Yeah, we got some snow yesterday.

The low pressure system to our south just sat and wrapped a band of heavy snow right over the twin cities all day. All. Day. And the winds turned it into a whiteout.

It wasn’t quite a blizzard, but close. And we ended up with about a foot of snow. It was enough to close the airport (drifting snow) and to make roads just terrible. Some school buses were still working at 7 pm to get kinds home.

But you know who didn’t mind so much?

This guy.

Man was I glad to have a high profile, 4WD Armageddon machine last night. I barely noticed the snow!

Granted my commute is pretty short and I can cut around massive traffic snarls by taking side streets, but nothing was plowed where I drove. Nothing.

And the FJ performed like a champ! (Even tho he doesn’t have an official name yet, I’ve nicknamed him Moose). Just reinforcing my love of my ridiculously impractical vehicle.

So now we dig out. And continue preparations for the Super Bowl.


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Changes Ahoy!

So far, my New Years resolutions have been going pretty well. And 2018 is indeed shaping up to be a year of change.

New vehicle— The FJ is still awesome! It works well in the snow here and he finally got his plates so now he’s all official! (And he just got a bath and looked all spiffy this weekend).

New gym— I have ditched the Y and am now a Lifetime Fitness member. It’s more a month, but has more amenities. Ans I’m changing up my fitness routines.

Concert band— I’ve rejoined the Plymouth Concert Band. I have missed playing the trombone and it’s nice to be back at it.

Chamber choir— with our director’s departure, I decided that it’s time for me to step back from chamber. Even though an interim director will have us work on a piece or two, it isn’t the same. So I’ve decided to wait to see what the new director does. In the meantime I’ll devote more time to being a good section leader.

Mom news— her upstairs laundry project is finally underway! She really doesn’t need to do the rickety stairs to her basement just to do laundry, so I’m having a stackable installed upstairs. Hopefully by this time next week she’ll have a functional upstairs unit.

Slut-B-Gon— I’ve been pretty good since the beginning of the year. I’ve definitely dialed way back and I’m not really missing not being online. And heck, I even went on a date on Saturday! It probably won’t go anywhere, but it’s nice to say yes to an opportunity. And he was cute, so….

Worklife— I’m still debating what to do about work. There are definite pros and cons to working here. The biggest con is “He Who Shall Not Be Named”. I can’t stand him. But location location location. And they pay me well. However my résumé is ready to go.

We have managed to complete our audit already, which was a big hurdle for this year. Hopefully I can get us all fixed up so we pass the next review.

And that’s about it so far. Not a bad start– I just hope I can keep the momentum going.

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Call Me By Your Name

First the Tom of Finland movie, now this one. Boy oh boy has it been a good year for gay cinema!

Call Me By Your Name is really a beautiful film. It definitely has that “foreign film” feel to it, and not just because it’s set in Italy. It’s the pacing and the feel. Slow. Deliberate. Crescendoing. Emotional.

It really captures the loss of virginity/innocence and first love so well! Kind of the opposite of American Pie.

Also, there is the visual look to the film:

It has that washed-out, vintage look to it. Like an old Polaroid. Which makes the film take on a dreamlike, memory quality.

The performances are stellar, especially young Elio. He is all of us in our teen angst and sexual discovery.

Plus there’s this 80’s new wave soundtrack that threads the film and highlights the period. But also this classical, drowsy piano music which gives it a timeless feel.

Fair warning: if you do go see it, your heart will be challenged at the end. And fears might flow.

Regardless, I highly recommend seeing this movie.

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Woofy Wednesday

Now back to our regularly scheduled hotness….

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Frisky Friday

After the absolutely brutal and shitty week I’ve had, this is what I need:

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Additional Resolutions

I like making New Years resolutions. I do them every year and post them on the fridge as a reminder. I learned long ago that if you don’t write them down (and make them measurable) then they don’t happen.

So I have some additional resolutions that I made– but these don’t go on the fridge.

For one, I resolve to be less slutty in 2018.

(Yes this is measurable, but again not for posting here).

At the end of 2017 I was taking stock of my year and realized that I had a lot of sex. A LOT. And most of it wasn’t very fulfilling.

Too many flakes. Too much time wasted looking for sex. Too much Alex just for the sake of having sex. Too much “meh”. Too much meth*! Too little connection. And too much self esteem degradation.

* (meaning men who use meth or are in recovery here)

I didn’t like this assessment.

So I think I need to change this behavior in 2018.

(Along with this goes being less sexual– which will be hard. Pun not intended, but see??)

Also, I will be striving to not engage obstinate people on social media. The goal here is zero instances.

It just isn’t worth it. No hearts and minds change and it just leads to frustration and high blood pressure.

So fuck ’em. I’ll just ignore or unfollow. And continue to post my random weird apolitical shit.

I’m also going to try to be more social– to make events happen (like game nights and dinner parties) and to strive to say “yes” when invited to places or events.

Finally, I want to work on being nicer. This is definitely not a good measurable goal and a bit nebulous. But I can smile more. Hug more. Ask more questions of people to get to know them better. Listen more than talk. Learn peoples names.

We’ll see how all this goes, but now that it’s in writing, it’s more official.

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Looking back at 2017, overall it was an okay year. No major highs or lows.

I’m still employed (although disgruntled a bit). I got a decent Xmas bonus. I’m Mostly healthy. I still love my condo. I got the FJ cruiser. Phoebe is ok. Gay chorus went fine. Book club has been good. I got to Palm Springs on a mini vacay.

So, all in all, not a terrible year.

But mom’s health has been declining (joint and mobility issues) and dad’s cancer returned. Although dad’s new chemo is working great and mom has good friends to help her out, so at least there’s that.

So what kind of year will 2018 be? It’s hard to predict, but I’m foreseeing a year of change already.

I’ll be continuing to deal with my parents health (more surgery for mom). We’ll be hiring by a new chorus director. Big changes are afoot at work (new quality system, new computer system). I may look for a new job at some point. And I may start playing trombone again.

And lord knows what will happen with our government.

I also made my New Years resolutions– part of them include making new friends and improving myself. So even more change.


If I can manage it all.

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Woofy Wednesday

Hard to believe it’s already the first Wednesday of the new year. Stay warm!

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Fun with the FJ

So, the first week with my FJ Cruiser has been pretty good. The buyers remorse is wearing off and I’m getting used to the idea of having a different vehicle. Also, I’m finding myself actually excited to drive places. And I do really enjoy driving it.

Driving to and from Iowa was comfortable and easy. The ride is decently smooth (unlike he stiff suspension on the mini). And I enjoyed sitting up higher and the seats are decently supportive.

To give you an idea how much I like my new truck, I read the owners manual cover to cover on Christmas Eve.

We’ve also had some sloppy snow the past few days so I have kicked it into 4WD to test that out. It works great, btw.

I have noticed that the high center of gravity and fwd does make it less surefooted than the AWD minis. So that is taking a little getting used to.

Also- I had to replace the wipers on it. I know, right? What?? Well, evidently the dealer didn’t see fit to do that, which kind of bums me out. But it gave me good practice at doing it.

(PS– did I mention that the front windshield has 3 wiper blades? So quirky! So fun!)

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Woofy Friday

It’s been a weird week. Enjoy.

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