Woofy Wednesday 

Some post 4th fireworks:

And a rocket’s red glare–

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To Catch A Thief


Yes, miracle of miracles, the person who broke into our parking garage and stopped my bike of components was caught!  As I understand it, it was in large part to a face capture from the surveillance video.

The good news is that the full bike that was stolen was recovered. The bad news is that my components have not been recovered. At least not yet. 

Not like it matters as I’ve replaced them all anyway. 

Unfortunately right now I have limited info– just that the subject was nabbed. But I’ve asked for a name. I wanna know who stole from me. I want to see their face. 

I’ve also asked if the person was connected to our condo building or the adjoining commercial space. I wanna know if it was an inside job (because it feels as if it was).

I think I have the right to know, seeing as how I’m the one with the loss. 

I’ll keep y’all posted. 

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Woofy Wednesday 

Post pride, pre-4th realness. 

And finally… yaaaaaaaas

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It was Pride this past weekend, so I kept moderately busy.

It really started last weekend with the Beatles concerts. This was me in my hippie wear for act 2:


The concerts went well. Lots of energy and fun. But now I’m really sick of the Beatles. 

Then Thursday night was a kickoff BBQ. 

Friday evening was “beer dabbler” in Pride Park. (One entry fee– then all the craft beer you can sample).

I was quite dabbled by the end. 

Then Saturday was a chill day and then the Eagle for bear night. I wore a kilt and got groped. A LOT. 

Sunday I actually skipped the parade as it was 50 degrees and cloudy and windy. And BLM protested at the beginning and delayed it an hour.

Sunday afternoon I hit the Eagle (again) for the beer bust and had a chill last bit of pride.

Overall it was good– and uneventful. 

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Woofy Wednesday

To honour my ravaged baby (and because I think they’re hot) today’s selection will be guys with bikes:

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When people steal from you, it really sucks. And you feel so violated. 

This past Sunday (at least I believe it was late Saturday night or early Sunday) a bike thief broke into our secure parking garage and stripped my new bike of components. 

My leather Brooks saddle and seat post?  Gone. 

And my crank set and pedals? Gone. 

I’m just thankful they left the bike and they didn’t take anything else off my other bikes. 

The thing that really makes me angry is that they had to plan this.  To take my crank set, they had to have special tools. And it would have taken time to do. 

And they took the most expensive components off my bike. About $250 worth. 

(I only bought the bike for $300, btw.)

So this means the perpetrator had cased the garage and seen my bike and chosen what to steal. And then planned the theft for a quiet time when they had time to work. 

Which honestly makes me furious.  And frustrated. And sad. 

So I contacted the condo office, and posted an alert for my neighbors, and filed a police report. 

The condo association was able to pull video footage which captured how the thief entered the structure (cut through a metal mesh ventilation screen between public garage and our secured space).  This was shared with the police. 

The mesh screen may also have allowed the thief to see into our garage space and see my bike– because of where my car stall is. 

Unfortunately the chances of him being caught are probably slim, and I’m almost positive my bike components are long gone.   And because of the cost, it doesn’t even make sense for me to file a home owners claim. 

So now I’m in the process of ordering replacement parts to make my baby look exactly like it did. The crank set is the hardest to get– it has to come from Japan. 


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Woofy Wednesday

It’s hot. It’s humid. And I’m parched. 

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Work Signs

Yes, this is an actual sign posted in my work restroom:

I think I need a new job. 

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Stormy Weather

We had a crazy storm front come through on Sunday morning. Very fast moving. Very severe. 

Strong winds. Hail. Heavy rain. 

But what was really weird was the sky as the storm was approaching. You often here reports of the Sky being green before tornadoes and such- and it really was green.

Watch this short time lapse video and you can see what I’m talking about. 

No damage at my place, and no loss of power. And no hail damage to my car (as I was out singing at a pride church service).

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Babadook Pride

I wonder if y’all realize this, but the Babadook had become a symbol for gay pride. And yes, I’m serious. 

Evidently it all started innocuously enough when Netflix made an error and listed The Babadook in LGBT movies rather than Horror. And one sharp guy caught the error and tweeted it. 

And just like with any good viral social media post, it has deliciously spiraled out of control. 

Which has tickled me to no end. 

And my personal contribution (referencing Drag Race)

So this year, get yer Babadook Pride on!

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