Thursty Thursday

The “thurst” is real.

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One last time

I’m heading down to my dad’s house in Iowa this weekend to take care of the last little bits prior to the transfer of ownership. Closing is slated for the 27th of this month.

This will probably be the last time I visit this house.

I mean, I kind of hope it is, as I want the sale to go through and for this last hurdle to be cleared. But I’m finding myself having some melancholia, too.

When the house is gone, that’s just one more tether cut. One less imprint from my father’s life. One more mark erased.

There really isn’t much work left for me to do. Just some final pictures to take off the walls. One final trip to goodwill to get rid of odds and ends. Some bedding. Some knickknacks. Some pillows. One last little bit of cleaning for the new owners. Leaving keys and garage door openers. Final courtesies.

It’s time.

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Thursty Thursday


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I am cautiously optimistic that my new diet and exercise regimen is actually having a positive impact. At least I think it is.

It’s almost like I’m Bette Midler in the movie Ruthless People where she’s kidnapped and starts working out like crazy while chained up in the basement and finally manages to lose weight. “I wasn’t sure, but it felt thinner.”

I’m still avoiding the scale, but I do feel thinner.

A small victory was putting on my bonobo trousers today and the waist wasn’t tight like it has been. The pants actually feel comfortable. And my jeans yesterday actually felt a bit loose.

How nice is it to have your clothes fit appropriately! I mean, it’s hard to feel good about yourself (let alone sexy) when your clothing is too tight which just highlights your problem areas.

Speaking of feeling sexy…

An added benefit of getting more fit is that I seem to be getting noticed more… by men. Handsome men. (And technically women, too).

Guys at the gym seem to be making eye contact and smiling more. Several who have never seemed to give me the time of day before. I even caught one of them checking out my ass in the locker room last night! I’m also noticing random guys (and girls) in stores smiling and nodding, like when I’m at Target.

This definitely is an ego booster and a day brightener.

All of this is just the positive reinforcement I need to keep going with the diet and workouts. And who knows? I’m I’m fit enough by our Christmas concert, I “may” participate in the silver bears production number (which will be scantily clad).

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More shit.

Figuratively and literally.

We’re getting down to the short rows when it comes to the sale of my father’s house. It’s now all the last little bits of inspections and repairs– and final cleaning.

Last Friday was the purging and inspection of the septic system. While the tank itself is fine- the septic needed a recharging of the peat system. Evidently this is a different type of septic that doesn’t have a drain field. Or some such.

At the end of the day it’s yet more money to fix.

Which is on top of the other little inspection things that the seller would like money toward at closing.


However, all things are still a “go” so I was down this past weekend to visit the lawyers to sign a bunch of sale documents. I was also down to tackle the last push of cleaning.


I opted for one of those “bagster” dumpsters. You buy them at Home Depot and you fill them with building materials and other crap, then you call and waste management hauls them away. For a fee of course.

I figured I had enough remaining crap to fill up one. I filled TWO, and there is still a small amount left.

There was way more squirreled away in the 3 car garage than I had anticipated. And also in the utility room. And a couple spare closets.

This doesn’t count the regular waste bin and the recycle bin that I filled. Nor does it include the two trips to goodwill that I made to donate kitchenware and blankets and camping gear and….

Needless to say, I’m pooped.

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Thursty Thursday

Num yummy!

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Fifty, Nifty, and Thriving!

So. I’m fifty.

Yeah yeah, I know. Age is a state of mind. You’re only as old as you feel. 50 is the new 30. Daddies are so in right now. Blah blah blah.

I just don’t like this number. It “feels” old. Even if I act like a teenager, I’m viewed as old by society in general. AARP. Less employable. Closer to retirement. All of it.

Me no likey.

As a preemptive strike, about 3 weeks before my birthday I had a serious talk with myself. It came after weighing myself at a rotund 230 pounds.

230! After walking every day at lunch. And biking to work almost every day. And working out at the gym a minimum of 5 days a week. And I’ve watched the needle steadily creep up and up over the past few years.

Enough was enough though. I was turning 50. It was time for a serious change. My current methods weren’t cutting it (obviously).

So I signed up for the 60 day fitness challenge at the gym. They help you with workouts and diet and training. And I started working with a personal trainer to give me ideas to break up my routine.

