Gratuitous Friday Puppyblogging

Oh… what the heck.  Everybody’s doin’ it!


My father and Stepmother have a Newfie named Max.  This is him.

Max is gentle and sweet and basically a big, black, melancholy teddybear.  All he does is schlep around the house from one person to another looking for someone to pet him.  He is an attention whore who loves his belly rubbed and his paws massaged.  Yeah, he LOVES a good puppy-pedi. 

When everyone is done petting him, he grabs one of his stuffed animals in his mouth and then sleeps with it between his mouth and paws. 

Max also drools.  A lot.  We are talking HUGE stalactites of spittle dripping down like slimy icicles on either side of his jaw.  My father keeps a towel handy in the living room in order to wipe Max’s mouth.  Its disgusting, really.  Its like a scene from Turner and Hooch.

I’ll sometimes look down and find what appears to be a big jizzwad on my jeans.  I’ll think “I don’t remember shooting off…” and then it hits me.  The damn dog rubbed his jowls on me!

When he isn’t drooling, its nice when he does this:


If you are sitting down, Max will come up to you and just flip his head into your lap or onto your leg.  And then he pushes down a bit so that you know he’s there.  If you pet him, he’ll stay with his head in your lap for an hour.

Max also slept with me twice during my visit home.  He never spends the whole night on the bed, but he’ll jump up and curl up next to you for an hour or so, letting you pet him all the while.  And then when he gets too hot, he’ll jump down to go lie down by a window.

Even though he’s 100 pounds of dog, it was nice to have a dog curl up next to me again.

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12 Responses to Gratuitous Friday Puppyblogging

  1. Glenn says:

    Aaaww, Ah loves me a big baabee. Nice PJ’s, too.

  2. Gavin says:

    “He is an attention whore who loves his belly rubbed and his paws massaged.” Sound familiar?

    Growing up, we had a camp by the lake, and a chocolate brown Newfoundland named Morgan made the rounds every morning. He was a sweetheart, and a drooler, too.

  3. Ron says:

    Reminds me of my old dog (rest her soul). The most wonderful thing in the world to her was to be petted and told that she’s pretty. Max is awfully cute.

  4. kyle says:

    i love’s me some max. he’s such an awesome pooch.

  5. Tony says:

    I love Newfie’s, and yeah, they are slobber factories. But they are also one of the sweetest dogs in the world.

  6. Jason says:

    I’ve laid next to a few 100 lb+ dogs in my time too 😉

    Cute pooch. I love my cats, but I’m a dog guy.

  7. Java says:

    That’s so sweeeet! Makes me want to cuddle up with him and scratch is fuzzy head. 🙂

  8. RG says:

    How adorable. What a sweet, sweet baby. My Ms. Diamond would love to play with Max.

  9. dirkmancuso says:

    Awwwwwwwwwww. What a cutie.

  10. Rich says:

    Woof..he looks like a very sweet dog. There’s something attractive about unconditional love..even if there is a little slobber.

  11. Donnie says:

    What a cutie-patutie! 😀

  12. Mark says:

    Nice jammies.

    Mark 🙂

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