Woofy Wednesday

A smorgasbord of smut:



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My Michael Breyette pastel is finally framed and is now ensconced on my bedroom wall.  Isn’t it pretty??

I chose a “museum type” frame to mimic the frames in the background art in the piece. I also went without a mat (mainly because I’m not a fan of matting).

I think the frame and colors work really well. 

And here’s where I placed it– in my bedroom above my dresser. It was basically one of the last bits of space I had for artwork.  

The bonus is that this is the view as I lay in bed. It’s sort of a “man wall”. 

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Woofy Wednesday



Everyone looks better wet. 

Oh my…..

So. Much. Yaaaaas. 

 And a couple not safe for work….

God I love Umbro shorts. 

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So, I may have a new favorite Twins player:  Trevor Plouffe. 

I remember seeing him in his rookie year, and he was handsome in a “young, dorky, pro baseball player” way. But as he gets some mileage on him….


He’s gotten thicker, less gawky. And yummy. 

And his beard does all kinds of things for me. ALL kinds. 

If the twins keep sucking, perhaps he’ll need some consoling.

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23 Skidoo.

Hey, remember a week or so ago boosted about this handsome 23 year old boy with whom I found myself smitten?

Well, long story short- he’s moved on. 

His texting all but stopped, and I haven’t seen him in like two weeks. I would drop him a text like every third day or so, to check in and all I would get in response were things like “nah, I think I’m gonna stay in tonight” or “I already have plans with friends”.

Yesterday (as Wednesdays have typically been our get together days) in a brief text exchange he let me know that he’s met someone his age that he quite likes. 

So, yeah. That’s that. 

Now I’m kicking myself because even though I knew a 23 year old was a bad bet, I placed the bet anyway. 


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Woofy Wednesday

Wants and needs. 

And finally, a not safe for work one:



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One of my favorite things in life is to accidentally stumble upon new music (or at least new-to-me music) that I fall hopelessly in love with.  And my newest love affair is with a group called Elbow. 

If Peter Gabriel and Radiohead had a love child and they used Kate Bush as their nanny, Elbow would be their prodigal progeny. 

My first brush with them was courtesy of the song “Blanket of Night”, which was used at a particularly poignant moment at the end of an episode of “Limitless” (my new favorite show).

Anyway, I heard the song and immediately lept to my phone to Shazam it. Which then led to an iTunes download. Which led to Wikipedia. Which led to more downloads– specifically the critically acclaimed album “The Seldom Seen Kid”.

Which I simply cannot get enough of. 

The music is simply gorgeous- lush and interesting and the lead singer’s voice has this rich, husky quality that marries perfectly with the overall sound. And that sound is evocative and emotive and epic 

And as for the lyrics?

Pure poetry. 

This is a group that writes the music to surround the poetic lines, not lyrics to fit a musical hook. They don’t concern themselves with writing 3 minute, derivative and forgettable pop songs. Nope, Elbow writes music. 

I keep unearthing gems in their songs as I delve in with headphones– things that lyrically grab me and make me smile:

We took the town to town last night; We kissed like we invented it


The violets explode inside me when I meet your eyes, then I’m spinning and I’m diving like a cloud of starlings… Darling is this love?


And the street is singing with my feet, And dawn gives me a shadow I know to be taller. 


Paper cup of the boat, heaving chest of the sea, carry both of us–  or swallow her, swallow me

These are but little snippets from the larger brilliance, and when you hear them with the music… Ah. 

Mirror all is my current “can’t stop listening” song, although Starlings is close. And I keep retuning to “Blanket of Night”. So poignant. 

If you are looking for good music, I highly recommend Elbow (and the entire Seldom Seen Kid album).

PS. It also works really well as background music for Adult Funtime. 

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I know a guy in chorus who hooked me up with free tickets to the American Craft show in St Paul this weekend. 

It was a large expose featuring all sorts of artists and craftspeople– most local. Everything from woodworking to furniture making to textiles to ceramics to jewelry (lots of jewelry). Everything was pretty high quality, but only a couple vendors caught my eye. 

Scott McGlasson of Woodsport was one of them. 

I walked by and was instantly drawn to his furniture.  Clean. Simple. Elegant. Modern yet timeless. Proportionate. 



His display area didn’t have examples of everything that he makes (especially the bigger pieces like armoires, beds, etc) but a good representation was there. 

What made me start chatting with Scott was this lamp:

I found the grooving of the post, with the threading of the bright cord to be striking. And different. 

So I asked him what prompted him to make that choice. He explained that without it, the lamp was kind of boring.  And since he had to do a coed run anyway, he thought he’d stitch it along the post. Then the lamp becomes more visually interesting and more about the cord. 

This led to talking about his design esthetic and philosophy. And his work in general. And life. 

And let’s just say he was very easy to talk to:

Married, natch. But oh-my-God super nice. And sort of flirty (there was a vibe there). And picture the above, but in hipster jeans and boots, a flannel shirt, cap, and semi-clear framed glasses.  And hands the size of oven mitts. 

He couldn’t be any more type if he tried.

So, I’m moderately in love with him now. And also definitely in love with his designs. Like these:

These super-hefty stools are awesome (all sorts of woods and finishes), and you can get them with an Icelandic sheep pelt to affix to the top with either a wooden or a heavy brass plug. 

Or these:

A gentleman’s drink cart.  On wheels. And the handle is a bottle opener. 

Le sigh. 

Anyway– he can ship his designs anywhere. So if you are in the market for hand-made wooden furniture, I highly recommend looking him up. 


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Falling in love again…

Never wanted to… What am I to do?  I caaaaaan’t help it. 

Why do I always find myself in these predicaments?  These awkward situations where I find myself falling for the unavailable or unattainable? Gah, it sucks!

The latest object of my affection?  A ridiculously hot, muscular, built, auburn-haired, bearded, big dicked, sexy 23 year old.


What the fuck is wrong with me?  He is literally Half my age. But let me just say: how many times does 23 go into 46??

As many as it wants. 

Okay, I admit this is completely about the sex. Because holy fuck is it good.  Like… Off the charts.  Even the kissing is amazeballz.


With the young ones, you never know what to expect. All too often it seems like they are all alacrity and no ability. But not with this one.  Oh no, he gooooooooooood.

And evidently he has some daddy issues to work through, which I’m more than happy to help with.  Or at least I was…

Until I started falling for him. 

Okay, I mean, not really falling– more like obsessing about. And wanting. And wishing he’d come over waaaay more often.  Or at least be thinking of me as much as I find myself thinking of him. 

Oh god.  I’m a gay cliché.  FML. 

In all honesty though, could I date this kid?  Probably not. But he isn’t dumb. And he doesn’t seem as adrift and unfocused as many of his generation are. And fuck if he isn’t ever-so-dreamy to look at.


This has “doom” written all over it, doesn’t it?

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Woofy Wednesday

Let’s go back in time, shall we?  I just love olde timey pics of homoness…


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