Friday Funny

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Woofy Wednesday 

Because we can all use some good cheer on this cold, rainy day.

And finally a couple more that are a bit saucy and nsfw:

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Beard Oil

Morning!  And happy “Perfect Date” day!

So, I make my own beard oils. It’s not hard, and I like being able to mix things up a bit from a scent perspective. And I keep the scent profiles pretty simple– usually only two essential oils combined. 

For carrier oils, I use a combination of jojoba and sweet almond oils. Sometimes argan. 

For essential oils I have choices of the following: cypress, cedar, lime, tangerine, bergamot, cardamom, spruce, vanilla, sandalwood, tea tree, eucalyptus, ylang ylang, lavender and I may be forgetting one or two. 

Combinations that I quite like are as follows:

1) cedar and bergamot.  Totally “guy” smelling. Perfect for a beard. 

2) sandalwood and tangerine.  Spicy resin and exotic citrus. One of my absolute faves. 

3) cedar and lime. Old school classic. Guys have commented on this scent when I wear it. 

4) tea tree and ylang ylang.  Odd combo of camphor resin and orient floral. It’s relaxing. Sometimes I use it before bed. 

5) cedar and vanilla. Sweet and intoxicating as vanilla can be very alluring. 

6) cedar and spruce. Very woodsy. 

7) sandalwood and cardamom. Indian exotic and spicy sweet.  

8) cedar and lavender. Sweet and nice, good balance of floral and woodsy.  

9) tea tree and vanilla. Bizarre combo that ends up smelling like earth in a botanical garden. Seriously. 

Smell my beard– I dare ya. 

Oh, and yeah. I cut my hair pretty short– doing the “daddy thing”.

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CB, Party of One?

This weekend was one of those solitary weekends– only I really didn’t want it to be. 

As I’ve said several times before, 99% of the time I am just fine being by myself; in fact I generally prefer it.  I cherish my quiet, alone time. But sometimes (even though they can wear me out) I need to be in a crowd and around people. 

This was one of those weekends. 

It was really the first nice spring weekend we had- where summer felt really close. It was one of those weekends where you just want to be outside, drinking on an outdoor patio with friends. 

So Friday night I went out. It was Gear Night at one of the gay bars, so I tossed on my harness and headed out. The place was definitely packed and I saw people I knew, but it was fraught with all these little moments that made me feel alone. 

Like one guy I know whom I spoke to briefly, but then he ignored me the rest of the evening. 

Or this other guy (with whom I’ve had a “connection”), I start chatting with him and about 10 minutes later I find him making out furiously with an acquaintance of mine. 

It is a bit ego-bruising, being brushed aside or being the one “not chosen”.

A similar thing happened on Saturday. I was chatting with a friend (who is moving soon) and he mentioned that he was going to this gay “guys and brews” mixer thing. I said that sounds like a good time and that it was a nice day for it. He said that I could come as it’s just a casual gathering. I told him I’d let him know as I was heading out for a bike ride. 

And I did let him know. I texted him and said, “If I won’t cramp your style too much, I’d love to tag along. Where is it and when?” 

I actually found myself excited for it as I was thinking this would be a great networking opportunity where I could perhaps meet some new friends and extend my social circle a bit.

Then I went on my bike ride, all giddy with anticipation. 

Earlier he had mentioned that it was sometime around 2– which is when my ride ended. So I sat on my deck and waited. 

2:30.  3:00.  4:00.  Nothing. 

So, I guess maybe I was going to cramp his style after all. Ouch. 

Then I put out feelers to people I know, seeing if anyone wanted to meet for a drink on a patio somewhere. Anywhere. Texts. Facebook. 

Again. Nothing. 

I ended up getting my outdoor drink fix on at the Eagle– by myself. Well, I did bump into people i know (as this town is small) but that’s kind of it. 

Sunday was mostly spent wallowing in self pity and eating my feelings. Nilla wafers and chocolate frosting are good for that. 

Sometimes Minneapolis sucks. 

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Li’l Bastard Comix 

It’s time again!

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Kilty Pleasures

I’ve decided I want a kilt. No, I need a kilt.

I’ve actually been toying around with the idea for a couple of years, but it always gets back-burnered for some reason. Probably because there isn’t a convenient Kilts-R-Us store where I can just go and be instantly gratified. 

No, instead I need to take measurements, order one, and wait. 

I’m not very good at waiting.

At the moment I’m somewhat torn between a cargo/utility type kilt and a tartan. Both are viable options that can look good:

And I am certain that I want the more modern fitting of the kilt (like those pictured) with it sitting at my hips/waist, not the traditional high riding style over the belly button. 

The trouble with an all tartan look is that I want pockets. And daily wearability. Not to work (you silly geese!) but after work, to the bar, bombing around on weekends, etc. 

Yeah, just like I made fetch happen, I wanna make kilts happen. 

Like this:

But slouchier. Maybe with the socks not as high. 

Kilted Bros in Cleveland actually makes a cool hybrid kilt– part utility, part tartan. And I think I may get it. You can choose your colors and they’ll make it for you. Here’s an example:

I like the pop of color under the black. And it has snaps and leather belt closures, pockets, etc. 

I’m thinking it could be fun!  Like shorts only breezier. And eye-catching. Because, let’s face it, if you wear a kilt you’re wanting to be noticed.  Plus there are those other benefits- like when you’re at a bar…..

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Woofy Wednesday 

Beef– it’s what’s for dinner! (Dun dun dun!)

Aaaaaaaaand yes…..

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Tiny House?

Yesterday (as there is nothing on TV on Monday nights) I got sucked into watching Tiny House hunting on HGTV. 

It made me wanna slap some of these people. 

What hooked me was this young couple (the guy was hot) who had three children under the age of 5, a dog, and another fetus brewing, who were looking to downsize into a tiny house. 

Like 280 square feet of tiny.  

For six people. 

And a dog. 

And I was all “You have GOT to be shitting me with this.”  I mean, I could live in that space… maybe. If it had a normal toilet and a washer and dryer. 

All of this got me thinking– could I really do a tiny house?  And the answer is yes. If it were engineered for efficiency and it was modern as fuck. And about 400 square feet. 

I would want solar panels, and lots of glass. And thermal efficiency w/passive solar heating. And a septic system. And definitely a washer and dryer combo unit thing. 

And a cool location.

And it can’t look all country cottage; I want cool design. 

Like these:

And this one, with the lovely gay couple:

Yeah, I could live there. With them. 

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It is sunny, albeit cool today. Still nice enough to ride my bike to work and walk at lunch. 

A few pics:

His calves were seriously huge. 

I actually took this one last night on the way home from chorus rehearsal. 

I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend!

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Good Friday

In honor of today, how about a little blasphemy? 

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