I have a fascination with the South Pacific. Not the musical (I hate that thing) but the place. Specifically French Polynesia. Tahiti. Bora Bora. 

And Mo’orea. 

I’m not sure why I’m specifically drawn to Mo’orea– I think it was featured in a National Geographic in my youth and I became hypnotized by the beauty.  Or maybe because it is rumored to be the inspiration for Bali Hai. 

Recently a friend traveled to Bora Bora and his Facebook pictures reawakened my desire to see this area of the world.

It almost doesn’t look real….

Doesn’t it?  I mean, how can these colors exist without photoshop???  

And from all accounts, photos don’t do the place justice.
I feel I need to see this place for myself. I want to hike those peaks and laze on the beaches and kayak the lagoons and snorkel ans swim with sea turtles and Dory and Nemo and get lei’d.

Oh!  And there’s even The Mo’orea Dolphin Center (the only natural dolphin sanctuary) where you can swim with them!

I know that the Caribbean has similar islands and colors and beauty. And it’s a helluva lot closer. And Hawaii is also Polynesian and beautiful.  And also closer. 

But there’s something about Tahiti and Mo’orea and the South Pacific that tugs at my heart. 

Bali Ha’i may call you

Any night, any day

In your heart, you’ll hear it call you

“Come away, come away”

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After a week of spring weather and record breaking temps, we have a winter storm bearing down on us.  And we might get fucked!

I mean, just look at the shape of the snow band!

Right now, nobody knows how much snow we’re gonna get. The models keep changing so I’ve heard anything from 4″ to 20″.  So we’re just gonna have to wait and see. 

It’s slated to start later tonight and go through Friday.  I just really hope it isn’t a huge amount. I have an all day chorus rehearsal Saturday and Sunday I’m heading down to help mom with hip surgery.  

Let’s just hope this storm is more of a “snoke” and less of a “CherSNOWbyl”.

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Woofy Wednesday

With all our springlike weather, I’m in the mood for love…

Especially with this one. Hubba!!

And one last one to grow on:

Trophy indeed. 

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Let’s get soakin’ wet!

So I tested the whole “waterproof to 50m” thing yesterday by wearing my new Apple Watch in the shower at the gym.

It worked!

Takes a licking but keeps on ticking, baby!

With all my watches (even watches like a Tag, Swatch, or Swiss Army) I’ve always avoided getting them wet even if they say they are water resistant. I just didn’t want to risk it. 

But Fuck. The Apple commercial shows people surfing and swimming with the damn watch on so…

Anyway. It worked. 

Oh!  And there’s a new “mindfulness” feature on this watch. It has you still your kind and focus on your breathing for one minute, then it gives your pulse rate. 

Very zen. Me likey. 

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Everything Old Is…

New again?

Especially when you buy a new “something”. When you had an old “something” but you sold it on eBay. 

And that “something” is an Apple Watch. 

Yes, I’m an idiot and a conspicuous consumer and mercurial and everything else you want to label me.  Judge away. 

I really have no excuse– except that this is the newer model that’s waterproof to 50m and has better GPS. 

And I like the band. 

I blame Kyle as he keeps taking me into Apple stores during errands and the watches are just there– you know?  Beconing. All shiny and techy.  

So this time I succumbed. 

I think my issue last time was that I had great expectations for how the watch would integrate into my life and maybe replace my phone and do all sorts of cool stuff that I hadn’t dreamed of yet. And it just… didn’t. 

It was kind of clunky and the interface was a tad clumsy and it just didn’t do anything very cool. 

So I grew disappointed and I got rid of it. 

This time I look at the watch as a time piece/fitness tracker. That can also check texts, emails, and answer a phone call. 

Oh- and sort of browse through Jack’d profiles– if one was into that sort of thing. 

This is also the Nike version with running app integration which I hope to use as I’ve started running a bit. I’m also hoping it works as a good carrot for my overall fitness goals. 

We’ll see. Time will tell. 


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I am weak

I am super focused on weight loss and diet right now– I have been Since January second.  Mostly I’ve been really good. 

With occasional failures. 

Like last night. 

When I had pizza. 

I got home after working out and I was tired and feeling grody. And I was hungry dammit!  So I had a small salad– and pizza. 

I felt gross afterward. And was disappointed because I over-ate. 

Just so everyone knows, I’ve been mostly eating salads at night with protein (tuna).  Or yogurt and almonds. Some cheese. Breakfast is either high fiber cereal and unsweetened coconut milk, or peanut butter toast. 

I don’t drink alcohol or soda. I stopped eating sweets. I have eliminated buying bagels and chips. I drink water.

And I’m working out 6 days a week with cardio AND some lifting. On nice days I’m walking at lunch, too. 

My weight still isn’t really budging much, which is proving to be quite frustrating. 

Hence the pizza breakdowns. 

Grrr. I feel fat today. 

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Woofy Wednesday

After yesterday, I think we all need a pick me up:

And damn would I like to unwrap this package!

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Happy Valentine’s Day

I customized some candy hearts for you:

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It’s that time of year again, when a middle-aged man’s thoughts turn to (you guessed it) tax refunds. 

I always do my taxes in early February; it seems as good a time as any. Plus, I’m usually anxious to get my money back that I’ve been loaning the government. 

My taxes are pretty easy– I’m single, don’t have kids or dependents, I don’t have foreign investments, I don’t have income from other states, I didn’t pull any money out of investments, etc. So for me it’s a few clicks and boom. Done. 

All my refund is going into savings. I’m really trying to beef up my “rainy day” account. This is my savings that I have sitting in a money market account for emergencies. Like if I lose my job, etc.

Pundits say you should have a six month savings safety net– just in case. I’m pretty darn close to that.  I might even be able to stretch to eight but I’d have to be frugal.

With the uncertainties of the Trump regime, I’m being very fiscally conservative. No crazy spending on art or vacations. Just squirreling it all away.

This is also why I wanted to do my taxes now– before he shuts down the IRS or something. 

So– taxes done. Returns accepted. Now just waiting for my direct deposit. 

And that was pretty much the highlight of my weekend. 

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The weighting game

As with millions of other people, I made a resolution this year to lose weight. I’m getting older and the pounds just seem to accumulate. My clothes fir poorly. And I’m convinced that if I can lose 25 lbs, it will put me in a “dateable range”.

So I set goals at the beginning of the year. 

Not just some nebulous goals, but definite lbs and timelines.  I want to be under 220 by my trip to Kansas City in late March.  And hopefully hitting 210 around June. 

So far it’s been… frustrating. 

While I’ve managed to lose 11 lbs to date– I’m sort of stuck now. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to budge the needle, at least not easily.  I’ve modified my diet and eating schedule, and I’ve amped up cardio with some running. I am also lifting more weights. 

But still I’m stuck.  And disappointed. 

And my clothes don’t feel any more loose. 

I’m almost to the point of trying “diet pills” to help me “magically burn fat”.  

Regardless, I have got to get to 200 lbs, or below. My future health (and dating potential) is at stake!

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