit cray-cray. 

Mo’Nique–  again… Who??

Jennifer Hudson– no acting career AND no music career

Octavia Spencer– love her, but she’ll be gone soon enough. 

Lupita Nyong’o– more famous now for having a pearl dress stolen. 

About the only two actors to buck the trend are Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman. And when’s the last time you saw something good from Denzel?  Or remember Mr Freeman for anything other than voiceover work?

I’m telling you, when the Academy gives a Black actor an Oscar, it’s basically telling them “You done good, now go away.”

I think I’d stick with being unrecognized, yet still being shown da money on a regular basis. But that’s just me. 

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Moar Favorite Things.

I’m just gonna put this here.

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