Li’l B*Hole Comix 

Yo snatches!

It’s time for the comix again– it’s really been too long. And I’ve even left the last one for you to caption!!

So, here you go:



So, for the comic above, provide me a caption in the comments area. I’ll pick a winner, I swear!

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Choral Outreach

This past weekend I spent with my choral brethren on a small tour of Minnesota. We performed at Gustavus Adolfus college in St.Peter, and then again at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall. 

The trip was fun and very rewarding (albeit tiring).  The bus (and hotel overnights) are a definite bonding experience and offer the chance to get to interact with many of the choral members.  So that’s good. 

Plus, we get to get out and perform in front of “red staters”.  I mean, Marshall is basically in the Dakotas and pretty rural. And we got a good audience for that performance. 

Although half the performance was the Beatles music, the first half was much more emotional and message-containing. One piece called “Testimony” was written as part of the “It Gets Better” campaign. The first half of the piece is all quotes from kids about how they are hiding and miserable and want God to kill them.  Very depressing stuff. 

But then the piece turns and ends with a positive message about hanging on and getting all sorts of opportunities in the future if you just wait. 

Not a dry eye in the house. 

All it all, it was a good trip and I’m glad that I went. I’m still tired and recovering from it, though. And I have just about gotten rid of my cough. 

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Cough– round 2

So, shortly after my Puerto Vallarta trip, I came down with the crud that was tearing through our office. Congestion, nose running like a faucet, cough, general misery. 

It dragged on through my choral concert and a bit beyond. And everyone in the chorus was getting the crud too. It was just bad. 

Well, I thought I was coming out of it this past weekend (no more nose running, much less coughing)– and then Monday night happened

So. Much. Coughing. 

The technical term is “paroxysms”-  where I was coughing uncontrollably to the point of losing breath. I did not sleep at all, and I noticed a nice chest “wheeze”.  So I went to the doc yesterday. 

Bronchitis, most likely. Aggravated by potential adult onset asthma. Causing my lungs to constrict and not behave well during the coughing fits. 


I’m a bit better today, but not great. I’m back at work and I now have an “inhaler” to use to help open my lungs and to make it easier to clean out the crud. 

Great. At 45, I’m now like one pocket protector from being “that kid”.

At least I slept last night and the coughing fits are less frequent. Just keep your fingers crossed that things really improve by Friday, as I have a small choral trip and concert series to perform in. 

Because trying to sing while holding back a cough really sucks. 

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Easter Schmeaster

I had kind of a “meh” weekend.

While it was a much needed weekend off from anything (rafter busy chorus weekend and then work week), I felt very “alone” all weekend.

On Saturday I decided I needed to get out of the house so went to the Saloon to watch a leather contest. I ended up bumping into several people I know, so I kind of chatted with them. 

And while they were nice, I never felt part of their group. They all have partners and other interests, so I felt very “outside”.

They invited me to go with them to another bar (underwear party) and against my better judgment– I went.  The only thing worse than being outside a group of guys having fun is being outside in nothing but boots and underwear. 

So I left around midnight. 

Easter Sunday was very uneventful. And again lonesome. Most weekends I relish my “alone time”, but when I see everyone that I know having brunch or doing “friend” activities it just highlighted the fact that I didn’t have those options.

I didn’t even have my gym for an endorphin kick because it’s a Y and it was closed. 

So, yeah.  The weekend just sort of “was”.  But I did manage to sell my couch on Craigslist so there’s that.

More on the couch sitch later. 

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So, we had a bit of a “reorganization” at work this week. This is all part of the continuing shakeup from our new President. Yes, I still have a job. No, it wasn’t anything major. 

But I do have a new boss. 

And fewer direct reports.

My new boss should be easier to work with. He’s pretty laid back and he’s also a family member. And by “family” I mean his family owns the company.  And while that’s the case, he’s super “hands off”.  Kind of the opposite of my last boss. 

I think I should be able to keep him happy. 

I also lost two members of my team– they now report directly to my old boss.  With a dotted line to me, whatever that means. 

