Work Dreams

Does anyone else dream about work?

I’m not even sure if it’s dreaming, per se. But I’ll wake up at 4:30 am, and my mind will fill with work crap as I’m drifting in and out of consciousness. It kinda sucks.

Before I go to bed, I try the directed dreaming crap. I repeat to myself that I will NOT dream about work. I breathe in and out and as I exhale I instruct myself to clear my mind and let go of work stuff. I’ll even try to imagine fun scenarios that I would rather dream about. Like finding a nice guy.

Still, just about every night I have some kind of work dream. Or my mind starts focusing on tasks I need to do.

Which is only slightly better than those dark dreams I have when I’m searching for something (people, car, place to be) and I can’t get there and I struggle to move forward because it’s like I’m in quicksand.

Yeah. That.

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Happy(?) Pride

The older I get, the more I realize that Pride weekend is really geared more the younger gay crowd. Gays with energy to burn. Gays with friends. Gays that like crowds.

I just can’t do the Saloon block party, with the 40 dollar cover tickets and the crowds 7 deep at the bars and 12 deep at the restrooms. I don’t have the energy to do concerts of B level artists. Even the park, with the crowds and the commercialization are too much for me.

Maybe I’m just too introverted or to curmudgeonly to get into Pride anymore. I don’t even go to the parade because of the hassle and parking and crowds and standing. And the fact that it always takes hours to go by. And starts late (aka gay time).

Yes I know the Pride display is important. The parade is important. And for many it’s transformative and impactful. I cried at my first couple parades. But now? Now I just use the time to go to the gym because it’s quiet.

This isn’t to say that I avoided Pride altogether. I did the Beer Dabbler which is my favorite event. It feels less like a specific pride event and more of a festival. It’s outdoors in the sculpture gardens and is very chill.

And I did get invited ti a pool party on Sunday which is more my speed. Sun, drinking, tunes, and relaxing by a pool. That I can handle.

If you celebrated Pride this past weekend, I hope yours was fun and exciting and that you got to hang with good friends.

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Because it’s Pride and because fuck you Supreme Court and all that enabled you.

Rub a dub
Tongue action
Yeah— it’s pierced.
Keep going….
My suspender slipped
Epic beard.
You bored?
Yer pipes are clogged…
Hit the showers, bro
Crop tease
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Summer Solstice

Oh happy day! I love the light and that this is our longest day. Our sunset is at 9:03 pm here, but the violet-cerulean dusk will linger until 9:45 or later. I love that summer has officially begun- even though we got summer weather last week (finally). And Pride week starts here.

All good things- including the heat and humidity.

But this time of year also beings a tinge of sadness. Because I know after today we start to lose about a minute of daylight a day. And while it won’t be noticeable for awhile, I know it’s happening. And we’re sliding toward our king winter again.

By August I’ll definitely notice the change. August is always my melancholy month, as it’s the end of Summer. Which Definitely makes me sad.

But for now, I’m going to celebrate the light and enjoy the summer. And Pride. I have a beer dabbler event, and two pool parties to attend.

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Happy Pre Pride Friday

I’ve had a busy week, concerts are happening, and then I’m off Juneteenth (work holiday!!). So to kick things off- how about a parade of manflesh?

Hey dad
This oar that
(This is sooo my type!)
Keep smilin’
Cheeky monkey!
Yeah. They’re pierced.
Phresh gold chainz
Futures so bright….
I’m sleepy….
Whut bro?
Save my life, ginger bear
Nice pelt
I’ll take a punchin’
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An honest to goodness Broadway star

This week is “concert week from hell” for the gay chorus. Rehearsals Tuesday-Thursday, shows Friday and Saturday, and a promo appearance Saturday morning. I’m already burnt out.


This should be a good show. It’s called “Avenue Queer” and it’s our Pride show. It takes its cue from Avenue Q and is a Broadway mashup show: everything from Book of Mormon to Annie Get Your Gun, with some Sondheim sprinkled in.

We used a local gay playwrite to make a script for a female vocalist and two “puppets” a la Avenue Q who narrate a journey of self discovery. There are poignant letters, dance numbers, songs, and laughs.

And Britney Coleman.

She’s fresh in from the Tony Awards, where she performed with her cast. She’s currently in Company on Broadway. Yeah… she good.

She also sings several solo numbers as well as songs with us. She stands out on I Hate The Bus, Getting Married Today, and She Used to be Mine. She also sings Unbreakable with us as backup.

I got the privilege of sitting in the house last night (I’m an understudy and was watching blocking) and watch her. And listen to her. Damn she has a beautiful voice. Like amazing. I could listen to her sing for hours.

But it’s also cool to watch a Broadway talent up close and in person. There’s just a different wattage about them. They’re mesmerizing. So confident. So commanding. So comfortable up there.

I really hope people come out to see the show. She alone is worth the price of admission.

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2¢ on the 2nd

If you want to get me revved up and push my buttons, just bring up “yer second amendment right to own gunz”. Yeah, nothing gets me riled up faster than people just using a blanket statement of “it’s my right” to justify why we can’t ban assault weaponry or enact stricter gun laws.

First things first, let’s look at the actual amendment, shall we?

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Most of our congresspeople and definitely all the ammosexuals conveniently ignore the whole first part of the amendment. With words like “well regulated” “Militia” “security of a free State”. Yes, the 2nd amendment was written so that everyday citizens could take up arms and form a citizen army to come to the defense of their State should there be a threat.

