Cedar Point Review

Damn did I have fun at Cedar Point!!!

I love getting together with this group.  They get my humor and 3 days is too short a time for me to wear them out.  So subsequently we laugh a LOT… which was something I’ve been seriously missing.

The weather was brilliant– low 70’s and sunny both days.  And the crowds were not huge, which was shocking given the weather.  We rode ourselves sore on all the rollercoasters and just had an all around blast.


The awesome rides started at the rental car place… with this alabaster beauty!  Yeah, I was cruisin’ in my P.T. rollin’ phat.  However, it did take me about 10 minutes to find the window controls… as they are centered in the dashboard between airvents.


I arrived first, and took a quick walk by Lake Erie.  And yeah, the first day I wore my Cute With Chris “Hit that donut.” shirt.  Hilar!


A preview of the park…. squeeeeeee!


This is Henry.  Single Rider Henry.  “Mean Streak” Henry.  He was one of the “single riders” about the park.  Evidently there is a cult surrounding single ridership.  We even saw Single Rider Bob.  Evidently both are quite famous… google them.


This is OUR “single rider”… Brad.  He brought his “safety goggles” and wore them on every ride.  Oh, the looks we got!


Ooooo, in the park with the evening’s “monsters” gathering.  The park does the whole hallowe’en thing and has fog machines, creepy music, and monsters that scare you.


The Frontier area is all foggy and monstery.  At the end of it they have these lasers.  I thought I’d snap a pic of the effect.


And here’s the group… Diane, Brad, Sheri, and Dean Dan.  It’s sort of a “Faith + 1” sort of picture.  This is a day for fun t-shirts… Dan’s is a “ferris wheel”.  Sheri’s is made up of pi out to 100 decimal places or so.

That day I wore my “Jesus Loves Dick” t-shirt.  It also happened to be the day Cedar Point was hosting a Christian Rock concert.  Good times!


Yes, here’s yours truly along with his great friend Sheri… or as I like to call her Cheryl.  She loves that.


Here’s a story, about Brad and Diane… two american kids cookin’ breakfast, best they can.


Faith + 1 strikes back.

I hope I can swing going back next year!  It really is a good time.  Oh, and FSM?  Next year it would be really nice if I could bring someone along so we had an even number.

Hint, hint.

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11 Responses to Cedar Point Review

  1. I’ll come next year!! If your hint was looking for offers. LOL.

    It looks like a great time. I would start hunting for the perfect t-shirts now!

  2. heat says:

    Holy Moley, I love Cedar Point! Hands down the best Coasters I’ve ever been on. I bet you had a lot of fun.

  3. Tony says:

    So, did you whoops on the rollercoaster?

    Glad you had a good time CB, I know you were looking forward to it.

  4. Jim says:

    Jealous! Looks like you had a fantastic time!

    But who is FSM????

  5. wtf is fsm? je suis intrigued.

  6. A Lewis says:

    Any group that “gets your humor” is a good group. I’ve often found in most of my life that it takes a very special sort of person to “get me.” I’m often misunderstood and get that strange sort of “is this guy for real” sort of look.

  7. Blobby says:

    Ugh – I HATE the Mean Streak. It always leaves me w/a sore neck. Millenium is fun, but I prefer the Magnum (shut up!) and even the older than dirt Blue Streak.

    I remember the latter before there were safety anything. Just a bar that barely went across your lap and barely kept you in the car.

    I do like the Raptor – but couldn’t/wouldn’t wait the 2+ hrs to ride the Maverick.

    You were so close. 90 min from me. Je had no idea.

  8. Diane says:

    OMG! I cannot believe you posted the “morning picture” You are gonna get it next year! Pay backs!!!

    Great time with everyone!

  9. Mark in DE says:

    Sounds like a fun trip! Love those t-shirts.

  10. Scott says:

    I love CEdar Point! Best roller coaster on the planet!

  11. Sheri (aka Cheryl) says:

    Great commentary and awesome pics! I’m already looking for shirts for next year…loved the reactions from your shirts!

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