I’ve started doing more weights. More strength training. Different cardio. High intensity workouts that get my pulse going.

My diet has been greatly altered. Much more protein. More raw vegetables. More leafy greens. Some fresh fruit and berries. Some muscle milk smoothies. No cereal. Basically no bread. No sweets. No processed sugars. Limited dairy (I still eat yogurt and some cheese).

The good news? I feel better. Joints and back and other areas don’t seem to be bothering me. I’m more mobile with better ranges of motion. I think I look thinner (and a couple people have said I do) and my clothes are feeling less snug. I also think I may be sleeping better as a benefit.

The bad news? The scale is my enemy. I’d been avoiding it, because I didn’t want to be disappointed. But the other day I dared it. And was disappointed.

The needle has moved. And downward. Just not that far.

My goal is to get to 200. I honestly should probably weigh 185 or so for my frame. But that would mean seriously leaning out. I’d settle for two bills. Hell, I’d even settle for 210 and my 70’s sweaters fitting better this fall.

So- there is more work to be done. I have about 30 more days in the challenge. And more personal training sessions coming up.

I just want to go into this winter set up to not bloat like I always do. And it would be nice to start my 2020 New Years resolutions with something other than weight loss.

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More Key West

A buffet of pics from my trip:

Lounging with my morning coffee.

Yes, the pool had a disco ball– as a gay pool should

The ocean was very calm

Cock was literally everywhere down there. This one even was red, white, and blue!

And iguanas?? This thing scampered up that palm tree with its tiny claws…..

There was a line- so this was close enough for me.

Peeps from the resort. Carl and Bryan.

Dinner for one at Mangia Mangia

Some of my food: fillet of hogfish, and cracked conch tacos!

Typical pool views.

My favorite bartender- Dani. He’s Cuban.

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Well, here I am– a fifty year old. Not really enjoying the sound of it. I did manage to have a good 50th b-day party, so there’s that.

While at my resort in Key West (Island House), I met quite a few people. They were mostly couples, as I tend to find couples more approachable than other single men. Not sure why that is, but I think it’s because there really isn’t any sexual expectation as they’re already together. So They tend to be more comfy, so I can relax. Or some such.

Anyway, Blake and Sean were going out to Monkey Bar for karaoke on Sunday night and said I should join them. So I did.

While there I met another guy (straight, Named Corey) who was also turning 50 soon who was traveling by himself. He was super nice and very comfortable with the gays– he even ended up buying the bar a round of shots on my birthday. More on that in a minute.

Blake and Sean and some other guys from the resort showed up and we all started drinking and karaoke-ing and having a gay old time.

When the clock struck midnight, I was wished happy birthday loudly, the karaoke host sang “You day its your birthday” while I played tambourine. The whole bar then sang happy birthday to me. And then I was feted with birthday shots and a free beer. (And the whole bar got a shot courtesy of Corey).

I sang like 5 songs, the best being “Don’t Rain On My Parade”. Crushed it. And Sean and I sang the “Whole new World” duet.

It was a lovely, spontaneous, and fun way to celebrate my milestone birthday and it’s probably my favorite memory from the trip. It was probably also the best birthday I’ve had in many years.

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Eastward Westward Ho!

Tomorrow at this time I should be lounging by a pool in Key West. Or drinking by the pool. Or eating a leisurely lunch enjoying tropical breezes.

I. Am. Excited!

I haven’t been on a true vacation in awhile– I think the last was a long weekend in Palm Springs which may have been two years ago now.

The last time I was by an ocean? Puerto Vallarta, and that has to be 4 or 5 years ago. So I’m due.

I am very much looking forward to a relaxing and semi-debaucherous time. I’ll be staying at the clothing optional Island House, which is continually rated as one of the best gay resorts in the world. Who knows- I may even go naked!

I’m also celebrating a couple things.

One is my big 5-0. The other is that my dad’s house went under contract today and if everything goes well, the house will be closed upon at the end of September. Which is really excellent news.

Also, the people getting the house want me to leave not only the furniture but garage crap as well! How awesome is THAT?

So yeah. Once I arrive I’m gonna get as naked as I want, have a big ol gay fruity drink, swim in a pool, lounge, read, and maybe meet some new friends.

I almost can’t sit still!

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