Achievement: Unlocked

I am proud to say that a week and a half after joining Minnesota Brass this year, I am able to march and play the entire show. I made it through the run-through on Sunday with nary a misstep. 

I need to polish my performance and fix a few music issues, but other than that…


Suck. It. Biznatches. 

Mic drop. 

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So, this happened yesterday.

It’s a late 1970’s vintage Motobécane Super Mirage— one owner, all original gear (except the seat).  Paint job only has light scratches. No rust.

I like the red and black with gold detailing.

The bike had been recently tuned up (like within a year), but then not ridden.  Owner just uses a cruiser bike now and decided it was time to sell. 

While I don’t think the bike is perfect, I think it’s in pretty good shape. And it’s retro– and a bit hipster. Which is definitely in. And this brand and style is fairly unique for the area.

Plus, I get to rescue something older that still had good use in it (kind of like what I do with older musical instruments).

I took it for a test drive and it’s really a pretty decent ride. Suntour shifters and dérailleur work well. Rides quiet. Wheels are true. 

Of course now that I’m doing drum corps, it may be a couple weekends before I’m able to take it for a long ride. I’ll keep you posted. 

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Mad Circus update…

The Minnesota Brass show this year is called “Mad Circus”— think “American Horror Story Lite”.  Music crosses multi genres: prog rock, Queen, movie music, classical, Rufus Wainwright.  

Anyway, I’ve been in exactly one week and have learned 135 out of 160 or so drill charts. Plus the music. If things go well tonight at rehearsal, I should be able to match and mostly play the first 4 acts of the show.  But if things go poorly….

Nah, I should be fine. 

I may not be perfect out there, but I don’t think I’ll kill anyone. I am, however, anxious to march what I’ve learned with the full corps so I can see if there are pathway issues or guard equipment issues, etc. I haven’t had the opportunity to do this yet. 

So I’m a wee bit nervous. 

Plus, cramming that much drill and music into my brain in 3 short learning sessions has sort of maxed out my brain.  Although I’m actually further along at this point than I had originally planned for, so yay me. 

*** rehearsal passes ***

Phew!  I made it!

I learned about 8 new charts of closer drill, picked up some more music in my memory (parts of act 3 and closer which I hadn’t quite had time to fully memorize) aaaaaand…..

I played and marched full performance run-throughs up to the closing movement. Twice!

No major blow-ups or failures. No collisions. No guard equipment issues.  A few horn moves screwed up (because they really haven’t been defined for me yet) and one, sort of blurry set of about 5 charts in act 3.  But other than that….

Hellz yeah, I got this.

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Fun With Bots

I hate Grindr for a couple of reasons.  First, all the guys tend to be very young and douchey. Second, there are a lot of bots on the site. 

Whenever a hot guy messages me first, I know it’s a bot. And usually I just delete the message. 

But today I decided to see how far I could go with him/it. 

 But Armando wasn’t finished…

And still it continued…

Aaaaaand this is the longest Grindr conversation I’ve ever had. 

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A Drum Corps Rehearsal…

I attended rehearsal last night. And it went ok. 

I’m a little sore today, but all in all it was like riding a bike. I was marching and playing small segments Of the show after about an hour.  And just marching bigger chunks. 

The good part was that everyone was very happy to see me. And very grateful for a veteran presence, because the horn line is so very young.

The music is decent and the overall flow of the show is nice. And there are LOTS of horn line breaks so endurance shouldn’t be an issue.

Also good is that another veteran returned last night and he’s a really good guy that I’ve enjoyed marching with in the past. So yay!

So, long story short– I’m probably gonna do this. Mainly for the challenge aspect. And also to get me out of a rut. 

Part of what probably didn’t come across in the previous post is that I tend to get bored when I don’t have music in my life. Easily and quickly bored. And now that band and chorus are on hiatus…. Well, my evenings have quickly become “gym, dinner for one, hallmark channel, bed”.  Oh, and lamenting the fact that I’m single and alone most of the time while bingeing on Little Debbie’s. 

