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The Sanctity of Marriage

With all the hoopla surrounding marriage these days (and because I needed a wee break from the Comix), I am doing a post celebrating weddings! Come celebrate the joyousness with me, won’t you? Oh, and feel free to submit a … Continue reading

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Glamour Shots IV

They’re baaaa-aaack!  And more beautiful than EVER! Yeah… I couldn’t resist.  It was time. Little known fact:  this is how they got the old Indian to cry in that pollution commercial. Heather has two mommies… with two fugly sweaters. “I … Continue reading

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Glamour Shots III (in 3-D)

I know we all have grown to love the Li’l Bastard Comix on Fridays.  But sometimes I need a break.  And so I give you more Glamour Shots! Like fools, people just keep posting new pictures online, so who am … Continue reading

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There’s always room for Glamour!

People keep uploading these for some reason, which is just like supplying an addict with fresh crack.  I just couldn’t help myself! And here I thought you had to be shitfaced to attempt the Amy Winehouse look. “Can we hurry … Continue reading

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Madonna Portraits

Thanks to a link from my buddy Tim, I got blindsided by this fugly shit.  Who knew there was a large demand for these types of preggers photographs (oft called Madonna Portraits or Maternity Portraits). I call them “mistakes”. I … Continue reading

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Critic’s Corner: Glamour Shots

I haven’t done one of these in awhile- where I get to vent my inner snarky monologue.  I got the idea from an email I received showing JC Penney fashions from 1977.  This led me to google “class pictures”– then … Continue reading

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