Woofy Wednesday

I happened to catch some beach volleyball this weekend and promptly fell in love with Brazilian player Alison Cerutti:

They call him the Mammoth– because of the tattoo… and his size.

Everyone looks better wet. Especially him. And damn, that’s a lot of real estate to towel off!

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I succumbed…

I’m now “one of them”. An Apple Watch person. 

I’ve heard lots of feedback about the watch– both positive and less than positive. But I was out running errands with Kyle and he needed to stop at the Apple Store for an appointment, and one thing led to another…. 

Don’t judge!  It’s better than buying a gun, right?

Perhaps I was at a “I want a new toy” point this weekend. Or perhaps it’s that Apple bombards you with subliminal messages in the store and the longer you are there, the more you just *want* something. 

Resistance is futile. 

Anyway, now I own one. It’s pretty decent as far as elegant tech goes. It can’t replace a phone, but it makes you need to access the phone less.  I’ve been using the watch to text (via voice), check email, respond to email (via voice), look at my calendar, look at weather, and review daily exercise. 

But I’m still trying to figure out what cool “must haves” I absolutely must have.

I’m still waiting to take a call on my wrist. 

The only negative thing (so far) is that all communication has to be spoken aloud. So sexting via the watch is very limited. As would any other personal type communiqués.

Although you can draw fun penises and send them to friends:

I also like having maps on my wrist. And a watch that displays the temp and my calendar. 

I guess we’ll just have to see how much I end up using it. 

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Free Friday

It’s a gorgeous day and I have the day off.  Naturally that means I have my day chock full of activity.

First is getting Vince in for his service appointment. Just the warranty oil and fluid changes and a checkup before winter sets in. 

Next is getting my tux dropped off for some repair work and cleaning.  And maybe some breakfast. 

Then comes coffee roasting, laundry, and reorganizing my closet (with movement of my bedding to the new under bed storage drawer.

Also, I want to clean up my older Mac and free up some disk space. Methinks there is a lot of crap that can be deleted from the hard drive.

Then in the early afternoon I plan on driving my old, janky bed to a disposal site. 

Later in the afternoon, I will hit the gym, then bike over to happy hour at the Eagle.

There may be more on the docket, if I can wedge it in.  Which should dramatically free up my time on Saturday and Sunday for fun. 

Boy do I like free Fridays!

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It’s Perfect. 

My new bed was delivered today. It’s beautiful and is even more perfect that I envisioned. 

Oh– and yes. It’s been broken in. 

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Woofy Wednesday

I’ve decided a new feature of this blog will be pictures of guys I find absolutely woofalicious.

Hat tip to Adam for sending me a link to these gentlemen—

^^ this one is a “lock him in the bedroom for a weekend and don’t let him up for air” guy

^^ Let’s play “prison sex”!

 ^^ Let’s go hiking and get lost….

^Glamour Shots never looked so good  
 (^^I have a hipster “buddy”– ahem– who looks almost exactly like this.  And yes, it’s mind-blowing.)
^^ what’s with the life preserver  
^^ he’s ready for a Minnesota winter

^ Gingerlicious
^^I wanna be his wedding”plus 1″  
^^ this one is a “take home to meet momma” guy

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I really don’t know if I believe in fate or kismet or serendipity or coincidence or whatever, but sometimes things just happen.  And it does leave me questioning…

Like today. 

Today is like the most gorgeous fall day. Sunny. 80. Light breeze.  Low humidity. Perfect. But I had a damn band concert to play at 1:30. 

Well, at least the band concert was outdoors, right?  (P.S. it went really well.)

But on the way to the band concert I noticed all sorts of road construction that would end up impeding my journey home. So, after the concert, I took an alternate route home. 

Which just so happened to take me past the Room & Board Outlet.  And I thought “Even though it’s late on Saturday, I should stop in. Cuz you never know.”

So I stopped. 

And ended up buying a bed for 60% off. 

*** record scratch***


Yeah- ever since I bought my cheapo platform bed online (O.co) ive sort of regretted it. Because of this I’ve painted the bed (twice!), added architectural detail, and then steam punked it. Nothing quite made me like it more. 

So I’ve been passively “bed shopping”.  Online sites, R&B outlet, Restoration hardware, etc. Sure my current bed is fine, so there wasn’t any urgency. But I did need an upgrade (read as: I wanted an upgrade).

In my mind I had a general idea of what I wanted:  good headboard, fewer hard edges, storage, still a platform or bed that doesn’t need a box spring, modernist, and no fabrics that could easily stain.  Ahem. 

So for 6 months or more I have basically been keeping my eye out for a bed that fit this criteria. 
Which then brings me to today–  taking a different route home and randomly stopping the R&B Outlet on the most gorgeous day of fall when I should have rushed home to go biking but instead shopped a selection which had avoided being picked over by virtue of the weather and…

It’s a distressed, smoke grey leather bed, with a pullout storage drawer!!  I’ve been covering the pullout storage drawer solution forever– perfect for storing bedding and my box of sexytimes accoutrement!  And my bedroom is painted grey.

And because there is a dent in the leather (someone leaned a corner of something up against the headboard), the bed was marked down 63%.  63 fucking percent!

I just couldn’t pass it up.

It gets delivered on Thursday. 


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I’m Just Wild About…



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Things I want

The ink. The fur. The muscles. The beard.  The smolder.

I would die happy. 

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Li’l B*Hole Comix 

Just because I care enough to send the very b*holest!








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For Mah Birfday

My birthday was awhile back, but I really didn’t get anything. But I forgive you all. 

To make it up to me, you can chip in and get me this:

And it’s just my size!

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