Not very pretty.

At least this way I’m useful. And getting exercise. 

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Sucked back in….

So, my days in drum corps may not quite be over yet.  I was called last night and informed that a lead baritone just broke her foot and they want me to jump in for the rest of the season. 

I’m very conflicted. 

I’ve always wondered if I had the stones to fill a hole late in the season– to be able to learn an entire show and then successfully march and play it in a very short amount of time. It would definitely be a challenge. 

It’s also only until Labor Day weekend, so only 7 weeks of commitment. And since I wasn’t doing much this summer anyway now that chorus and band are done, so it would get me off my ass.

It might also be my swan song. 

I do worry that it will prove to be too much of a challenge to get my aging body up to speed. I worry about my ankles. And my chops. And I worry about the pressure to be a “rock star” and to be perfect and a leadership presence and such. 

And I worry about feeling isolated for the 7 weeks because I’m older and haven’t been building the camaraderie with the corps all year.

But the biggest hurdle for me will be agreeing to march when I know we won’t win. 

In my past years with Minnesota Brass, they were serious championship contenders. It always felt like it was between us and the Buccaneers, and there were a couple years where it felt like we were robbed of first. 

But this year?  The hornline is down in size, there have been numerous staffing changes, and there just doesn’t seem to the the fire.  Or the power. Which makes me think there is very little shot at a championship. 

And I’m nothing if not hyper competitive. 

So to join this year, I will have to reconcile myself with the fact that defeat is imminent and we may actually get 4th or 5th.  And that bothers me. 

Can I get past this and just do it for the challenge aspect and the joy of playing in a horn line?  This is my dilemma. 

But I’ll know more after I attend rehearsal Wednesday evening. 

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Pudding in a Cloud


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The Date That… Wasn’t

I actually got asked out on a date recently!  Well… Sorta asked out.  More of a preliminary asking before actually asking.  Kind of like a “I want to go on a date with you… Soon”.

Only he hasn’t set one up yet. 

And it’s been basically a week. 

On July 3rd, I was off for the observed holiday– so I decided to hit the Eagle For 3-4-1 drinks. It was a gorgeous night, folks were in the patio, and it wasn’t overly crowded. 

I saw him early on. Handsome. Around my age. Ginger, but greying. Tight blue t-shirt. And did I say handsome?

We smiled across the bar at each other and our eyes met a few times. 

I was in a good mood and bouncing around between multiple groups when finally Mr Blue T-shirt and my paths crossed. He taps me on the shoulder and I turned to find him right there!

“You have gorgeous eyes,” he says. 

“You have gorgeous… Everything!” I said suavely back. 

Then we sat in a corner of the patio and chatted. His name was Tom– landscape architect. Cool glasses (which I kept stealing and trying on).  We laughed and flirted and learned bits about each other. We may have even kissed a bit (and he complimented me on my smooching ability).

We were even visited by a random friend of his who said, “Gosh you two look cute together!”


But then, as dusk approached, he had to leave to get home to his dogs. That’s when he asked me out on a date. I told him I was free that whole weekend– but he already had plans. I was a bit crestfallen, but perked up when he had me type my name and number into his phone. 

“I’ll call you for that date– be patient,” he said as we kissed one last time before he departed.  It was darn near magical….

<<<<< time passes >>>>>

Well, it’s a week later and no date has been set up. In fact, I haven’t gotten a call of any kind. Or even a blow off text.


Okay, I get it. He’s just not that into you.  Been here, done this. Have the sweats, cookie dough, and Bridgette Jones Diary thing down pat now. 

But It’s still a bit depressing really. I mean, I still manage to get my hopes up, and bam!  My ego is fairly resilient, but jeez-a-Lou, the hits just keep on coming. 

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Conor McGregor

Okay— I may or may not have a thing for UFC fighter Conor McGregor:



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