Watching Me Read “the Watchmen”

I am feverishly trying to finish “the Watchmen” before the movie comes out.

It IS one of Time magazines top 100 books of all time, ya know!

Well, even though I actually purchased it several weeks ago with nothing but good intentions… I still haven’t managed to finish it yet.

There is an awful lot of hoopla surrounding “The Watchmen”, and so far I’m still not quite sure what all of the hoopla is about.

Before all fanboys rise up to throttle me wearing homemade Rorschach masks, let me say that I do think it is a well-crafted comic.

Excuse me– “graphic novel”.

I like the interspersion of fake book exerpts and police reports and such. And the parallel pirate story is an interesting twist. But i’m just not grabbed by it.

I guess in some ways it IS just a comic to me.

Of course I wasn’t a big fan of “The Dark Knight” either. I read that one when it came out while I was in college because everyone was reading it, you know.

Oh well.

Some might dismiss this as me being snooty and prejudiced against the “graphic novel” medium. Not true!

One of my favorite all time books is “Maus”. And I loved “Persepolis”. But then again, those were graphic novels that weren’t fiction.

However, with those novels I was attracted to the graphically true narratives juxtaposed with the jarring comic panel renditions. Or something.

When it’s a fiction story (even a good story like the Watchmen), I guess I prefer my own mental imagery to accompany the text.

Anyway, I hope to slog through the rest of the Watchmen before the seeing the movie.

So I can be harshly judgemental of the final product like all the fanboys will be, of course.

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11 Responses to Watching Me Read “the Watchmen”

  1. atari_age says:

    I remember loving Maus when I read it ask a teen. And I just saw the film version of Perspolis which I thought was terrific.

  2. me says:

    i’m not a huge fan of the graphic novel but i loved the watchmen. probably because it was more adult and 3 dimensional than most comics/gn’s.

    can’t wait for the movie! hopefully it won’t suck.

  3. heat says:

    Hopefully with all the trouble surrounding the making and distribution of the film version, it will be something that’s been worth waiting for. My hopes are high but my expectations not so much…..

  4. I read it when I was, like, 16 or something.

    I found it in my brother’s room when I was sneaking in to take a look at a photo of his two friends on holiday with their shirts off….he he

  5. deadrobot says:

    Start looking at it mathematically, like you were looking at a Da Vinci painting. There are threads there you might have missed.

    I love how some panels are sledgehammer obvious with the thematic messages, others not so, which make them fun to find.

  6. YvesPaul says:

    Good, save me a few bucks. I thought of getting the “graphic novel” but I didn’t think I’d be interested. Since I don’t know the characters and they don’t seem to stand out that much. I don’t even know what abilities they have. I’d be much interested in the graphic novel done by the same author – “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” At least I know what a vampire or the Invisible Man could do even though the movie was a bit poor.

  7. The trailers look incredible.

  8. RG says:

    I prefer the graphic novel Little Lotta – a morbidly obese young girl with superhuman strength and a perky attitude.

  9. Mark in DE says:

    I don’t get the whole “graphic novel” medium.

  10. Tony says:

    I read Watchmen quite a while ago. I remember that I thought it was good, but I wasn’t wowed by it. This from someone who is actually a bit of a fan of graphic novels. I suppose I ought to re-read it, though the jury is still out on whether I will go see the movie or not.

  11. dirkmancuso says:

    If you want to be wowed by a graphic novel, pick up THE SANDMAN books by Neil Gaiman.


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