Woofy Wednesday

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Womp Womp…..

Date didn’t happen. He cancelled. 

In fairness, he had to leave town suddenly for work, so…..

At least he let me know far enough in advance that I was able to just have a normal Monday evening. So that part was good. 

And he was sufficiently contrite and has offered to buy me dinner next time. We’ll see about that– I may just stick to drinks for now. 

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Date Night?

Although I’m jinxing it by typing this– I have a kinda sorta date tonight.  I mean, I guess it’s a date?  It’s meeting for a drink after the gym… that’s sort of a date, right?

Or just maybe a meet-n-greet?

I don’t know. I sorta suck at this.

Not having had any date practice for the last 7 years or so kinda leaves one a bit rusty. And when you had That one date which went so profoundly bad, it leaves you sort of gun shy. 

Which is probably why I usually default to “dates”.  Of the horizontal kind. If you catch my drift. 

Those kind are so much easier. I mean, when the dome light comes on, they know it’s time to leave. 

Easy sleazy. 

But tonight is actual drinks in a bar. Go figure. And that’s easy enough… right? Although I am a wee bit nervous as it’s a half-blind date. 

What is a half-blind date, you ask?  Well, it’s one where one person knows quite a bit about the other, and the other one doesn’t really know much about the first one. 

It’s confusing, I know.

We shall see how it goes. 

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From Who to Woof

Okaaaaaaay, so I may have developed a wee crush on someone in the chorus. And he’s in my section. 

Lord help me. 

He’s new this year, and when he auditioned I didn’t really zero in on him much. I remember him from his audition and I know he’s a friend of a chorus member, but that was about it. 

I mean, he’s a fresh-faced, thin, younger guy and he was kind of quiet and shy, so he was flying below my radar. 

But I forgot how intimidating a room full of 130 gay men can be…..

But now time has passed and he’s come a bit more out of his shell.  And he’s grown a thick beard.  And now he’s gone from semi-nerdy/cute to full on hottie otter. And then when you add his Harry Potter glasses….


And it doesn’t help that he gets all my pop cultural references, and find my silence of the lambs chopstick routine funny. 

And he’s a bit of a goofball– like I am. 

But he’s far too young for me. And most likely partnered. And probably wouldn’t be interested in an old, grey man anyway. 

And he’s probably a bottom. 


Le sigh………

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Woofy Wednesday

A veritable cornucopia of menz for you today. A little pre-thanksgiving snack. 

And now the stuffing…






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Huggin’ Those Curves

I’m just gonna put this here….

There is just something very erotic about this- riding fast and naked, engine throbbing, wind whipping bare skin….

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Another Outreach

One of the things the gay chorus does is that it takes its mission of “building community through music” on the road. Yesterday we journeyed to St. Cloud to perform. 

St Cloud is about an hour northwest of the cities– definitely “red” country.   We went up there to sing a benefit concert to raise money for the local PFLAG chapter so they can work toward getting a house for at risk youth. 

A worthy cause. 

The concert went well, and it was well received by the audience. The Chamber Singers also reprised some of their music from the previous week’s concert and our selections went really well.  I think there was an audible “Oh!” From the audience at one particularly pretty moment, and the applause for “We Are” was resounding. 

It was a bit of a challenging space to sing in. It was a big, open, high-peaked sanctuary of cement block and metal. And the Dias was thrust out far enough that there wasn’t any sound reflection.

It was like singing in a sound vacuum. 

Side note: The more I sing in different environments, the more I notice and appreciate good acoustics. Not all spaces are conducive to a good performing and/or listening experience. 

But we prevailed (the full chorus had an easier time as they filled more of the space), and it was a good concert experience. 

It was also a good practice run for much of our music for our upcoming Christmas Spectacular.

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Woofy Wednesday 

I’m horngry!

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Brace for snow in 3… 2…

Well, evidently our ridiculously long autumn is coming to a screeching halt this coming weekend. A big storm is in the way- slated to hit on Friday/Saturday. 

Thankfully it’s supposed to be much worse to the north and west of us. But still– snow. 

Hell, we haven’t even dipped below freezing yet, thus setting a record for the longest growing season up here. But then the bottom drops out on us. 

It’s going to feel quite cold. 


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Chamber Concert

With the election results and my work climate, it was nice to have musical distractions this weekend. 

First was an all day rehearsal on Saturday. This was with the chorus to help prepare us for the upcoming Christmas concert. It was a good day of singing. (Oh, and yours truly may or may not get to open all the concerts by being a ham.)

On Sunday was the Chamber Singer’s fundraising concert. We sang a short concert to help raise money for a youth homeless shelter in the metro area. 

The concert went very well and the folks were very appreciative. I just hope we raised some good money!

Other than that, I’ve been kind of in “hibernation mode”.  With so much crap going on, sometimes it’s just easier to hole up in my condo and just read. 

(Which I did and I finished the next book for “book club” already).

Phoebe lounging on my shoulders on Sunday.

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