It was nice when one of them came down and expressed his displeasure at the reorg because he liked working for me and liked the direction I was taking the department. 

D’awwwww!  The feels!!

I guess it is nice to be appreciated though. 

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First Bike of the Year

I rode my yellow aluminum beauty in to work today. First bike ride of the year. And yes, that corner of my office is a shithole. 

I would have ridden to work sooner, but I was in Mexico during our last stint of nice weather.  Today it’s hitting 70 degrees!!

Other than being dusty, “Dale” had no issues and worked just fine this morning. I did, however, lose my trusty cigarette lighter air pump today while trying to top off the front tire. 

Oh well. It was a Totes brand cheapo thing. Time to get another one. 

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Awesome Concert(s)

So, the Beatles extravaganza is done– and I am relieved. It was a lot of work and I’m ready for a break (and some new music). But I will say this, I also have a bit of a sad because Sunday’s performance was so bloody good!

Overall, all three concerts went very well. Friday’s performance was energetic, but there were a few bobbles here and there. Saturday went better for the chorus as a whole, but the crowd was kind of dead and I think I personally could have done better. And then Sunday’s performance was… Magnificent. 

The chorus was relaxed yet energetic, and the performance was infused with fun. The crowd was way into the show and very appreciative. Every song went really well and all the solos were pitch perfect. And when we sang “Imagine” (not a Beatles song, but…) the crowd gave us a standing O and there were very few dry eyes on stage. I know I got some dust or something in mine. *sniff*

The whole performance reminded me of why I do music. Which was really a welcome feeling. 

The small ensemble I sing in (OutLoud!) also did particularly well on Sunday. Friday and Saturday went well too, but Sunday was the best. And it felt good too.  Yes, that’s me third from the left. 

So. A good time was had by all. And while it’s nice to be done (mostly done, we have two abbreviated outreach performances in two weeks) it’s also a tad bittersweet. 

Oh well. On to the next show!

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I am the Ringo

Ku ku ka choo!

This is a candid taken during a break in our dress rehearsal last night. Yeah, that’s me. The fat Beatle. 

The other three members of the Fab Four are basically skinny bitches– and then there Maude. 

After seeing this pic I thought two things:

1) diet begins Monday

2) dear jebus, I *am* the “Ringo”

After the opening quartet, they have the four of us off to the side miming playing our instruments– I get to “air drum”. God I hope I don’t look like a tool!

Anyway, wish me luck tonight (and Saturday and Sunday). Imma be so ready to be done with this show!!

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Because the wold is round, it turns me on…

Love is old, love is new. Love is all, love is you…

Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry….

This is how our Beatles concert starts this weekend– with the song “Because”.  Sung by a quartet representing the Fab Four. Of which I will be one. 

I’m a tad nervous. 

Imagine if you will: the curtain opens and there are only the four of us, spotlit on the risers, in skinny ties, flop top wigs, and with representational instruments. I’m Ringo.

We make our way down the risers to 4 mica as the piano starts the piece. Then we sing our quartet.

At then end we split off and the “Come Together” medley starts and the chorus comes from behind the risers– up stairs and over the risers in waves.

This could be cool– or could be a train wreck. 

And I’m nervous as fuck to be the fucking opening of the whole goddamn concert!

Tonight is full dress rehearsal, so we’ll get to see how it goes. Although one of our quartet will be missing tonight (work conflict).

Wish me good luck!

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Home Again, Home Again

Being home kinda sucks. I think my mind is still somewhere in Mexico and I’m finding it hard to concentrate at work. Of course part of that could be the fact I got sick the moment I returned. 

At least it held off until I got back. 

Of course now I’m trying to rest up and get healthy because this is chorus week from hell– rehearsals Tuesday and Thursday. Concerts Friday-Sunday. Oh, and band rehearsal this evening. 

It’s a good thing the snot factory has significantly reduced production and my hacking cough has abated.  And my voice has mostly come back. 

And to top it all off, it snowed last night. It was only a few, wet inches, and it won’t last long. But still…

Ah, welcome home. 

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