The 2nd was also written at a time when the anti-federalists were dead set against having a national Military. Welp, guess what? We have the US ARMY, Navy, Air Force, and Marines now. And it’s the largest, most well-funded military in the world.

Putting that fact aside, let’s look at the “well regulated militia” part. The amendment very clearly states the militia made of the states citizens needs to be WELL REGULATED. Trained. Monitored. Governed. Controlled. So, explain to me how a teenager buying an AR 15 and tins of ammo so he can shoot up a school is “well regulated”? And how is he part of a Militia?

(Note the capital M on words like Militia. And a in State. The founding fathers were very exact with their language and the capital letters mean extra importance. Militia- capital M is an official Militia. Not a bunch of guys in Michigan who want to kidnap a governor).

Also— guess what? In this day and age we DO have well regulated State Militias already. They’re called the “National Guard”.

So, what exactly am I saying? I’m not saying take every single gun. If people want a rifle or shotgun for hunting? Great. Go through a process of a background check, pay registration fees annually, go through a mandatory gun safety training for your license, and carry gun owner insurance.

Same as everyone has to do if they want to drive a car in this country.

If you are a law abiding citizen and want to own a gun, this should not be any problem for you. I’m not suggesting infringing on your right to own one, I’m merely saying follow the second amendment and regulate it.

If you want to own an assault rifle? Join the National Guard (aka Militia) and let the State vet you for a minimum of 2 years to see if you can handle owning a gun meant for people hunting.

This would boost national guard enlistment and give folks gun training as part of a “well regulated Militia.”

All of what I have proposed follows the 2nd Amendment in order to support the well regulated Militia parts.

Now- here’s where I get more punitive.

If you own a gun, and ANY minor in is able to access that gun and uses it in a harmful way or commits a crime with it, then the owner of the gun needs to be automatically charged as an accessory to the crime. Same goes for any gun owner who has an adult household member gains access to their firearm.

Look- if you want to own a gun? Fine. But you get all the responsibility that comes with it. Keeping it locked up and inaccessible to those who may accidentally or purposefully seek to do harm with it. Personally I’d love to see parents in court for manslaughter because their kid accessed their loose gun and shot a neighbor friend because they were “playing”.

I don’t think anything I’ve proposed is outlandish, and it works within the framework of the existing amendment. The words are there- if only our lawmakers would take up the mantle of gun regulation.

And hey- if you don’t like the new laws I propose, then lawsuits can work their way up to the Supreme Court, where it can be adjudicated. As our system intended.

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Another Concert in the Books

This is a busy fucking month, but Pride months often are.

Last night was the second concert in as many weeks for the Chamber Singers. And again, it went pretty darn well.

Lavender mafia?

This one was at St Joan of Arc Catholic Church. They have a “concert series” where they do concerts about once a month. Ticketed events with roughly 350 people in attendance or so. This was the final in the series and was celebrating pride month. All the performers were gay which included their director of music, Ann Reed (local folk singer/song writer), OutLoud!, and the Chamber Singers. Both the last groups are the small ensembles from the gay chorus.

The whole concert was good. Really good. I was especially impressed with Ann Reed. Her music is on iTunes. Good songs/lyrics. Really nice voice. Very Joni Mitchell, only lesbianier. if you give any a listen, check out If Yiu We’re Mine. It’s sweet and poignant and quite lovely. She sang it last night— all the feels.

Chamber did an abbreviated set from the previous weekend, and everything went really well again. My only regret is that we had to cancel the one song I was most looking forward to because our soprano soloist got Covid.

So rainbow! (Missing 2 people).

I’m glad the concert went well, but it is just the start of an exceptionally long week for me. This is the week for the big Chorus pride concert. So rehearsals Tuesday -Thursday. Concerts Friday and Saturday. Then I’m fucking DONE. At least until September.

Yup. Dat me in a pink bow tie.
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Lazy Sunday

As I wait for my coffee to brew, I thought I’d clean out a few photos of hot menz

Hey slugger
Web cam
Spring bike ride
Meat rack
Hydration is important
You want me… to take them off?
Bath time is important
Just stretchin….
Bubble bath
Iced coffee in the bathroom?
Living for this look
I volunteer as tribute!
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Chamber Concert

This past weekend I sang in the TCGMC (twin cities gay mens chorus) Chamber concert. It was part of a special performance series at the Lakewood Memorial Chapel. And it went really well.

The chapel is on the grounds of Lakewood Cemetery. It’s this ornate, octagonal, rococo(?) (Byzantine?) structure- domed and adorned with mosaic tiles. Nice acoustics. Seating for about 130. And it was a ticketed event.

We used it as a springboard for Pride month, but also it was I believe the first time the gay mens chorus had been invited to perform as part of the series. And we done brought it!

A bit of a different audience that we got to perform in front of (not out typical gay concert goers), and they were very appreciative. They even wanted an encore – which we weren’t prepared for!

We sang an eclectic mix— a cappella and accompanied. Modern pieces with dense chords. Classic liturgical music. African spiritual. Shaker shape note. Broadway. Billy Joel. a couple short, humorous songs.

It’s probably the best I’ve felt about a concert in awhile. Every song went well- probably the best we’ve performed as a group on all of them (Dave perhaps the Biebl Ave Maria).

It’s going to be difficult to not sing with them next year. In my mind I’ve decided that I need a break. Chamber rehearsals and additional requirements just add a lot of stress. And not a lot of bang for the buck.

I may re-evaluate my decision next fall. But so far, I need space. So I better make this next concert (this coming Saturday) count.

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